Flattering Bikinis For Vacation

Are you going to a tropical island destination on your next vacation? One of the must-have items is perfect vacation swimwear. Every woman wants to feel stylish, sexy and confident in their swimwear while on vacation, whether lounging poolside or exploring a tropical waterfall.

We know it can be tough to decide what to wear on vacation, that’s why we researched the most flattering bikinis for a vacation to help make your search simple and easy. Whether you are looking for a classic white bikini or a bikini in bold prints, our guide will help you pick the best new bikini for your next vacation. Not only did we compile a style guide of our favorite bikinis for vacation, but we also broke down which styles are best suited for different beach activities you may partake in during your tropical escape.

The Best Sexy Bikini Styles For Your Vacation

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Packing for your vacation seems like a relatively simple task, throw in some bikinis, shorts, tank tops, beach dresses, swimsuit cover ups, sandals, sunscreen, a hat, and you’re good to go, right? We know it can feel much more complicated than that when you actually sit down to pack because you have to consider what you are going to feel comfortable and confident in while you’re on your trip.

Nothing is worse than choosing the bikinis you want to take with you and then arriving at your destination only to find that you don’t really feel confident wearing the majority of what you brought or you’re outfits aren’t well-suited for the types of activities you’re going to be doing. There are many different styles of bikini tops and bottoms available, and we know it can be tough to wade through information about them to decide which ones are right for you.

Shop pieces that you can mix and match so you never get bored of a single suit. It’s also a good idea to bring bikinis that are solid colors as well as fun prints so you have some variety. You deserve to enjoy every second of your vacation without worrying about the bikinis you brought and we’re here to help make that easier.

Bikini Tops

There is no shortage of flattering and flirty bikini top styles to choose from for your next tropical getaway, but how do you find the right option to flatter your figure? To help you find the perfect bikini top styles for your beach adventure, we have compiled a list of the best bikini tops and what is distinct about each style. We will also cover which styles are well-suited to different activities so you don’t have to wonder about what will work well and what won’t.


Bandeau bikini tops are a true game changer for bikini style. Bandeau bikini tops are fun, flirty, and functional, a true triple-threat. But what exactly is a bandeau top? Bandeau bikini usually have no shoulder straps. If a bandeau bikini top does have shoulder straps, they are often removable so that you can easily slip them on and off throughout the day depending on the activities you’ll be doing. Those bandeau tops that do have shoulder straps generally have them coming up around the back of the neck to secure the bikini top so it is less likely to move around. Often the straps on a bandeau bikini top will be secured with a clasp in the back or tie together, which allows greater flexibility in tightening the straps. One of the most characteristic features of a bandeau bikini top is a large strip of swimsuit fabric that covers the bust, though the shape of this fabric will vary depending on the swimsuit.

The downside to bandeau bikini tops is that they often do not have straps or have removable straps, and so they are less secure than other styles. This means that when you are out in the ocean diving under a wave, they are more likely to slip down, which is something to be mindful of when choosing to wear a bandeau bikini top for certain activities. While a bandeau bikini top may not be the ideal choice for water sports or playing a game of beach volleyball, they are ideal for tanning because they will help you to get that perfect beach bronze without unsightly bikini strap tan lines.


Triangle bikini tops are a true classic in the world of women’s swimwear. First imported from Rio de Janeiro, triangle tops are characterized by a bottom strap that wraps around under the bust to secure the bottom portion of the top and a top strap that wraps around the back of the neck to secure the top portion of the bikini top.

The straps are usually secure by tying the two sides together, but can also be secured with clasps. Triangle tops are often designed with just a lining to keep the top lightweight, so they can also be an underwire bikini top and stitched in removable padding to provide additional support and definition to the bust. Triangle tops can range from styles that more closely resemble a bra to those that are much thinner to provide less coverage.

Triangle bikini tops can have sliding triangles or fixed triangles. Sliding triangles are not fixed into place and instead slide along the bottom string band to allow for adjustable coverage. Fixed triangles, on the other hand, are sewn into place along the bottom string band and provide consistent coverage, though they do not allow for adjustability. If you’re looking for a triangle top that will stay in place, opt for a fixed triangle bikini top. If you want to adjust your coverage throughout the day, a sliding triangle bikini top is the one for you. Overall, if you are looking for a staple bikini top for your collection, the triangle is definitely a classic design when it comes to flattering bikinis for vacation.


The t-back bikini top is a variation of a triangle top. The primary difference between a traditional triangle top and a t-back is that a t-back bikini top has a strap that runs along the middle of your back to connect the bottom strap with the top strap. This connecting strap resembles the letter “T”, hence the name. The connecting strap can be as simple as a single strap or come in a more intricate pattern with details to enhance the style of the bikini top. T-back bikini tops provide more support than their traditional triangle counterparts, though they will add an extra tan line to your back.


A ripple bikini top is another variation on the classic triangle top. What distinguishes this subtly sexy style is the ripple detail around the edges of each triangle on the bikini top. This ripple along the edges of the triangle adds an extra dose of elegance and design to a classic style to make sure you have all the functionality and form of a triangle top, with a special detail added for those that want something more unique.

