Top Cruise Destinations to Set Sail to

Looking to set sail on a sun-filled cruise vacation? There are so many destinations to choose from and trying to narrow down your choices is challenging, especially since the Caribbean is no longer your only option. Now, cruise ships sail to destinations all over the world, depending on the cruise line you choose. There are large cruise ships and smaller ones, with pros and cons to each excursion. There are month-long cruises, cruises that last just a few days, and even short day trip cruises for those looking for a quick vacay in the sun. Pack your designer swimwear, a pair of sunglasses, and resort wear as we explore some of the best cruise destinations to set sail to.

Bora Bora

A small South Pacific island northwest of Tahiti in French Polynesia, Bora Bora is a beautiful and extremely popular cruise destination for many travelers. Bora Bora’s nickname is “Jewel of the South Seas” and it’s definitely a jewel of an island. Shadowed by Mount Otemanu, Bora Bora is legendary for its natural beauty and allure.  

Fun Facts About Bora Bora

Despite all the cows, sheep, dogs, and cats that live on the island, Bora Bora has no mammals that are actually native to the place. Luckily, there are also no poisonous snakes or insects to encounter. Don’t be fooled though, the seas are still full of marine life, including sharks, dolphins, sea turtles, and jackfish. Some of the off-shore activities of this cruise destination include snorkeling through the beautiful coral reefs, scuba diving, and whale watching.

Something else noteworthy, Bora Bora was also home to a supply base and 6,000 U.S. military members during World War II. You can find evidence of this when you explore the island, including the Motu Mute runway, and the cannons peppered in different places on the island.

Ships Cruising to Bora Bora

Princess Cruises is a popular cruise line for many travelers. You can go on snorkeling excursions to see the amazing wildlife beneath the waters, treat yourself to a Tahitian massage, or take a bus tour of Tahiti to experience all the beautiful destination has to offer. 

Onboard a Princess Cruise Line

Princess Cruise Lines are replete with all the adventures you could hope to find on a ship. Princess Cruises offers its passengers the following activities:

Destination-themed activities 
Dining experiences that serve local dishes 
Escape Room experiences, depending on what ship you sail on
Behind-the-scenes tours of the ship, including the engine control room
Wine tastings, gourmet cooking demonstrations, and art galleries
Casino gaming to your heart’s content; card tournaments, bingo, and more
Discovery at Sea encounters to learn more about your destination
Sports like basketball, putt-putt, ping pong, and even a driving range on some ships
Dancing, live entertainment, delicious food, and pools to soak up the sun!

    What to Pack for a Cruise to Bora Bora

    Your packing list for a cruise to Bora Bora can be relatively light. After all, you’ll primarily be in the sun on the ship or exploring beaches. Even in the more glam areas of Bora Bora, you can still expect lots of sand and wooden walkways. However, keep in mind that Bora Bora only has two seasons a year, and both are tropical and warm. You have the wet season from December to February, which is Bora Bora’s “summer” and the dry season from June to August, which is Bora Bora’s “winter.”

    Packing List

    Bring a designer bikini. You’ll be on the beach and in the water throughout your time on the island, so swimsuits are a must.
    Bring a couple of beach cover-ups or lightweight shirts to help protect your skin from the sun when it gets too hot.
    Other lightweight clothes, like shorts and resort dresses.
    Sarongs will also be an easy piece to toss on over your swimsuit.
    A lightweight windbreaker that’s waterproof in case it rains.
    beach bag to carry stuff during excursions or quick trips to the beaches.
    Flip-flops or beach sandals, reef shoes, walking shoes, and a nice pair of flats for the evening.
    Don’t forget snorkeling gear, a sun hat, and toiletries, along with sunscreen and insect repellant.
    A nice DSLR camera or Go Pro. 
    Extra power adapters, extra batteries, and extra storage cards so none of it fails you during a beautiful photo opp. 


      Vienna, Austria

      Vienna, the capital city of Austria—and also the largest city—is another one of those popular cruise destinations you won’t want to miss out on. Vienna is full of history, inquisitive charm, and forward-thinking urbanites and sits alongside the Danube river. It’s a city meant for pedestrians, so people who love walking or cycling will thoroughly enjoy their visit. For those who don’t like to do quite that much walking, you can also catch a train to various destinations within the city.

      Fun Facts About Vienna

      If you’ve ever heard anyone reference the “City of Music” they were most likely referencing Vienna. Vienna is considered the world’s capital of music, home to countless famous composers, more than anywhere else worldwide. In fact, many of the apartments of the most famous musicians were memorialized as museums.

      Vienna is home to the world’s only and largest baroque zoo, reported to once be Emperor Franz Stephen and Empress Maria Theresa’s private menagerie.

