Places to Visit in Australia

Australia: home to cuddly koala bears, cute kangaroos, and Chris Hemsworth. Of course, to sum up an entire country in this way leaves quite a few things out. There are plenty of things to do and places to visit in Australia. Many of which have nothing to do with the references we are so familiar with when talking about this breathtaking tourist destination. When planning a visit, pack a good mix of sexy designer bikinis and cover ups, in addition to plenty of comfy clothing and sturdy walking shoes for all the outdoor excursions. Everything is a possibility for exploration.

For many, Australia is on the other side of the world. Its exotic location, dreamy beaches, and down-under attractions only begin to scratch the surface of what makes this continent a top choice on many travelers’ lists. It’s a surfer’s paradise, a snorkeler’s dream, and an ideal place to take in some of the best art, music, and culture in the world. Each city has its own charm and must-see destinations. There’s no way to pick favorites, but we’ve rounded up a few of the best places to visit in Australia. If you’re planning a trip here, get ready for an island-hopping journey you won’t soon forget.


Let’s start in Sydney, one of the largest and most well-known cities in Australia. One of its great claims to fame is the Sydney Opera House, an architectural treasure that’s visited by millions of fascinated travelers every year. You can splurge and see an opera or concert performance or take a walking tour of the iconic structure, depending on what you have the time and budget for. Alternatively, opt to view it by watercraft by boarding the Manly Ferry, which moves throughout the Sydney Harbor and provides a full view of the structure, nearby beaches, and Taronga Zoo. 

There are also plenty of city museums, food markets, and street festivals to add to your itinerary to get a feel for the Sydney lifestyle. However, one of the main things the city is known for is its thriving beach community, which is why many choose this location. Bondi Beach is one of the most famous places to visit in Australia and has been called one of the top surfing destinations in the world. The ripple bikini is the ideal swimsuit for both testing the waves or sticking closer to the shoreline to swim or boogie board instead. Either activity is a perfect way to spend the entire day in Sydney. With six miles of sandy beaches, you have plenty of time to take in the coastal views, find a spot in the sand for a beachside picnic, and take part in as many (or as little) water activities as you’d like.

Once you have a taste for the city and have explored the beach, there are also a few more outdoor escapades as well. A visit to the Bronte Baths is a special trip, especially if you can manage to make it early enough to watch the sunrise. The ocean pool is built into the cliffside where you can swim laps at the city’s protected saltwater pool. Afterward, dry off and slip on a billowy designer cover up and sandals to head for brunch any one of Sydney’s top spots. Due to its popularity as a top destination, you’ll find cuisines of all kinds when traveling here, in addition to popular local dishes. 

Once your appetite has been satisfied, plan an afternoon hike in Royal National Park where there’s no shortage of sea views. You’ll also find secluded beaches, tidepools, and natural wonders that make the trip well worth it. It’s a nice way to spend the later part of the day and catch a signature sunset to cap it off. The Australian city of Sydney offers a well-balanced mix of metropolitan must-sees and shoreside activities, which means you get the best of both worlds.


As popular and active as Sydney is, Tasmania takes a look at a quieter side of Australia. Don’t let the remote atmosphere fool you though. This place is ideal for adventure seekers and anyone who loves the great outdoors. Choose from kayaking, snorkeling, and swimming at Freycinet National Park. Hike Wellington Park’s Organ Pipes or traverse across the suspension bridge at the Launceston Cataract Gorge & First Basin, if you dare. There are opportunities around every corner to find something that will amaze you. Let your curiosity lead the way and seek out more of nature’s nooks and crannies and you’re bound to uncover picturesque scenery and hidden gems.

This area is definitely more for the action-oriented tourist, but there’s plenty of time to slow down, too. A swimsuit from the Bia Collection is the perfect choice for both non-stop time spent in the water and leisurely strolls through the streets of Tasmania when paired with a resort dress. The area has a lively art scene and if you plan it right, you can attend one of their many art festivals or craft fairs that are held throughout the year. As you might guess from any sand island stop, seafood is one of the main cuisines. Get your fill of fresh Tasmanian Atlantic salmon, wild abalone, and anything that’s caught fresh from the ocean to have for lunch that day.

Camping is also a popular activity for people who travel to Tasmania. Just keep in mind that their summer season is between the months of December and February. Visiting any other time of year will likely mean you’ll need to leave your swimsuits at home and pack snow attire instead. Get a feel for another side of Australia, rich with its own local culture and unique adventures.


A visit to Melbourne has been classified as having a “small town” feel but with the cultural offerings of a bigger city. The overall laid-back atmosphere of Australia is still prevalent here. Urban living abounds, but it’s less about the hustle and bustle and more about embracing a more relaxed way of life. That’s the best kind of pace when exploring a new city so you don’t miss a thing.

