Transitioning from Summer to Fall Outfits

The end of summer doesn’t have to mean the sun has to set on your warm weather clothing. Before you stow away your staples for the season, consider ways to transition from summer to fall outfits. When layered with the right pieces, it’s possible even your women’s designer jumpsuit may have a place in the chillier months.

Although it’d be nice to have a truly endless summer and enjoy the carefree feeling it embodies, there’s something to be said for the excitement of fall. Why not embrace this feeling with new looks headed into fall. Here are five tips and multiple examples to inspire a shift in your wardrobe transition and let your summer pieces last longer heading into a new season. 

#1: Experiment with Layers to Adapt to Cooler Temperatures

Layering is a go-to way to give extended life to summer pieces and make them suitable for fall. There are a variety of different looks you can achieve, just by adding one extra item. By adding layers to your summer clothes, you'll be able to create the perfect transitional outfit for fall. 

A structured blazer, cozy cardigan, or timeless jean jacket each creates its own unique aesthetic. 

Additionally, a button up, long-sleeved shirt is a versatile piece that can be tied around the waist when it’s warm and sunny during the day and slipped over the shoulders in the evening after the sun goes down. Always having a cozy sweater on hand will allow you to create a transition outfit perfect for September and October.

Layering on the bottom is an option too. Tights, leggings, and even colorful socks are all ways to incorporate fall vibes into a traditionally summery look. Regardless of the pieces you choose, it’s to create a whole new array of options when layering is involved. 

Earth-Toned Glamour 

Earth tones are a beautiful color transition to fall. Though there’s no need to say good-bye to bright hues forever, introducing the warmer shades of reds, greens, and browns are a good way to start shifting your wardrobe to a new season. The deep rust hue of the Cher Dress serves as a solid foundation for many summer to fall outfits. This stunning, ankle-length slip dress has thin, adjustable straps and side slits that are suitable for summer. Whether you pair it with white sneakers or ankle booties, this slip dress is the perfect summer outfit that can transition to fall. 

Fall-Inspired Comfort Chic

Floral prints aren’t only for spring or summer months. They can still be a significant part of your lineup of fall fashion. The microfloral prints of the deep red Bia Long Skirt proves just that. Pair with the Eyelet Ruffle Blouse for a boho chic appeal. And when the temperatures start to dip, layer on a chunky, cream cardigan for added warmth. 

Another option is to pair the skirt with the Mary Blouse, an off-white cropped button up. The peek-a-boo skin keeps hold of a summertime appeal while the long sleeves and button front style speaks right to the aesthetic of fall. Remember to pack a cozy sweater just in case it gets chilly!

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#2: Extend Skirt Lengths for Added Coverage and Style

In addition to adding layers, it’s easy to create casual fall outfits by simply adding a few inches to the skirts you wear. Though there’s a time and place for a sexy mini, especially when layering with tights, the midi skirt is the perfect transition and works great for any fall outfit. 

The name itself references the in-between of a mini and maxi skirt and achieves a flattering length that hits mid-calf. Since there’s likely to still be warmer days as summer slowly fades away, a midi will keep you cool and always on-trend, serving as the perfect addition to any fall wardrobe. 

Rich, Warm Hues

When choosing colors to wear for fall, opt for a darker hue than what you’re normally drawn to when the temperatures are high. For example, those who appreciate a watermelon-inspired color may be drawn to the deeper, darker companion of the cherry red Firenze Luiza Midi Skirt. It takes a lighter hue on the color palette right into fall with a richness that adds warmth to any outfit.

Additionally, the high front slit and crepe texture fabric are still lightweight and breezy enough for summer, but serves as a solid base to take your wardrobe into the cooler months with ease.

High-Low Hemlines 

The Gisa Midi Dress illustrates the transition from summer to fall outfits with a high-low hemline and adjustable tied wrap skirt front. As with the shift in seasons, it sits squarely in the middle of a mini and maxi skirt. Plus, the micro white polka dots atop a black background is a classic pattern that fits right in with the seasonal change.

