Guide: How to Style Linen Pants

Easy, breezy, beautiful—that’s the linen pants motto. This wardrobe staple is a comfy yet chic addition to every summer closet. Whether you’re headed to the office or the beach, linen pants can take you there in style.

However, linen pants definitely have a personality of their own. For an ensemble that’s more “boho” than “bedtime,” you’ll need an eye for building a linen outfit. Let’s dive into our inclusive guide on how to style linen pants, from matching fabrics to tops.

What is Linen and When Should You Wear It?

Linen is a lightweight, all-natural fabric made from the flax plant. By weaving together the plant’s fibers, you achieve an incredibly versatile fabric that is:1

  • Light, feeling very breezy on the skin
  • Absorbent, taking in moisture from the body
  • Cooling and breathable, drawing heat from the body
  • Durable, stronger than cotton and other natural fibers
  • Antiallergic due to its natural flax material
  • Anti-static, reducing any shocks or clinging

Thanks to its breezy feel and lightweight material, linen works best during summer months and spring.2 The low thread count and natural material offer airflow and moisture-wicking properties, making it perfect for warm weather. Even if your favorite linen blend pants fully cover your legs, they likely won’t overheat your body.

Types of Linen Pants

Typically, linen clothing fits on the “looser” side. You’ll rarely find a pair of linen pants that are fitted or tight to the body—the fabric simply wouldn’t be stretchy enough to allow for movement.

However, there are still many styles and cuts of linen pants out there. You can find linen pants that vary in waistline, length, and fastenings (buttons, zippers, drawstring, etc.). 

Some common linen pants designs include these fits:

  • Joggers – Cinched at the waist, loose on the legs, tapered or gathered at the ankles
  • High-waisted & wide-legged – Cinched at the waist, draped down, and loose on the legs
  • High-wasted & baggy – Cinched at the waist, very loose and oversized on the legs
  • Low-waisted & straight-legged – Cinched at the hip, draped straight down on the legs
  • Cropped cigarette-style – Fitted at the waist and hips, lightly fitted to above the ankles
  • Flared – Fitted at the waist or hips, lightly fitted around the upper leg, flared out on the lower leg

The shape and fit of your linen pants can make a huge difference in building any outfit. While some tops may look excellent with wide-legged pants, others may look better with high waisted linen pants. Fortunately, some tips to guide your pairing possibilities can pave the way for styling success.


Tips to Style Linen Pants

Yes, we did just say the fit of your linen pants matters (and it totally does). But there are some overarching style tips you can use for all types of linen pants, whether flared or full wide-leg.

The next time you want to rock these breezy bottoms, start by building an outfit with these guidelines in mind:

  • Add a contrasting texture – the breathable fabric of Linen has a distinct and beautiful texture, rustic yet chic. However, head-to-toe linen is best saved for the beach. To make your linen pants versatile, add a top with a contrasting natural fabric. Silk, cotton, denim, and lightweight wool are all stylish pairing options.
  • Go fitted on top – Nearly all linen pants will be loose in some form. To create a silhouette, throw on a more fitted top. Stretchy T-shirts, fitted collared shirts, and even cropped tanks can keep your outfit from going into pajama territory.
  • Spruce it up – Bring your linen pants into the office or party by pairing them with “fancy” or elevated pieces. A luscious silk top or a beautiful necklace can take the formality up a few notches. Similarly, upscale shoes can make linen pants look positively business casual. Seek out leather, suede, or other high-end shoe materials. 
  • Cinch it – Want to make that flowy blouse work with your linen pants? Add shape with a belt. A leather belt fastened around the waist or hips can instantly create a chic silhouette out of flowy fabric. Even just tucking in a loose top can elevate an outfit.
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Outfit Ideas for Linen Pants

Backyards, beaches, business lunches—linen pants work in countless settings. It all just depends on how you style your look.

If you need some outfit inspiration for your new linen pants, we’ve got your back. Build some winning looks with these top linen pants looks:

#1 Laid-back & Casual—For Everyday

If there’s one style made for linen pants, it’s an effortlessly chic, everyday look. The breezy feel and rustic texture just beg to be taken to the farmer’s market.

