12 Stylish Swimsuits for Spring Break

 Spring break is everyone’s favorite time of year to don sexy designer swimwear and head to the beach. The transition from the dreary winter to the sunny renewal of spring means you can shed your layers and set yourself up for warmer temperatures ahead. 

Vacation-style often means you can take a few chances when it comes to your swimwear fashion. Aside from planning your spring break outfits, this is also a time when you can revive your collection with a few, new spring break swimsuits to flaunt in the warmer weather

No matter where you’re headed, you’ll want multiple options to take with you on your spring break getaway. You never know what kind of spontaneous adventures may come your way. Making the switch from bulky winter fashions to lightweight summer attire means more room in the suitcase to pack a different swimsuit for every day of your trip. 

For a wide variety of swimwear inspiration, here are a few of our must-have styles and trends of the best bikinis for spring break. 

Vibrant, Unconventional Patterns

There’s a rejuvenating feeling associated with spring break that serves as motivation to step outside your comfort zone, especially when it comes to fashion. While it’s always nice to have a few swimwear staples in your wardrobe that you can rely on season after season, this time of year is the perfect occasion to switch up your signature look. Try exploring an array of colorful patterns and playful styles like our cheeky bikini bottoms that’ll allow you to stand out and show you’re ready to leave your worries behind.

Tie Dye Triangle Bikini

The France Triangle Bikini delivers a fresh take on the tie-dye trend. The multi-colored combination embodies a free-spirited mood of anything goes by pairing together complementary patterns without making them too matchy-matchy. The adjustable side ties leave room for a customized and comfortable fit, ideal for a day of lounging on the beach or exploring the surroundings of your dream spring break destination. 

Paisley Bikini Tube Bikini 

The sexy sophistication of the Cashmere Bikini Tube Bikini comes from its fashionable paisley pattern set against a rich teal background. The seamless banded style creates a flattering silhouette with a bit more coverage than a string bikini. It’s a striking fashion statement and an excellent addition to your swimwear collection.  

Patterned One Piece

Colors of the sea are definitely on-trend, especially as you decide on your next spring break bathing suit. The Taman Tess One Piece takes the trend and transforms it with a modern print and a tastefully sexy cut that adds allure to this swimsuit. The deep v neckline and low back elongate the frame to create a look anyone can feel confident while wearing. 

Unique Details and Trendy Straps


The details are what make the difference in swimsuit styles. There are various ways to make a bikini or one piece feel fresh and new, including adding versatile straps, luxurious fabric choices, and accessories that enhance the overall look. For swimwear fashion that goes beyond the standard string bikini or one-piece swimsuit, see how the details of these spring break swimsuits upgrade your options. 

Ruffle Detailed One Piece

Nothing spices up a look more than a red swimsuit, and the Red Pepper Milano Liz One Piece delivers the heat with its vivid hue. The flirty ruffled details replace regular one piece straps to create a look that can easily transition from day to evening by doubling as a bodysuit. Additionally, the vertical ribbed texture and soft, stretchy fabric embody how style and comfort can both be prioritized in the same swimsuit.

Off-The Shoulder Bikini

Black equals everlasting chic and can be worn in so many different ways. The Black Firenze Belle Bikini offers a sense of playfulness with its off-the-shoulder straps and textured micro-crinkle fabric. It’s a timeless choice perfectly suited for an exotic destination and exudes a sophisticated allure that makes it a go-to piece for your swimwear collection year-round. 

Multiwear One Piece

The rich hue of the Turquoise Georgia One Piece fits in anywhere that involves an ocean background, but it’s the swimsuit details that add to its wow factor. You can switch between wearing it with a one-shoulder strap and halter-style. Plus, the peek-a-boo cutout makes the style feel like a hybrid between a one piece and bikini to get the best of both styles. Finally, the soft, stretchable XTRA® LIFE LYCRA™ blend fabric makes this spring break bathing suit ready for activities both in and out of the water.

