How to Wear a Sarong as a Swimsuit Cover Up

Sarongs are a stylish and versatile part of any swimsuit wardrobe. For every bikini or one-piece swimsuit you have, it’s nice to have a matching sarong as a swimsuit cover up. Choose from short sarongs, long sarongs, solid colors or prints when elevating your vacation resort wear

Not sure how to wear a sarong? Fortunately, there are several ways to tie it and make the look your own when wearing over your favorite sexy designer bikini. Fashion a halter top, strapless dress, or various skirt lengths out of one piece of fashionable fabric. You can have a different cover up for every day of the week by rotating tie styles and designs of your sarongs.

Tie It Halter-Style

When learning how to wear a sarong, one of the easiest ways to tie it is in a halter-neck style. Simply hold the sarong vertically at your back. Grab each top corner, wrap around the back of the neck, and tie a knot. A halter shows off the shoulders and provides full coverage along the chest. It’s simple, comfortable, and looks beautiful at any length. 

Wrap It As a Strapless Dress

In addition to wearing a sarong on the beach, you can learn how to wear a sarong as a dress to make the transition from the sand to a seaside restaurant or shop nearby. Start with holding the ends the same way you would to tie a halter neck. Instead of drawing the corners up, wrap them around the body and tie in the back for a strapless look.  

Ensure the sarong has enough fabric to wrap around the body. You can always tie it in the front for a bandeau style with a slit in the front or turn the tie to the back. Either works just as well as a chic swimsuit cover up. A sarong can dual as one of your most stylish and comfortable summer dresses!

Create a Short Skirt

When learning how to wear a sarong that’s shorter, fold the material diagonally in half to form a triangle shape. Gather the two loose ends and tie at the side of the hip or front of the body. This is an easy way to wear it as cover up for the beach or when hanging out by the pool. 

When looking for what to wear over a bathing suit, have fun with the colors and prints when coordinating your sarong. Go bright or neutral. Opt for solids or prints. Even with something as simple as a sarong, you can still let your fashion sense shine through and make each look feel more your own. 

Extend the Hem for a Long Skirt 


If you want more coverage on the legs, create a long skirt. Hold the sarong behind you at the waist. Grab each corner like you would to wrap a towel. Tie the ends together at the front or side, the same as with the short skirt. Adjust to the length you’d like for a midi or maxi skirt. When you’re heading somewhere that requires more coverage, this is a good makeshift option to pair with a tunic. 

Opt for a One-Shoulder Dress

When learning how to wear a sarong as a dress, another option is to stick with a one-shoulder style. Start by holding the sarong vertically and wrap the shorter side beneath one arm. Meet the two corners, one in the front and one in the back, and tie them on the shoulder of your opposite arm, similar to a toga. Then, gather the sarong’s side edges at the waist to secure in a double knot as well or leave loose.

Versatile Sarong Styles to Match Your Mood and Destination

Knowing how to wear a sarong in different styles is helpful when planning an exotic getaway, a day at the beach, or a pool party. Each occasion calls for a slightly different look. With all the sarong options available, you can choose whether you want to go casual or dressy, colorful or neutral, and decide how much coverage you’d like as well. Here are a few of our favorite styles for inspiration to get you started.

Resort Wear for Your Next Exotic Getaway

The sophistication of the Fiorella Sarong is made for any all-inclusive resort destination. It’s classy, colorful, and provides enough coverage that’s appropriate anywhere on the property. Take it from the pool to lunch and the beach to drinks at the bar. The exotic print is made up of red and peach stripes, which pairs beautifully with a bright red bikini top or one-piece swimsuit. 

Tie the sarong at the waist to create a long skirt or pull up higher as a halter dress option, too. Wear with wedges and minimal jewelry for an elegant yet laid-back appearance. 

Casual Approach for a Day at the Beach

When planning a day at the beach or a weekend at the lake, the blue and cream ombre stripes of the Lake Sarong offers a go-to, laid-back look. The lightweight fabric keeps you cooler when out in the sun and works great when paired with any neutral or blue-hued swimsuit. Keep things low-key and tie this sarong on the side when heading to and from your day on the water. 

Flirty Fun for a Poolside Party

Whether it’s a summertime soiree or an impromptu pool get together, a sarong works great as a cover up while you eat or when lounging nearby rather than swimming or floating in the water. Party-friendly prints like the Scarlet Sarong and the Fiore Sarong easily fit the bill when it comes to vibrant color and eye-catching appeal. 

Show off your wilder side with the Scarlet Sarong animal print. It’s still neutral enough to pair with a black or white bikini for a fun take on the cover up staple. Alternatively, the Fiore Sarong offers a punch of color with a bright red and pink floral design against a blue-grey background. It’s a way to have fun with fashion while still maintaining a sophisticated look. 

Caftan, Kimono, and Tunic Cover Ups


In addition to the multiple ways of how to wear a sarong, there’s always the option of wearing a caftan, kimono, or tunic cover up. They’re just as stylish and easy to wear. Each can take your outfit from daytime casual to evening, resort-appropriate elegance. 

Regardless of the style you choose, you can count on lightweight fabrics that are perfect to wear in tropical temps and offer the same appeal as a sarong. Different colors and patterns adapt to the vibe you want to achieve while remaining comfortable and chic. 

Calala Braid Caftan

The Calala Braid Caftan is low-key elegance at its finest. The light green and white hues inspired by bamboo include a touch of pastel orange and black to give subtle color to this versatile piece. As a long, unlined caftan with a scalloped high-low hem, wear it open or closed as a swimsuit cover up based on the amount of coverage you’d like. It’s casual enough for lounging by the pool and dressy enough when following a resort dress code

Aqua Embroidery Kimono

For a fresh look to wear to the beach or even as a cover up when headed to the spa, the Aqua Embroidery Kimono has a timeless appeal with its light hue and flowy three-quarters length sleeves. Like slipping on a comfortable robe, this is the ultimate companion when you’re ready for a day of relaxation near the water.

Jasper Ruffle Tunic

The gorgeous deep green color of the Jasper Ruffle Tunic is a perfect pairing for a tropical or nature-driven destination. Flirty design details like ruffles at the cuffs and hem and the collarless neck add to the allure of this lightweight option. The slightly longer sleeves balance out the short bottom for a subtly sexy option for your next swimsuit cover up. 

These are only a few of the many cover ups available in addition to the ultra-versatile sarong. Add any combination of these as part of your swimwear wardrobe, and you’ll be ready to go for any occasion. Since you don’t want a lot of fuss when packing for the beach, these cover ups keep your look stylish with minimal effort involved. 

The Advantage of Versatility with a Sarong

The best part of wearing a sarong is that you can easily transition your casual beach look to an evening out with a few added pieces. Most lightweight fabrics have a hint of sheer without being too see-through. However, ensure the fabric provides appropriate coverage for the occasion and destination. 

Switch out laid-back flip flops for a pretty pair of sandals to instantly elevate the style. Add a chain necklace, an arm cuff or bangles, and/or a complimentary pair of dangly earrings. Get creative with how you tie your sarong wrap and have fun with the different ways you can create new looks. 

There are no limitations or rules for how to wear a sarong or the ways you can dress it up or down. As with most cover ups, they’re versatile enough to be a valuable part of any swimwear wardrobe. Add to your collection by choosing the colors and prints that are most alluring to you.