To stay laid-back, stick with wide-legged or jogger linen pants in neutral tones (think navy, black, white, or beige). The leg room will give a more relaxed vibe without feeling slouchy. Complete the on-the-move look with closet staples like:

  • Flat shoes (sandals, ballet flats,white sneakers, etc.)
  • A basic cotton T-shirt
  • Elegant, thin jewelry (chain necklaces, stud earrings, etc.)
  • A neutral-tone bag or tote

#2 Upscale & Chic—For Date Night

On a warm night, stay cool with a high-low linen pants look. Accessories, fitted tops, and cute shoes can take your outfit to that date-night-ready level.

Start with a more fitted or structured pair of linen pants. Designs that are wide-legged with a nipped waist, low-waisted with straight legs, or flared can all give more shape. For the rest of the beach date outfit, think fun and fitted. Try pieces like:

  • Silk or satin camisoles
  • Cropped puff-sleeve blouses
  • Single-strap crop tops
  • Bodysuits
  • Strappy heels
  • Elevated jewelry (chandelier earrings, stacked rings, etc.)
  • A clutch or handbag

#3 Stylish & Swanky—For Parties

Linen pants are the cheat code to cool-girl style at any social function. Hit the outdoor soirees in fashion with your favorite pair, and you’ll be the envy of the stylish crowd all around.

To start, bring some fun with a unique linen pants design. Try a fun pattern or non-neutral color in flared or wide-legged fits. Keep the party spirit by pairing them with pieces like: 

  • Off-the-shoulder blouses 
  • Cropped halter tops
  • A matching linen shirt
  • Bodysuits
  • Wedges or strappy sandals
  • Statement jewelry (chunky necklaces, costume rings, hoops, etc.)
  • Textured bags (leather, quilted, crochet, etc.)

#4 Elegant & Reserved—For the Office

During the summer months, it can be tough to find an office-appropriate outfit that doesn’t make you overheat. That’s where the loose and light texture of linen comes in handy.

First, pick linen pants with a clean-cut and neutral design. Cropped cigarette pants, high-waisted and wide-legged, and even formal joggers can all work as office wear. To keep the look appropriate, add business casual pieces like:

  • Button-down shirts
  • Silk blouses
  • Thin cardigans
  • Light-colored blazers
  • Neutral-toned mules or kitten heels
  • Leather belts
  • A crossbody bag or handbag

#5 Layered & Versatile—For Colder Months

Don’t throw your linen pants in the attic yet! Come the cooler months, you can still keep linen in your routine wardrobe (so long as you feel warm enough). 

Transition seamlessly between seasons by adding autumn touches to your linen pants look. To start, choose linen pants in darker or richer shades (maroon, forest green, brown, black, etc.). Then, layer up your look to add that cozy quality, such as:

  • Thick cotton T-shirts
  • Long-sleeve sweaters
  • Knee-length cardigans
  • Blazers
  • Leather ankle boots or oxfords
  • Gold or bronze jewelry
  • Suede or leather purses

Linen Pants—Do’s & Don'ts

Still not sure how to pull together resort outfits around those new linen trousers? Keep it simple with these Do’s and Don’ts. Like every piece of clothing, linen pants come with their own (gentle) fashion guidelines.

  • DO buy high quality – 100% Linen should feel light and breezy. However, it shouldn’t feel sheer. Make sure that your women’s pants provide comfortable coverage by holding them up to the light. If the light shines through, they might be a little too transparent.
  • DON’T leave out accessories – At the end of the day, most linen pants give a relaxed and effortless feel. Without accessories, your overall look might look a little more like loungewear. Keep things elevated with jewelry, belts, and purses.
  • DO go neutral (at first) – If it’s your first pair of linen pants, make it count. A solid pattern in a versatile color (think beige, navy, black, or cream) can match countless items already in your wardrobe. Once you get the hang of linen looks, you can start to expand your linen repertoire.
  • DON’T forget comfort – There’s a reason linen pants aren’t form-fitting. The material simply isn’t stretchy (unless you buy a synthetic linen blend). If you can’t comfortably walk in your linen pants, try a different size.
  • DO make them yours – The one thing about fashion rules? They’re meant to be broken! If the traditional tips for building a linen pants look don’t suit your style, then toss them out. Don’t be afraid to try a loose top, funky patterns, or other out-of-the-box choices with your linen pants.

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