Resort Outfit Ideas

Resort life is all about soaking up quality relaxation time and feeling pampered. Whether that means lounging by the pool, planning all-day excursions, or getting to know the destination better, the last thing you want to worry about is what you’re going to wear. 

The majority of the time, all it takes is a few pieces of designer swimwear and cover ups to make it through a week of fun in the sun. Every once in a while, though, there’s a need for something dressier for your resort attire. Sometimes resorts have dress codes that outline what’s appropriate to wear to dinner or to various activities on the property. These may be explicitly outlined in writing or could be simply unspoken rules, but, nonetheless, it gives you the opportunity to break out your resort vacation clothes.

To find the perfect combination of vacation clothes that will fit in your suitcase and still leave room for souvenirs, there are plenty of resort outfits you can create with only a few pieces of clothing. For looks that work for both day and evening attire, your packing list should include at least:

(1) pair of pants
(2) maxi dresses
(2) skirts (different lengths)
(2) cover ups
(2) pair of shorts
(1) pair of casual sandals
(1) pair of dressier shoes

    These staples, plus a few tops and beach accessories such as sunglasses and a beach bag, create a solid base for a weeklong resort vacation. Then, if there’s room left in your suitcase after adding your designer bikinis, sun hats, underwear, and toiletries, add anything else deemed necessary to the mix.

    Resort outfits run the spectrum from casual to elegant, depending on the occasion and the dress code of the destination. Think about where you’ll spend most of your time and what adventures you have planned for your next weekend resort getaway as you think about the best clothing options to pack.

    Daytime Resort Outfit Ideas

    During the day, you can dress more casually than you would at night. Since you’ll likely spend the majority of your time near the pool, on the beach, or on and off different boats, islands, or city excursions, you’ll want to pack clothing that can easily transition between it all.

    An elegant cover up is the go-to attire for beach vacation activities. Beach cover ups are effortlessly chic and can be tossed in the suitcase without taking up too much space. Pack at least two to alternate between days (although it’s likely you’ll want to take more!) Narrowing down the choices can be a challenge since there is a variety to choose from. Do you prefer long cover ups or short cover ups? Will you be staying near the water or heading into town? These are the kind of questions to think about when selecting the ones that’ll make the cut. 

    A ViX favorite is the Black Malia Caftan which is both sexy and sophisticated, making it an ideal vacation outfit for any occasion. The sheer, breathable fabric feels comfortable against the skin and is perfect for the warm weather that a resort vacation offers. Slip it on over a swimsuit and pair with designer flip flops, and you’ll be good to go.

    For a sporty chic look, pair the Caftan with white sneakers, especially if you plan on walking or biking from place to place. It’s stylish while at the same time giving your feet a break. If there’s no room in your suitcase for an extra pair of shoes, wear them on the plane and think of them as a bonus pair. Take advantage of this breezy style that’s versatile enough to wear anywhere.

    Alternatively, if you want to add a bit of rich color to your look, look no further than the Burgundy Embroidery Kimono. The gorgeous hue is flattering on all skin tones and fits loosely without losing the body’s natural shape over your swimsuit. The delicately embroidered detail cutouts on the sleeves and back elevate this beyond a casual piece. Wear it while sailing, on a tour of the city, or as your daily cover up when you’re headed to and from the beach.

    The striking color makes this piece feel special, while the lightweight material keeps things feeling relaxed. You can wear your kimono open in the front and pair it with shorts (or simply a bikini) or tie it in the front for more coverage when you're on the go. Cover ups in any color or print work well when it comes to the best beach resort clothing.

    Evening Resort Outfit Ideas

    When the sun goes down, it’s time to ditch the resort casual attire and pull out your dressier clothing options and evening wear for dinner and drinks by the beach or when experiencing the nightlife. Just as cover ups are the must-have clothing during the day, consider maxi resort dresses the equivalent essential for the night. They’re made of breathable fabrics and are flowy for ultimate comfort. Plus, there’s a print, color, and style for every personality.

    The Jasper Ana Long Dress is an example of a maxi that can stand on its own. The rich, teal color and flirty eyelet detail are great paired with a neutral pair of designer sandals. With this selection, there are no accessories necessary. However, you can add dramatic flair with jewelry like a chunky necklace or stylish anklet to complete the look. For easy packing, roll rather than fold your maxi dresses and tuck them into corners of the suitcase.

    If you prefer to wear pants, choose a standout pair like the Burgundy Edna Pant. The billowy bottoms have a low-key appeal with their airy fit but are classy enough to wear for an evening out. Match with the Burgundy Emily Blouse for the perfect two piece resort wear outfit or play with other color combinations and shirt styles. A printed sleeveless blouse or a solid-colored bodysuit like the Black Bella Bodysuit would both be fashionable options to pair with these pants to add more options for your vacation.

    Similarly, pair different tops with separates like a wrap front resort wear skirt, such as the Tiger Luisa Skirt. The fully-lined fabric and eye-catching print make a beautiful combination to wear with a bodysuit, bandeau bikini or another slim-fitting blouse. The skirt easily makes the transition from day to night and can also be worn as a flattering strapless dress.

    It’s easy to create several outfit combinations with pieces like this that can be worn in multiple ways, which will keep your suitcase light and your wardrobe fuss-free. When packing skirts as resort wear for your next beach vacation, a standard rule of thumb is to save sheer fabrics for the day when you’re near the water and lined options for nights out. 

    Add Extra Flair with Accessories

    Once you have all of your beach resort clothing picked out, use accessories to play up your outfits in different ways. You can elevate a maxi dress with a few flourishes, such as statement earrings and an armful of bangles. Or, add a thin belt to create an hourglass silhouette to billowing fabrics. Don’t forget to bring along a bag that is both stylish and beach-ready to complete all of your looks. 

    While on vacation, it feels nice to keep things low-maintenance, but it doesn’t mean you have to leave behind the sparkle to give your looks a stylish twist. Pick your favorite low-key pieces to take with you or shop local vendors when you’re at your destination for a unique addition. A few extra accessories come in handy to instantly dress up or down an outfit.

    Keep Your Vacation Style Simple and Sophisticated

    The best thing about heading to a tropical destination for your next beach vacation is that you don’t have to worry about feeling too fancy. Simple and sophisticated is the way to go. When choosing resort outfit ideas, think about how many outfits you can get out of a few staple pieces that are both of high quality and versatile enough to wear from day to night. 

    Picking out the clothes is part of the fun when going on vacation. By packing carefully chosen pieces, it makes it easier to “shop your suitcase” when you’re at the resort. After you’ve arrived, you’ll be all set with what you’re going to wear. All the focus will be on making the most of your adventures.

    It’s easier to select the right outfits by starting with staples that are always in style. For example, a gorgeous midi beach dress and a classic pair of vacation pants are always in fashion, especially in terms of resort elegant attire. Vacation wear is all about maximizing what you have and doing more with less. After you’ve got the standard pieces picked out, you can add any extra clothing to mix and match options to create a perfect outfit for each day.

    Lay out all of the clothing you want to take and edit based on where you plan to wear it and if it can be worn in multiple ways. This will help you see everything at once and visualize different outfits before they make their way to your bag. The best resort outfit ideas are the ones that make you feel comfortable and confident. Start there and you’ll end up with more than enough style to accommodate your next sun-filled vacation.