9 Outfits For Your Next Beach Vacation To Miami

Miami is one of the perfect holiday destinations for anyone out there. No matter your age, you will have so much fun in Miami. Whether you are going for clubbing, some adventure, or just relaxing, Miami is a great place. However, choosing the right outfit is critical. Planning to go to Miami for a vacation? Here is a comprehensive list of swimwear outfits you need for your next beach vacation in Miami. This way, you won't miss out on anything.

How To Buy A Swimwear

When it comes to figuring out what to wear in Miami, swimwear is the fitting dress code. There is no doubt some women hate shopping for beachwear. A survey shows that 55% of women don't like shopping for swimwear, and most would rather visit a dentist. Their frustration may probably be because they don't know what to search for while shopping for swimwear. If you have trouble searching for the perfect swimwear for your trip to Miami, follow these simple tips.

  • Know your style and follow it
  • Get something that flatters and fits your body
  • Know the weather of your vacation destination
  • Shop for swimwear that protects you from the sun
  • Consider comfort and function
  • The fabric also matters
  • Consider your skin tone

Luxury Swimwear To Bring To Miami

If dressing to impress is your goal while going to Miami, you need some luxury swimwear to add to your Miami packing list. You can show off the season's hottest swimwear wearing our favorite new styles. We have flirty bikinis and trendy one-pieces.

Swimwear. Shop now!

Gi Bikini

Gi Bikini is a must-have for your next vacation to Miami. Its strap details make it unique. Gi Bikini has trendy features that will make you stand out. The Gi Bikini top has 24K gold brushed charms and a knotted cord that will suit you perfectly. Its features include:

  • 24k Gold-plated charm
  • Straps tied behind neck and back
  • Knot cord
  • Removable cup padding
  • 84% Polyamide 16% Elastane

Gi Bikini is available in black, camouflage, and Magritte. You can enhance your look by pairing it with matching sandals and flowy pants when going to the beach. If you prefer to cover your arms and shoulders, put on a kimono, but don't close it. Whether you are cooling off on the beach or enjoying the water, you can't go wrong with this bikini.

Gracie One-Piece

Are you having trouble wondering which swimsuit to get for your vacation to Miami? You can't o wrong with Gracie One Piece. It is a bathing suit suitable for women who want to look flirty, feminine, and sexy while relaxing on the beach. This one-piece swimming suit looks impressive with its subtle hints of gold. You can wear it with Sasha Long Cover-Up to enhance your look. Alternatively, you can wear it as a bodysuit with white denim and complete your look with heeled sandals while going for a date at night. This one-piece comes in black and granite shades.

Gracie one piece, black

Firenze Beads Tri Parallel Top

This fantastic triangle top will make you stand out among other women in Miami. It has a hand-crafted fabric beading and gold accents that will make people turn their heads when you pass. Enhance your look with matching pareos and bottoms while going out to bask in the sun. Alternatively, you can pair its bottom with Emily Short Cover-Up and a matching top for an elegant look. Features that make Firenze Beads Tri Parallel top elegant include hand-crafted beads on the shoulder straps, adjustable parallel straps, 24k gold plated accents, and back tie closure.

Noemie One Piece

Do you want to look elegant? Then Noemie One Piece bathing suit is a must-have for your trip to Miami. This bathing suit will make you feel glamorous and appealing while basking in the sun. Consider pairing it with a sarong and a big bag while going to the beach. If you are looking for a day outfit, wear it with a skirt and heeled sandals. Its main features are:

  • A crossover neckline.
  • Adjustable back straps.
  • Removable padding teardrop cut-out.
  • 24k gold-plated logo trim.
  • Metallic clasp closure. 

When it comes to one-piece bathing suits, there is a great collection to choose from. The perfect one-piece depends on your style and the coverage you like.

Stunning Dresses For Your Next Vacation In Miami

You've got the swimwear now you need the dress to top off your Miami style. When choosing the perfect dress for your vacation in Miami, you must consider a few things. Obviously, comfort is essential, especially with Miami’s warm weather. Go for breathable, flowy, and lightweight fabrics. However, this doesn't imply that you must compromise your style with potato sack-like sweatpants and dresses. Your vacation dresses should be stylish, comfortable, and versatile enough to wear anywhere. Here is a list of dresses you should consider.

