10 Bikini Bottoms That Don't Dig In

When warm weather awaits you, there’s no time to waste worrying over a bathing suit that causes you constant agitation. And where your basic bottoms are concerned, that means staying secure without digging into your hips.

Whether you’re laying by the waves,  or somersaulting off a diving board, finding a bathing suit that works with your body rather than against it comes down to construction. Fortunately, seamless bikini bottoms fit the bill (and your tush) by coming in every style under the summer sun.

If you’re on the hunt for bikini bottoms that don’t cut into hips, that sculpt, and flatter your tush’s contours sans pinching, we’ve got you. Below, we’ve tracked 10 seamless swim bottoms that deliver on every waterside babe’s #1 swimwear priority: comfort while unwinding surfside.

Benefits of Bathing Suits That Don’t Dig In

Finding bikini bottoms that don't cut into hips can be crucial to enjoying a relaxing bikini day. Even aside from prioritizing your comfort, suits that generate less friction can help to:

  • Improve your circulation
  • Offer you mobility
  • Keep you feeling and smelling fresh
  • Maintain clear, smooth skin on your bum

If you’ve ever noticed roughness or blemishes on the skin around your bottom, it could be the result of wearing too-tight garments like bikini bottoms. When swim bottoms put undue pressure on the hips and butt, it can inhibit circulation, cause breakouts (like folliculitis), and put unnecessary strain on our bodies.1

Less restrictive styles, on the other hand, make your swim skivvies more breathable and allow for greater mobility. And if you’re planning to be in and around water, finding a bathing suit that can give your skin room to breathe are key for preventing bacteria and other harsh chemicals (e.g. chlorine) from irritating your skin.

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What Are Seamless Swim Bottoms?

Conformism gets a bad rap, but when it comes to choosing bikini bottoms that don't cut into hips, you’ll want a style that conforms to your contours.

Enter: the seamless bikini bottom.

The word “seamless” refers to garments without visible seams, but this swimsuit does far more than hide its handiwork. These ingenious styles are constructed especially for those looking to find swim bottoms that don't dig in

Four attributes give this type of swimsuit bottom their seam-free superpower:

  • Double lining – While traditional swimwear is often made with just one layer of fabric, seamless wear is double-lined. This means its thread is sewn between two pieces of fabric, and it’s this layered pattern that renders the thread invisible.
  • Adaptability – Without an exterior seam, the fabric of seamless bottoms can lay flat against your body like a second skin. If you can combine them with impeccable sizing, this means seamless options deserve first place in your summertime grab-bag.  
  • Durability – Since seamless bottoms’ fretwork is protected by fabric, you’ll see less wear and tear to the delicate threading. This means your swimsuit will be less prone to fraying, leading to a longer lifespan in your swimwear drawer. 
  • Versatility – Finally, the unique build of seamless swim bottoms makes many available styles reversible. Not only will your bottoms last for seasons of wear, but you’ll be able to update your look for the fresh style gracing beaches with every new summer.

10 Bathing Suit Bottoms That Treat Your Hips Right

Identifying the swimwear that won’t put unwanted pressure on your body can be a walk on the pier—if you know what to look for. 

Below, we list our top 10 no-cut bathing suit bottoms by the four factors that matter most: Fit, Size, Material, and Details. 


Take some time to explore where you plan on taking your bikini during your day in the sun. For instance, what activities do you prefer? How might your body move while you’re doing them? How long will you be wearing your swimsuit?

For suits designed to provide extra mobility, look for styles that offer a high leg cut. To find a model that won’t dig into your hips, seek out thicker side straps to equally distribute pressure in a seamless design that molds to your form.

We love:

  • The Drape Bottom – This flattering swimsuit design can be worn on the high hip or at your natural waistline. Its ruched fabric and seamless pattern are made for dancing with you. 
  • The Basic Bottom – Find this seamless bikini bottom style in 3 coverage options, from cheeky to full. With a narrow waistband, the Basic is one of our most customizable and most-loved favorites.
  • The Fireze Gigi Hot Pants – High-waisted bottoms are game-changers when it comes to finding your fit and highlighting your body shape. These bottoms stay put as long as you need them to, with medium to full coverage and a barely-there feel. 


