Best 4th of July Swimsuit Ideas

Now that summer is in full swing, are you ready for all of the 4th of July festivities right around the corner? Between the backyard barbecues and pool party invites, what it really all comes down to is what to wear. Put on your most patriotic, sexy designer bikini and you’ll be set for spending the day by the beach, planning a casual family-and-friends potluck at home, or hopping from one party to another. Regardless of the holiday, though, a swimsuit that makes you feel your most confident is what works best for any season. 

Fortunately, with an extra-long weekend comes a chance to wear different swimwear depending on what the occasion calls for. Maybe it’s a bikini for the beach and a one-piece swimsuit for a poolside BBQ. Start by selecting the styles you like best and add from there. What will you wear when night rolls around and it’s time for fireworks? Will you opt for a sarong, caftan, or kimono? Whatever you choose, the number one rule is to keep it simple and carefree. It’s summertime after all.

In addition to your regular “uniform” of bikinis and cover ups, don’t forget to pack a few extra cute pieces if you plan to get away for the weekend. Create multiple outfit ideas with just a couple of items that work for the various activities you have in store. Accessories are always an important finishing touch to make any look complete. Pile them on or keep them minimal. The best way to accessorize is to enhance your look but not overwhelm it.

Fashion is all about having fun, especially during this time of year. Pick your favorite 4th of July swimsuit and cover up, add on accessories, and you’ll be ready for whatever the occasion calls for. Make the most of this mid-summer holiday and celebrate in style.

What goes into choosing the ideal swimsuit? Factor in the color, comfort, and confidence level when picking out the perfect suits. Color choice is easy since you’ll want to follow the red, white, and blue theme. 

When it comes to comfort, go for what material fits snug to the skin but not too tight. It should feel equally good whether you’re in or out of the water. You’ll likely be back and forth between the two throughout the day. In short, the best choice is what you feel is festive and can keep up with you. Keep reading to get inspo on the best 4th of July bikinis

The Bandeau Bikini

Girl in a red bikini

A bandeau bikini is an effortless and versatile item for summer days. It’s a sexy, stylish look that can be paired with a trendy sarong or t-shirt dress and sandals to take you through a full day of multiple social events. You can’t go wrong with our red bikini, white bikini, or blue bikini collection when searching for the most festive swimwear. But for optimal choices if you’re aiming for a USA swimsuit style our 4th of July Bikini collection is the way to go. Plus, these primary colors are always on trend, holiday or not.

If you can’t decide on just one, add a couple to your collection and mix and match tops and bottoms to fit the occasion. There are no rules when it comes to fashion - take what’s available and make it your own. The variety of cuts and luxurious fabrics are flattering for any figure and will feel comfortable enough for all-day wear. 

The Triangle Bikini

Another go-to swimsuit choice is the triangle bikini, which is a must-have staple for any summertime soiree. Opt for red, white, or blue to subtly emulate a women’s patriotic swimsuit. The Paula Bikini in bright white or royal blue Klein Bia Tube Bikini both fit the color scheme and embody a relaxed feel that’ll put you in the right mood for hanging out with friends. 

Show off your fashionable side through your swimsuit. Let your sexy, comfortable bikini add some style to your day. Get in the spirit even more with a stars-and-stripes visor or beach bag to complement the look. Be playful with your accessories and experimental with your makeup, from wearing a bold red lipstick to dusting some glitter on your eyelids. Although it’s natural to be more casual when the weather is warmer, it doesn’t mean you can’t put your best foot forward.

The One-Piece Swimsuit

If you want a bikini break, switch things up with a one piece swimsuit, especially if you want more coverage. There are several gorgeous options to match your mood and comfort level. Go chic and modern in the electric blue Iris One-Piece. It gives your 4th of July swimsuit style a vibrant pop of color and the side cutouts and single shoulder strap help to complete a memorable poolside look.

The Milano Liz One Piece is a striking, red one-piece that gives a subtle nod to nautical wear, perfect for a day spent on the water. The deep neckline and ruffled detailing create a feminine and flirty look. Accent the look with a pair of gold hoops or a delicate necklace to accessorize and allow it to transition into something you can wear all day at the beach, on a boat, or to a bonfire.

Classy And Chic Cover Ups 

As the day turns to night, a luxurious cover up is an essential piece to throw in your bag. If you’re spending the 4th on a boat, being near the water can really cool things down. But even if the temperatures stay steamy, a designer dress or caftan transforms beach-only attire and makes it appropriate for drinks on a deck or another party location. A sweet and sexy example is the tie-front waist, plunging neckline, and embroidered three-quarter capped sleeves of the red hot Embroidery Kimono. Pair it with designer sandals and understated jewelry to add a  sophisticated flair.

The cool print and design of the Gisele Short Caftan also provides versatility with just one cover up. It plays up patriotic colors in an unexpected way and steers away from stars and stripes, with vivid hues of red and tulip over a cobalt background. It is chic, breezy, and feels good against the skin while still appearing put together and pretty as the celebration continues into the evening. Wear with pretty white sandals to complete the look.