Bikini Bottoms

Now that you’re an expert on bikini top designs, we’ll give you a rundown of our top picks for flattering bikini bottoms to bring on your next tropical vacation. Whether you are looking for cheeky, Brazilian or full bottoms, we have you covered! When talking about women’s swimwear, one of the most important things to consider is your comfort level. Are you the type of person that likes to show a little extra skin or do you usually lean towards modesty? If wearing high waisted bathing suits makes you feel your best, then choose this style over a Brazilian bikini. Keep reading for everything you need to know about bikini bottoms to look fabulous on your vacation.

Full Bottoms

Full bottoms are the classic style of the bikini bottom world. They are often the preference for many women because they fully cover the bottom so that you feel less exposed. Because they provide more ample coverage, full coverage one piece swimsuits or full coverage bikini bottoms are well-suited for doing a wide range of activities, from paddle boarding to snorkeling, since they are more likely to stay put than their smaller counterparts. Keep in mind that while you can still get a great tan with full bottoms, you will have more space untanned because of how much coverage they provide.


Brazilian cut bottoms pay homage to Brazil, where the majority of the swimwear in the United States is manufactured (including ours!). Brazilian bikini bottoms are rapidly becoming one of the most popular styles of women’s swimsuits because of their sexy cut. If you’re looking for a perfect vacation tan, Brazilian cut bottoms are the right choice for you! However, because they provide much less coverage on your bottom, they are probably not the best choice for an activity-filled day of adventures.


If you’re looking for a style with less coverage than full bottoms but more coverage than Brazilian cut bottoms, a cheeky one piece swimsuit is the perfect choice. They have more support and coverage so you can embark on a day of adventures without worrying about coverage or slippage, while still allowing you to get a killer vacation tan, making them the ideal choice for many women.

Tie Sides

Tie side bikini bottoms utilize ties on one or both sides of the bikini bottom to secure the bikini bottoms. Tie side bikini bottoms are extremely popular because they are highly adjustable and flattering. Other bikini bottoms styles may come as one continuous bikini bottom or use hardware to secure each side. Tie sides allow you to adjust your bottoms throughout the day so you are comfortable and always have a perfect fit. Keep in mind that since they are tied, they can come untied, which makes them a risky choice for some activities. If you do decide to wear tie side bottoms when doing a more active sports or playing in the surf, always remember to double knot your ties!

Choosing The Right Bikini for Your Activities: What to Wear and What to Skip


We know that choosing the right bikini for different activities on your vacation can be a challenge, that’s why we put together a few scenarios you may encounter and our recommendations for the perfect flattering and functional bikinis for women. Keep reading to find out what to wear and what to skip!

    • Soaking up the Sunshine: If you’re going to be laying in the sunshine curating a perfectly bronzed island glow, you can afford to prioritize tan lines above security and support. If you’re looking to minimize tan lines, opt for a bandeau top and Brazilian bottoms. Skip t-back tops and full coverage bottoms to keep your tan lines as small as possible.
    • Diving Deep with the Fish: Are you ready to go scuba diving or snorkeling to see local sea life? You want to be able to focus on the sights around you without worrying that your top has moved or your bottoms have come undone. Choose a fixed triangle t-back top and a full coverage bottom without tie sides for your undersea adventure. Skip sliding triangle and bandeau tops and Brazilian bikini bottoms, so you can focus on creating an unforgettable experience without having to worry about being covered.
    • Hiking Around the Island: If you’re planning to enjoy a hike on the island and want to wear a swimsuit to make sure you can hop into any water you come across for a quick dip, go with a triangle top and cheeky bikini bottoms. This will make sure you have the support and coverage you need to be practical while still being able to showcase a fun and flirty style. You don’t want to be worrying about swimsuit malfunctions during your hike - so skip bandeau tops and Brazilian bottoms.
  • Enjoying a Night Out: Enjoying time out having a few drinks and a nice dinner with family and friends is one of the best parts of vacation and luckily for you, any of the bathing suit styles we have outlined will be a perfect fit for transitioning straight from a day in the sun to happy hour. Throw on one of our chic caftan dress coverups for the perfect beach to street style.
  • Going for a Swim in the Ocean: Taking a dip in the ocean can be the perfect activity at any time of the day, but there are some aspects to take into consideration when choosing a swimsuit to wear for a swim. The ocean tides often change and waves can pick up, because of this we recommend the t-back top specifically for swimming, or even something less strenuous like using a stand-up paddle board (SUP) because you might need to swim out past the surf break. The t-back or a triangle with fixed and secure cups will keep everything in place when the waves come crashing. For bottoms, our best recommendation  would be to make sure they fit snug so they stay secure while you enjoy the tropical blue water. (Keep in mind that swimwear tends to get a little bigger and stretch a bit when it’s wet.)

  • Another important factor to address when swimsuit shopping is that each woman’s body shape is vastly different, one woman may have a large bust and need a DD bikini top while another has a smaller bust, some women have more curves than others. Just as the activity you are doing should be considered when choosing a bikini, these differences in women’s body shapes also have a large impact on which swimsuit will work for each individual. Once you’ve decided on your perfect bikini, don’t forget to pack your beach bag essentials so you have everything you need for a day in the sun!

    To find your perfect designer bathing suit for your next beach vacation, check out our latest swimwear collection right on our website.