Don’t be afraid to mix-and-match sizes to find what works best for your body shape! If you’re looking for a bikini bottom that doesn’t cut into the hips, different sizes may look distinct depending on your swim drawers’ cut.

At ViX, “cheeky” indicates a low-rise fit, “Brazilian” features a V-cut shape, and “Full Coverage” is our way of confirming your bottoms will have our full support behind them (pun intended!).

We love: 

  • The Tanga Bottom – Blending Brazilian lycra with a minimalist aesthetic, these swimsuit bottom’s wide straps ensure pressure stays evenly distributed across your hips. 
  • The Firenze Fany Bottom – One of our stretchiest bottoms, with elastic side bands that mold to your form. Even better? You’ve got 22 colors to choose from, so this staple is sure to complement every closet. 


Unlike most other clothing items, swimsuits are often made from materials that stretch (rather than shrink) when wet.

Not only does this make it crucial to stay true to your size when selecting your suit, but you’ll also want to look for natural materials that offer a velvety feel on the skin.

For that, we love:

  • The Firenze Basic Bottom – This bikini bottom style spotlights a textured textile engineered to feel like lightweight cotton or linen, giving you optimal comfort and breathability. 
  • The Beta Bottom – Designed to make the A-grade in comfort and support, the Beta’s ruffled, midi waist style adds shape and lift to your curves.

Marrying size and material is one of the best ways to ensure your suit can keep from slipping and nipping at your hips. That’s part of why we adore our Brazilian lycra textile—a butter-smooth material designed for fit, softness, and long-lasting wear.


If you’re looking for a smooth sailing bikini bottom experience, we recommend steering clear of any ornamental details. Beading, gemstones, and even light hardware can be rough on sensitive hips and dig into the skin even more.

Fortunately, gorgeous swimwear detailing doesn’t necessarily have to introduce more grit. For styles that add some extra pizazz to your pool party outfit, we love:

  • The Scales Fany Bottom – Take a cue from your wild side and don these python-inspired bottoms to dazzle without the extra “ouch.” This textured piece features a wide elastic band for an extra dose of mobility.
  • The Kayla Giulia Bottom – When in doubt, bring on the color. These Kayla Giulias deliver a seamless feel in three powerful colors. Even better? We designed this number with recycled lycra fiber for a velvety and sustainable solution.

Tips For Finding The Perfect Bikini Bottom Fit

Are you sold on seamless yet? Try these tips for finding swim bottoms that won’t dig into your hips once it’s time to hit the water:

  • Instead of eyeballing your size, use the sizing chart. At ViX, we prioritize inclusivity in our designs—but every swim style will fit unique frames differently!
  • If you’re ordering online, throw on an old bathing suit, lounge around the house, and pay attention to what works (and what doesn’t). Then, look for styles that mimic the design elements you love, and that love you back.
  • Cheeky, Brazilian, high-waisted…today’s bikini bottom styles come in too many cuts to keep count. ViX’s catalog includes seamless options for every fit imaginable, so start with your coverage category of choice and locate your perfect no-pinch bottoms from there.

In the end, swimsuits are not a one-size-fits-all item—they’re a best-fit-for-you kind of garment. By staying true to size and avoiding skin pressure-causing details, we guarantee you’ll find swim bottoms that treat your skin kindly so you can savor every ounce of sunshine you deserve.

Find Your Magic Fit with ViX

You might not know it yet, but much like your favorite seaside cocktail, there’s a recipe to the perfect flattering swimsuit: genius construction, body-positive designs, and adaptable features that let you customize your look.

At ViX, we design swimwear, accessories, and apparel that gives you the comfort you need to feel confident in every season. From racy thong bikinis to iconic one-pieces, every ViX swimsuit has one mission: to make you feel like you’re slipping into the best version of yourself.

It’s time to find a seamless bikini that fits just as seamlessly into your swimwear rotation. Browse ViX’s limitless luxury designer swimwear collection for basic bottoms that curve in whatever direction you're headed. 


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