      Ships Cruising to Vienna

      One of the more popular cruise lines that take you to Vienna is Avalon Waterways. They take river cruising to a whole new level, with one-of-a-kind panorama suites that offer wide-opening windows, open-air balconies, and beautiful views right from bed.

      Onboard Avalon Waterways

      Avalon ships offer the ultimate in relaxing and luxurious accommodations. Onboard Avalon ships you’ll find:

      A gorgeous skyjack, with a whirlpool and shade system
      A panoramic lounge with breathtaking views, a dance floor, and cozy places to sit
      A dining area with panoramic views and an observation lounge
      A club lounge for 24-hour self-service to feed your coffee, tea, and snack habits
      An upscale bar where you can find your favorite alcoholic beverage
      State-of-the-art fitness equipment in the fitness center
      An adventure center where you can find things like bikes for off-shore excursions
      Interactive discovery experiences with music, dance, art, and local cuisine
      Multiple different cruise customizations you can make when booking to enhance your experience

        What to Pack for a Cruise to Vienna 

        Packing for Vienna really depends on what time of year you plan on going. Winter months you can expect cold and snow and to dress accordingly. We recommend cruising during the summer month, as it will be much warmer. Usually, highs hover around the humid 80’s °F, and sometimes higher. Spring and autumn tend to be short seasons, but the climate is fairly mild and can still be enjoyed.

        Packing List

        A few changes of boutique swimwear with a couple of cover-ups to help protect you from the chances of sunburn.
        Evening wear, typically resort casual, with nice shoes. Pack a light scarf as well.
        Comfortable day clothes for exploring. Keep in mind that religious sites will require long pants or skirts to enter.
        Bring a small bag or knapsack to carry your essentials while adventuring.
        Don’t forget sunscreen, a hat, and toiletries.



          Most popular cruise destinations call to mind places like Bermuda or the Caribbean. Why not shake it up and set sail for Singapore? It’s a diverse tropical paradise with plenty of culture. There are four official languages recognized in Singapore and it’s a melting pot of different ethnicities.

          Fun Facts About Singapore 

          Singapore is quite conservative, with strict rules regarding alcohol and behavior in public. You can’t drink past 10:30 pm nor can you purchase alcohol after that time, so if you enjoy a few cocktails after dinner, do it early.

          A British trading colony since 1819, Singapore has grown into one of the busiest boat and cruise ports in the world over the last two centuries. It’s a hodgepodge of Indian, Chinese, and Malaysian cultures, with wares peddled from all over Asia.

          Ship Cruising to Singapore

          Royal Caribbean is a popular cruise line that offers trips to Singapore, with a variety of offerings for both off-shore excursions, such as night safaris and bumboat glides down the Singapore River. There are plenty of opportunities for sight-seeing, dining, and shopping as well.

          Onboard Royal Caribbean

          Royal Caribbean has a large fleet of ships offering a variety of different amenities and onboard activities. You’ll find things like:

          Zip lining, escape rooms, and surf simulators
          Thrilling water slides like Riptide, Typhoon, and Cyclone
          A beautiful amplified pool deck to soak up the sun in a bikini or one-piece swimsuit
          Sporty activities like archery, fencing, and laser tag
          The Captain’s Dinner, a formal affair to wear your resort elegant attire
          Casinos, amazing dining experiences, karaoke, and plenty of live shows and entertainment 

            What to Pack for a Cruise to Singapore 

            Singapore weather is perpetually summer, and you really only get two choices; sunny and hot or sunny and wet. That means when you’re figuring out what to pack for a cruise to Singapore, pack for tropical climes and don’t worry about taking anything to keep you warm unless you’re worried about staying warm on the ship.

            Packing List

            You’re packing for the tropics, so a few swimsuit options are a must.
            Pack a few light cover-ups or sarongs, along with some shorts and lightweight tops.
            Evening wear for a dinner out on the deck.
            Consider a light cardigan for breezy evenings and chilly indoors.
            A comfy pair of walking shoes.
            Nice pair of evening shoes.
            Flip flops for when you are near water.
            A lightweight backpack for touring the city and carrying your gear
            A light, waterproof jacket for monsoon season.
            Plenty of soap, shampoo, and other toiletries as you may find yourself showering often to beat the humidity.
            Umbrellas, if you’re there during the rainy season.
            Your favorite cameras and extra accessories for pics and footage of this unique city. 

              There are so many different places to see in the world. Some of the most popular cruise destinations are beautiful, exotic locations with wonderful sights and culture. We’d consider Bora Bora, Vienna, and Singapore to be among the top three places to set sail to. The excitement and adventures that come from setting sail on a cruise are what set it apart when comparing a cruise vs. resort vacation. Don’t take our word for it though, book an excursion for yourself. Just don’t forget your bikini! After all, you are setting sail in the middle of the ocean.