A “change of clothes” isn’t necessary to take with you from event to event. When you have the right cover up and accessories on standby, you’ll always be ready for any spontaneous opportunity to arise.

Weekend-Ready Wardrobe


Thinking about spending the weekend in another city or possibly another state for the 4th of July weekend? You aren’t the only one! It’s guaranteed to be one of the busiest travel times of the year with crowds flocking to the beach or headed to the lake. If time away from home is part of your itinerary, then you’ll want a few extra pieces in addition to your favorite swimwear. The good news is you’ll still be able to fit everything into an overnight bag, which makes it easier when you hit the road. 

To keep up the red white and blue patriotic vibe, the White Alice Dress is the perfect, breezy dress for any holiday celebration. It’s sexy, sophisticated, and pairs well with any swimsuit. The Cobalt Nora Beads Mini Jumper or the Klein Nora Jumpsuit also provide variety for weekend wear. Whether you prefer loose-fitting shorts or flowy pants, either of these one-piece options make it easy to pull a look together in an instant. 

Like with swimsuits, clothing that requires minimal effort but is still fashion-forward works best. Simple doesn’t have to be boring. Switch up your weekend wardrobe and see how many outfits you can create with only a couple of swimsuits, cover ups, and a dress, jumpsuit, or skirt. There are multiple ways to embody the 4th of July spirit; it doesn’t have to only be about the bikini. 

Accent an Outfit with Accessories 

There are a few accessory staples you should always have on hand during this time of year. This includes a pair of designer sandals, a beach hat, and a colorful bag to carry everything you need with ease. Keep things classy with a neutral pair of shoes that complement any swimsuit style or color. A larger tote bag is ideal for your essentials during the day. Then, switch to a crossbody bag or clutch when you’re ready to pare down what’s in your purse for evening activities. 

Jewelry is another timeless way to deliver extra style. Hoops or stud earrings create a polished appearance. Or, wear an elegant cuff or armful of bangles to accompany a day-to-night look. Other accessory alternatives are a colorful, stars-and-stripes bandana or trendy scarf to tie around the neck or wear in your hair. The right accessories play up your other clothing and pull a cute outfit together. They never have to be over the top; a few well-chosen ones always do the trick. When it comes to fashion, the details truly make all the difference.

What to Wear on the 4th of July

Girl in a white swimming suit

Once you have a good base of the pieces you want to wear, including swimsuits, cover ups, and accessories, think about how you want to pair them with each other. Depending on what you have planned, there’s a chance you’ll be attending multiple gatherings and need quick and easy outfit changes for each. Here are a few ideas for how to combine pieces and make the patriotic style your own. 

Color Blocking

Go for a bold look with color blocking. Be inspired to wear a “USA swimsuit,” by wearing all red on top and blue on the bottom, white on top and red on the bottom, or whatever mix of the color trio that you want. Keep the accessories and makeup minimal so as to not detract from the vibrant, two-toned statement and pull the hair back into a sleek ponytail for a chic look. 

Wear All White

If wearing white after Labor Day is a faux pas, then wearing it before is a must-do to highlight sun-kissed skin while it’s still seasonally acceptable. White is fresh, crisp, and serves as a blank canvas for any clothing or jewelry layered on. Pair a white bikini with a bright pair of sandals for the right pop of color. Then, keep the rest of the ensemble fuss-free with an oversized pair of sunglasses and loose, flowy locks.

Stars Or Stripes

Wear both stars and stripes if that strikes your fancy or opt for one over the other. There are a wide range of ways to make these prints work for 4th of July and then stay on trend all year long. They can be big or small, thin or thick. Wear them on your swimsuit, visor, or tote. Decide on the variation that’s more uniquely you.

Build Layers

Start with a designer bikini as the foundation to build upon. A well-crafted swimsuit can stand on its own by making a statement that’s classy and effortlessly cool. When you move indoors to eat or want to shield your skin from the sun, add on loose, lightweight layers. A resort dress, mid-length sarong, or flirty, t-shirt cover up easily takes you from one party to the next. 

Be Unconventional

Go against the grain and skip the idea of a USA swimsuit and simply pick a style that feels purely summer. Choose a flirty, floral pattern, a coral hue that mimics the sunset, or any swimsuit design or color that embodies the season. Stay on theme or make up your own version. The holiday is about celebrating independence. And that means freedom from fashion norms, too.

Styling For Summer

The 4th of July is the unofficial halfway point of summer. Take advantage of the sultry temperatures and push for endless fun. Don’t feel restricted by your swimwear choices and you’ll be well on your way to building your ultimate, less-is-more wardrobe. Now’s the time to try something new and mix in a modern take on a classic style. Interpret holiday and seasonal trends as you see fit.

Whatever color, cut, or combination you prefer, the best part is having options. That includes options of swimsuit styles, cover ups, clothing, and accessories to pack in your beach bag for your next social event. It makes life easier when you have pieces that are accessible and versatile enough for any occasion and can be carried from season to season. Let the carefree vibe of summer last for as long as possible and feel confident in any look you wear.