Wear sandals during the summer and swap out for closed-toe heels when the weather cools off. Either way, this dress can be dressed up or down for any occasion. Wrap a colorful shawl around the shoulders to elevate the outfit even further and provide coverage when the temperature starts to drop.

Firenze Luiza Midi Skirt

#3: Rely on Accessories to Instantly Create New Looks

Accessories have always been a quick way to change the appearance of an outfit. In the summer, options like coral and turquoise take center stage. The same goes with flips flops and gladiator sandals. These all are in the regular rotation from May to September.

However, as October rolls around, structural jewelry in gemstone hues and intricate metallics start to pop up. Swapping out sandals for boots and flats are also part of the transition accessories from summer to fall. Though there are no cemented rules when it comes to fashion, embracing the switch can help an outfit feel in season and on trend. 

Functional, Fashionable Belts

Summer is made up mostly of lightweight, flowy styles that are comfortable and easy to wear from the beach to the patio with ease. As fall starts to creep in, adding structure to outfits with a belt is a trend that helps when transitioning from summer to fall outfits. 

Experiment with a few of your favorite summer dresses by adding the Natural Dani Belt or Jade Belt and see how it changes the shape and aesthetic of the outfit. The trend of a double belt also works well to break up a monochromatic look or to pull two separates together into one stunning outfit.

White Laura Blouse

#4: Warm Up Your Wardrobe with Fall-Inspired Colors

As with accessories, there are certain colors that are meant for summer. Neon green, sunny yellow, and aquamarine all evoke the sights and feeling of the warmer months. As the days grow shorter, deeper hues like eggplant, moss green, and burnt orange start to find their way into wardrobes. There’s still ways to wear many of your favorite colors but in a hue that makes sense for casual fall outfits.

Multi-Colored Dimension

The beautifully detailed patchwork of the Jess Long Skirt is unique and fun. The panels of deep purple, dark green, and a red and gold pattern are all woven together in one dramatic skirt. The front slips keep it breezy enough for the end-of-summer months, but the colors speak to the change in season. Pair with a top in a neutral color to complement the skirt rather than distract from it. Wear earth-hued wedges for what’s bound to be one of your go-to casual fall outfits. 

Red and Gold, Indian-Inspired Prints

The Gisa Short Dress looks great in every color, but the Bandhani Red is the ultimate shade for fall. Inspired by traditional Indian prints, the red lotus flowers over a golden background add instant warmth to your wardrobe. On the other hand, details including spaghetti straps and a short skirt keep the outfit rooted in summer. 

To carry the dress with you into fall, layer with a crisp, white blazer and neutral-colored flats. Or, wear a pair of black tights and an oversized black cardigan to keep the look cozy and seasonally appropriate.

#5: Dress Up Swimwear and Outlast Summer

No need to pack away your swimwear just yet. Believe it or not, there are ways to transition your swimwear into a fall-appropriate look. In addition to the late summer pool days and tropical vacations that lie ahead, many one-piece swimsuits can double up as bodysuits and help create cute, casual fall outfits. 

Double-Duty Swimsuits

The Sabrina One Piece is a one piece that achieves the summer-to-fall transition flawlessly. As a swimsuit, it’s classic and timeless, and looks flattering on everyone. Though, it’s the details of this black one-piece swimsuit that makes it ideal as a bodysuit alternative. 

Both the ruffle cups and functional buttons in the front show that details really do make a difference. Pair the bodysuit with jeans and fitted jacket for a chic weekend look or wear with flowy pants and a long-sleeved, button-up shirt tied loosely in the front for a laid-back style.

Soak up the last of the summer days but slowly start to create space for fall by extending the shelf life of your warm weather wardrobe. Get creative with layering and adjusting skirt lengths and styles. Play around with warmer colors, thicker textures, and interesting design details. All of it plays a part in transitioning from summer to fall outfits with ease and making the most of your wardrobe regardless of what season you’re in.