2021 Swimwear Trends

There is no shortage of swimwear trends 2021 has introduced to get you ready for pool season or your next exotic getaway. From the celebrity-loving floss bathing suit trend to the revitalization of popular colors of the past, there are various ways to explore emerging styles when choosing your next sexy designer bikini and make them your own.

Have fun with swimsuit fashion. Find the trends that make you feel your most confident self as you prepare yourself for sunshine-filled days and relaxing time spent by the water. We’ve gathered the hottest 2021 swimwear trends we’ll be focusing on this season.

Black Is Back

Black will always be a color that’s on trend because it’s universally flattering. Plus, there are endless ways to wear black swimwear. Creative trends elevate the basic black bikini and take it to a level that makes sense for the of-the-moment fashion of 2021. Two of these styles are the upside down bikini top and the floss bikini trend.

Black Livia Bikini

Getting creative with how you tie your bikini top is one of the biggest swimwear trends 2021 delivers. The upside down bikini top creates an eye-catching structure that puts a futuristic spin on the standard bikini style. The Black Livia Bikini effortlessly captures the essence of this trend with its strappy appeal.

The stretchable fabric and mix of thick and thin straps allow you to wear this bikini to be worn in multiple ways, including flipping the top upside down, while still easily securing the straps. It’s perfect for this sexy, edgy fashion trend that reinvents the look of the traditional bikini and makes it feel fresh and modern.

Black Lila One Piece

Similar to the upside down bikini top trend, the floss bathing suit trend also focuses on the straps. This trend includes bikini tops with thin, floss-like strings wrapping around the midsection in a criss-cross fashion. The Black Lila One Piece illustrates this trend and still maintains a sense of timelessness for the style.

With wrap straps around the midsection and loops on the bottom to connect, it’s a versatile one piece, depending on how you want to configure it. Popular celebrities have been seen wearing this style because the floss bikini is flattering on all body types. The Black Lila One Piece streamlines the midsection and elongates the legs with a high-waisted bottom. It’s an eye-capturing swimsuit that will outlast the current trend and remain a staple of your wardrobe.

Black Block Erin Bikini

Color blocking is a timeless swimwear trend that gets an update by embracing neutral colors for a sophisticated look. The Black Block Erin Bikini combines black, sand, and white on the bikini top and pairs with black bottoms. It’s a fresh take on a timeless classic.

The keyhole of the bikini top and soft, stretchable fabric throughout keeps the look laid-back and ready for any activity or destination. Black has returned as a main swimwear trend because of the creativeness of cuts and how the standard color can be worn so many ways.

Unique Prints Combined with Classic Silhouettes

Model sitting by the pool in black and white stripe print triangle bikini

When it comes to 2021 swimwear trends, it takes updating a standard shape and making it feel like a new bikini again. Unique prints found within the Valentina and Retro Dot collections are contemporary designs that maintain classic silhouettes that look good on everyone.

Valentina Amalfi Triangle Bikini

The nautical feel of the Valentina Amalfi Triangle Bikini offers a modern touch on a standard stripe pattern. Added gold oval hardware on the top and the bottoms provide an element of sophistication to this quintessential look. Designed for the comfortable triangle bikini cut, this swimwear pattern trend can easily become a go-to piece for your personal collection.

Valentina Corsage Long Top Bikini

For a style variation that carries the same striped pattern, the Valentina Corsage Long Top Bikini embraces a streamlined structure. With a corset-like top that laces up in the back and provides supportive cup coverage in the front, this swimsuit embodies a feminine appeal to the beautiful navy-and-white Valentina print. When paired with crisp, white shorts or a maxi, flowy skirt, the top pulls double duty both in and out of the water.

Retro Dot Ripple Bikini

As with many fashion trends, the best ones are revisited and reimagined time and time again. The Retro Dot Ripple Bikini elicits a feminine flair and creates a curvy silhouette. The burgundy and white polka dots are simple and elegant with a scalloped edge on both the top and bottom to maximize the swimsuit’s flirty appeal.

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Destination-Based Swimsuit Styles

One of the most popular 2021 swimwear trends is matching your swimwear to your beach destination. Achieving vacation vibes is made easier with vibrant colors from a bright red bikini to a royal blue bikini that match the tropical locations you’re headed to next.