Resort-Ready Bathing Suits

One of the best ways to spend spring break is by living it up at an all-inclusive resort where everything you could want is right outside your door. Resorts typically have a resort casual dress code which can often err on the side of formality, giving you even more reason to show up in your best swimwear. While you don’t need to be concerned about the vibe being stuffy or too buttoned-up, these tastefully sexy selections should be on your list.

Striped Bandeau Bikini

The Malta Amy Bandeau Bikini is a classy and elegant choice, ideal for time spent lounging around the resort. The classic mix of black and white stripes with the pop of pale mint and gold colors add an extra punch to this universally flattering swimsuit. A seamless finish creates clean lines with wide side coverage on the hips, resulting in a stunning silhouette. 

Sexy Lace One Piece

Black is anything but basic when there are notable design details that make it distinctive. The gorgeous Black Lace One Piece is designed with a deep v neckline and thick shoulder tie straps, making this swimsuit resort-ready. Throw on a pair of tailored shorts or a maxi skirt during the day to make this a staple part of your wardrobe, day or night, beach or boardwalk.

Statement-Colored One Piece

The Klein Milano Luana One Piece's deep cerulean color exudes a luxe aesthetic that needs little else to make it feel special. However, the spring break bathing suit is taken up a notch with a vertical ribbed texture and soft, stretchy fabric to deliver an appearance that’s the ultimate in chicness and style. A deep v neckline provides an extra layer of appeal to an already standout style of swimsuit.

Sultry String Bikinis


Rising temperatures call for sultry swimwear designed to match the scene. If you’re headed to a beach hotspot where it’s appropriate to show a little skin, pack these bikinis for spring break. The colors, cut, and minimal coverage will fit right into the aesthetic. Even if it’s a color you’ve never worn before or a style you’ve never tried, see what catches your eye and dive into something new.

Lime Bikini

The electric color of the Lime Shaye Bikini blends in well with any exotic atmosphere. Think about how often the color appears on the beaches of Miami or the shores of Mexico. It’s no wonder why it’s one of the best bikini colors right now. The intricate back detailing offers a fresh take on the standard string bikini, and you can choose between a full coverage bottom or Brazilian coverage. 

Adjustable straps allow you to wear the bottoms high on the hip and create a customized fit for a seamless appearance. Additionally, 24-karat gold-dipped caps round out the style by offering an element of shine and luxury that elevates the fashion. 

Royal Blue Teeny Bikini

The royal blue color of the Klein Nina Bikini is striking on its own, but it’s the tiny bikini bottom that takes center stage with this swimwear style. Regularly seen as a popular swimsuit style in Brazil, this blue bikini offers minimal coverage with maximum fashion appeal. 

The bikini is adjustable in the front and back for a secure, even fit. While it may be a more daring approach than the average bikini, it may soon become your new favorite style. When you dare to try something new, it opens the door for a whole other world of options. 

Animal Print Bikini

Animal print bikinis never looked so alluring as it does on the Anik Ripple Bikini. The cheetah pattern and ruffled edges at the top and bottom combine sweet and sexy in one swimsuit. Plus, the scale texture and low-rise fit emphasize the modern take on this classic cut. Though the color palette is neutral, the print is anything but. It’s a swimsuit that’ll make you feel sexy and confident wherever your destination may be.

Spring Break Styles That Span the Spectrum

The key to deciding what to wear on your next spring break vacation is being open to new and unexpected trends while revisiting timeless staples that never go out of style. A paradise vacation is the one time when you can plan your packing around what swimsuits you’ll wear since you’ll be spending most of your time at the beach, pool, or spa. 

Take a fashion leap and change up your look with brightly-colored patterns and barely-there bikinis for your spring break trip, depending on where you’re going and what you plan to do. It’s all about transcending the traditional fashion rules and choosing the swimwear that makes you feel your most beautiful self.