Take the City Circle Tram (it’s free!) to get a broad overview of the best of beautiful Melbourne and stop at any one of the city’s stunning architectural sites. The Block Arcade is a great way to spend the day shopping, art browsing, dining, and taking in the intricate beauty of the stained glass windows and mosaic floors. The next day, head to the beautiful Yarra Valley, home to over 70 wineries to sample some of the local flavors of the region. You can either get there by car or opt for a wine tour, which takes you to several locations to sample the area wines they’re best known for. 

Another popular day trip is a scenic drive along the Great Ocean Road or to the famed Phillip Island. The Great Ocean Road speaks for itself by name, and there are plenty of discoveries to be made along this coastal journey. Along the way you’ll spot: 

  • Historical sites of famous shipwrecks
  • The 12 Apostles, looming rock formations that hug the coastline
  • Cascading waterfalls
  • Deserted beaches
  • Neverending, breathtaking views

Be ready for anything and enjoy the ride as much as your final destination. A stylish one-piece swimsuit is ideal when going from beaches to hiking trails to stopping at a coastal cafe. One pieces can double as a bodysuit when not in the water and provide you with enough coverage to make you feel comfortable wherever the day takes you. It’s also a well-suited style for a visit to Phillip Island, best known for its penguin sightings. 

It’s a once-in-a-lifetime experience to watch the nightly Penguin Parade as they make their way out of the water to find their burrows along the beach. As you wait for your chance to see the penguins up close, pass the time at the beach. Spend the day surfing, fishing, swimming, or simply taking in the scenery and making the most of your time on the island. With a one-piece swimsuit that easily transitions between activities of all kinds, you don’t have to worry about what to pack for day trips in Melbourne.

Great Barrier Reef

Although not a city, the Great Barrier Reef is a destination more than worth a visit. It’s one of the original Seven Natural Wonders of the World and one of the most famous places in Australia. The reef extends over 1,800 miles and is made up of approximately 600 islands and 2,900 coral reefs. In other words, it’s a paradise for dreams and scuba divers. Due to the extension of the Great Barrier Reef, there are several spots along the way where you can stay and spend your days scuba diving and exploring beneath the surface. 

Cairns is a top starting spot for travelers because it provides the closest reef access from the mainland. But if you want truly breathtaking scenery, there’s no place quite like Whitehaven Beach. It’s a 30-minute boat ride from Hamilton Island in Queensland, which is quite a trek from Cairns. Due to time and proximity, it’s likely you’ll choose one or the other to see the Great Barrier Reef. What makes Whitehaven unique? This beach is made up of 98% pure white silica and is met with a watercolor sea of blue, green, and turquoise. Step into a real-life postcard of paradise on the sands found here.

Pack a one-strap bandeau bikini when roaming anywhere along the reef. A suit with rich, bold colors is a gorgeous complement to the turquoise water surroundings, and will provide the comfort you’ll want as you explore the ocean wildlife. Look out for marine life like stingrays, sea turtles, seahorses, and exotic creatures you may have only previously seen through the glass of an aquarium. There are also  coral reefs, awe-worthy in their own right, and home to a wondrous marine ecosystem. Take a dip in the cool, clear waters and be witness to one of the most magnificent places in the world. 

What to Pack for a Visit Down Under

Assuming you’ll be traveling during Australia’s summer, multiple swimsuits are a must-have. There are cuts that are better suited for relaxing on the beach and ones that are nice to have on the days you’re more active. Since they barely take up any space in the suitcase, it’s not uncommon to pack one per day. After all, a woman needs options when on vacation. In addition to swimwear, make sure to include these items to the mix: 

  • Designer sandals
  • Sunglasses and/or beach hat
  • Resort dresses 
  • Cover ups
  • Light layers (cardigan, hoodie, or rain jacket)

Also, pack a few athletic pants, t-shirts, and tennis shoes if you plan to hike. Many trails along the beach are fine to walk on barefoot but to explore cliff sides, mountains, or forest areas, it’s better to have sneakers or designer sandals with strong soles. The optimal packing list depends on what you have on the agenda, but this basic “starter kit” will take you far from any place you visit in Australia. 

Time for a Trip to Australia?

Sydney, Tasmania, Melbourne, and the Great Barrier Reef are some of the most fantastic places to visit in Australia. There’s plenty to do both on land and in the water. Plus, each area has its own special appeal and allure. However, they make up only a handful of places to go when planning a trip to this side of the world. 

There’s still the Australian Gold Coast to consider, a famed area south of Brisbane made up of miles and miles of sandy beaches. Adelaide is a charming scene full of wineries, museums, galleries, and international cuisine. And, Perth is near the Sunset Coast and is known for its sought-after surfing and snorkeling sites and rich history. There’s no shortage of tourist attractions and things to do when visiting Australia. Take your pick and go!

It’s all a tropical paradise alive with endless adventure and sparkling sea waters. Embrace the easygoing, island feel that’s welcome on any Australian vacation. Set your sights on this fascinating part of the world and explore the natural beauty awaiting you in Australia. Essentially, it’s everything you could want and more. Want to continue your wanderlust? Check out our top 10 things to do in Bali!