The gorgeous seafoam shade that is carried throughout the Tulum Collection effortlessly highlights this destination-based swimsuit trend. There’s nothing like emulating the color of the sea waters of one of the world’s most popular resort destinations to make you feel like you blend in with the scene.

Tulum Milano Li Bikini

Although there are several styles to choose from when shopping the Tulum Collection, the Tulum Milano Li Bikini tops the list due to its unique cut. The high cut on the leg and low swoop of the back adds a flirty appeal to the vibrant color.

With ultra-soft ribbed fabric and thicker coverage on the sides, this bikini is the perfect blend of comfort and style. It’s a go-to option to wear on the beach. It also pairs nicely with a sarong or flowy pants for lunch or beachside shopping. Get inspiration for planning your next trip when wearing this swimsuit, as it instantly transports you to the shoes of Mexico with just one look.

Tulum Milano Knot Tri Bikini

Not to be outdone by other swimwear in the collection, the Tulum Milano Knot Tri Bikini brings another element of style. Since there’s no denying that statement straps are one of the leading swimwear trends in 2021, this look fits the criteria for being one of the hottest of the season.

The triple-knot details on both the bikini top and bottom of this sea-inspired swimsuit add a modern feel to a classic cut. The stretchy, ribbed fabric and seamless front finish add effortless style that’s pool or beach ready for wherever you’re headed to next.

Playful in Pink

Model wearing bright pink ruffled, off-the-shoulders top and textured bikini bottom

The Lollipop Collection favors the swimwear trends 2021 includes, which is an homage to the color pink. As whimsical as it is on trend, the color instantly creates a carefree feeling that you may have felt in your youth. With equally playful cuts, such as the Lollipop Scales Bandeau Bikini and the Lollipop Scales Ripple Triangle Bikini, you can decide how you want to wear this pretty color.

Lollipop Scales Bandeau Bikini

To amp up the fun factor, the Lollipop Scales Bandeau Bikini has a ruffled, off-the-shoulders top and textured bikini bottoms that are chic and stylish. It keeps the look sophisticated while embracing the youthful nature this pink rose color provides. Rather than shades like bubblegum or electric pink, the warmer hue and Brazilian cut bottoms combine subtlety and sultriness in the best possible way.

Lollipop Scales Ripple Triangle Bikini

When trying any current swimsuit trend, choose a cut you’re already familiar with. Then, change up the color or pattern as a way to embrace the new without going too far beyond your comfort zone. The Lollipop Scales Ripple Triangle Bikini is ideal for pushing your fashion boundaries, while still relying on the popular triangle cut.

The scale texture fabric and 24-karat gold-dipped caps add luxe touches to this triangle bikini. Plus, you can create different looks by criss-crossing the top ties at the neck or trying out the upside down bikini top trend to switch up the look altogether.

Modernized Camouflage Patterns

Camouflage can take on an artsy appeal when you introduce different color palettes. Go beyond the standard olive green that most fashion trends follow, and embrace the colors of the sunset instead. The Artsy Collection takes shades of red, orange, and pink and creates a mosaic-style pattern inspired by the highly-recognized camouflage trend.

Artsy Cutout Bikini

The vibrant mix of analogous colors makes the Artsy Cutout Bikini readymade for time spent at the beach or lounging by the pool. Both amped up in comfort and style, it’s an obvious style to add to the list of 2021 swimwear trends. With a flirty front-tie detail and sexy cutout on the top paired with the comfort of adjustable strap coverage on the bottom, this swimsuit is flattering and appealing to all.

Artsy Tri Parallel Bikini

The double string top and bottom of the Artsy Tri Parallel Bikini only adds to the sexy sophistication of this cut and color pattern. With both cheeky bikini bottoms and full coverage available on the bottom, it gives you the option of how much to reveal on the backside.

Layer either of these bikinis with a solid-colored long skirt or match patterns with some formal beach attire. Either way, the colors immediately speak to sunnier days and tropical temperatures.

Embracing the Swimwear Trends That Suit You

•	Model wearing black one-piece swimming suit with wrap straps in mid section

The beauty of the latest swimwear trends 2021 offers is that you can pick and choose whichever look best on you. Experiment with them all or narrow down your options to one or two.

Start with a color or swimsuit cut you already like and see how this year’s trends can change up the traditional appeal. Revisit popular shades and try out original patterns as you decide which swimwear pieces will make the cut for you this season.