Firenze Mag Short Dress

This v-neck ladies' dress with ruffle detailing is suitable for your next vacation in Miami. It is made using Coral Fireze, a crêpe texture fabric that makes it warm and inviting. It comes in red, a color that flatters all skin tones, making it perfect for a vacation look. Firenze Mag Short Dress has features such as body con a ruffle detailing, and it doesn't have a lining. This dress is made from high-quality material that's elegant and will make you look great wherever you go. It has cotton and linen fabric characteristics, making it very comfortable. You can wear it with heeled sandals and a pair of earrings.

Black Firenze Mag Short Dress

Luana Detail Long Dress

Choosing what to wear in Miami might be challenging if you are an outdoor woman who loves going on dates or walking along the shore. But not anymore. This Launa Detail Long dress is the perfect match to make you look classy and elegant. It is sexy yet sophisticated, making it ideal for outdoor adventure.

It has a stretchy fabric which makes it very comfortable to wear. For a day picnic, wear it with sneakers or sandals and statement accessories. Wear it with strappy heels, a clutch, and a sash if you want a formal look. With this long dress, you can't go wrong!

Beautiful And Colorful Cover-Ups

If lounging on the beach or by the pool is your Miami style, cover-ups make the perfect attire. Putting on cover-ups is excellent since they allow you to stay covered while on the beach and ready for the next fun activity without having to dress again. These lightweight fabrics are comfortable and feel good on your skin. They are ideal options to enhance your swimwear collection, and you can't go on vacation in Miami without them.

Alice Short Chemise

This elegant dress will make you feel confident, sexy, and feminine in Miami. Alice Short Chemise comes in various colors, including black, bubblegum, white, and bamboo. It is a classy and delicate cover-up with embroidered sleeves, making it a perfect match for your swimwear. Alice Short Chemise is a suitable piece for a cover-up while you are lounging. If you are going on adventures, you can pair them with denim or shorts. It has a plunging neckline and tulip hemline and is tied at the waist. This dress is casual yet elegant, and you can dress it up with your favorite accessory and sandals. It's a perfect outfit to make you feel stylish and beautiful.

Alice Short Chemise

Lia Long Cover up

It's a flirty and flowy cover-up that will complement your swimwear outfit and make you look elegant. Lia Long Cover Up is a casual and sexy outfit you can dress up depending on your shoes and accessory. You can match it with similar prints of swimwear pieces, wear it as a kimono over your white pants or cami, and carry an oversized bag for a day on the beach. Consider elevating your look by pairing it with gold jewelry for an evening out. Whatever your vacation throws at you, date night, nightlife, or brunch, this long cover-up can complete any Miami outfit. 

Don't Overlook Accessories

You can come up with different looks with the pieces mentioned above. This means that you'll be prepared to have fun and ready for any activity that you come across. However, don't forget to include accessories to compliment your style. 

There are many things to do in Miami, so ensure you prepare well. Comfortable shoes can be versatile and helpful when you don't know where your day, or night, may lead. Take a pair of comfortable sandals that you can easily move around with. Looking for comfortable sandals? Check out ViX Paige Sandal. It's a quality and comfortable pair of sandals, perfect for any outfit. It has two adjustable straps. If you have some comfortable heels that won't take up so much space, don't forget to take them. The key is to pack comfortable shoes since you don't know what your trip might entail.

Also, don't forget to pack jewels. When choosing jewels, keep it simple with ViX Hoop Earings. They are simple yet sexy earrings that you can wear with any outfit. The perfect accessories can elevate any Miami outfit for any occasion. 

Stay Elegant At The Beach With ViX

Whether you're going for a weekend trip or a long relaxing week, the clothing you pack for your Miami vacation should be all about you and your comfort. You can pair cover-ups with your favorite bathing suits or flaunt your fashion with a versatile maxi dress. There are so many outfits that you can wear on your vacation to Miami. If you want to look stylish and beautiful, ViX has got you. At ViX, we have the perfect outfit for your Miami vacation. So, visit our website and shop for high-quality, trendy luxury designer swimwear and outfits. 


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