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Summer 2021 Collection

Made for women that want to feel comfortable yet feminine, this collection will bring versatile and timeless pieces both on their style, prints, and materials.


The Monet print an artistic floral with mesmerizing warm red and orange petals. The pop of violet adds balance and beauty to this unique feminine print.


Coral has a natural vibrant energy that is magnetic and inviting. It is an universe fun shade that will flatter all skin tones for the perfect summer look.


A creative micro texture floral in shades of violet over a rich tone of purple that is carefree and delicate.

Green Snake

The Green Snake is the classic snake print revisited in an unexpected jewel tone of green for a print with a contemporary element.


The must have color of the summer. Forest's vibrant nature is elegant like a gemstone that flatters all skin tones for a vivid and fresh look all season long.


A ViX twist on a zebra print with a stippling effect of two tones of green and off white stripes.


A brilliant warm tone of yellow with the energy to give you the confidence to take over the beach with charm.


A liberating take on a ViX variation of a snake print with a stunning yellow and warm tan pattern for a memorable beach moment.