5 Best Bikinis for Brides on Their Honeymoon

Once you’ve planned the perfect tropical bachelorette destination with your girls, it’s time, to begin your honeymoon planning checklist. We all know that one of the most important items is selecting bikinis to pack that stand out, match your unique style, and fit like a glove.

If you’re looking for the perfect honeymoon bikini to bring on your beach vacation, the first thing to consider is choosing sexy bikinis that are high quality and will last for years to come so you can continue to travel the world in style. We know it can be overwhelming to sift through all of the bridal swimwear that’s available to find the suit styles that will be functional and make you feel beautiful during your honeymoon. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of five bikinis for brides and broken down the benefits of each style so you know what activities to pair with your bikinis during your honeymoon. 

We believe there is a perfect bikini style for every activity and body type that will allow you to enjoy your honeymoon without ever having to worry if you’re wearing the wrong suit or if you look your best. Not only did we compile the five best bikinis for brides on their honeymoon, but we also put together a list of other clothing items to bring to make sure your outfit is always fabulous and functional whether you’re at the beach or the bar. 

Keep reading to find out our top five honeymoon bikini styles for brides and what to pair with them to make sure you’re stylish every day of your honeymoon.


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Our Top Five Bikini Styles for Brides

Before you dive into searching for your perfect swimsuit for your honeymoon, we want to walk you through our top five bikini styles for brides. On your honeymoon, it’s important that you be able to enjoy all of the activities you want to without ever worrying that your swimwear will hold you back. We want to make sure you are never held back by a bikini top that won’t stay put or bottoms that keep slipping down. That’s why we’ll discuss what activities each type of bikini is well-suited for, so you don’t need to worry or wonder during your honeymoon.

It’s also vital to address that when you go shopping for honeymoon bikinis,  each woman’s body shape is extremely different. You want your swimwear to be flirty yet flattering, whether that be while lounging poolside or by the ocean. Some women may have a smaller bust while others have a large bust just like some women may have more curvy figures than others. When you are choosing the perfect swimsuit for your honeymoon, we recommend keeping in mind the differences in women’s body shapes so that you are picking swimsuit styles that will be most beneficial for your body type. 

We believe that you should never have to choose between functionality and style and there are plenty of different bikini styles to choose from to make sure you always have a flattering bikini. Whether you go for the signature white one piece or you choose a fun and floral print that’s perfect for the tropics, what’s most important is that you’re comfortable and confident in any swimwear style you choose. As you go through our list of the five best bikinis for brides on their honeymoon, keep in mind your unique body shape and what activities you plan to do to make sure that when you go shopping, you’ll know exactly what will work best for you and your honeymoon.

#1 Triangle Bikini

For any beach honeymoon, a classic timeless bikini style is the triangle bikini top. Even if you don’t recognize the name, you’ve most likely seen the style. Triangle bikinis get their name from their distinctive triangle top, which was first imported from Rio de Janeiro. But what makes it a triangle top? A triangle top is characterized by a bottom strap that wraps around under the bust and secures the bottom portion of the top and a top strap that wraps around the back of the neck and holds the top of the bikini in place. Often, these straps can be tied together to secure them, though some bikinis come with clasps instead of ties. 

There are many different features you can look for in triangle bikinis to suit your body type and the activities you’re looking to participate in during your honeymoon. If you’re looking for a bikini top that will stay in place during activities, look for a triangle top with fixed triangles that are stitched into place so that they won’t slide when you move. A triangle bikini top is great for everything from hiking to jet skiing to swimming under the ocean waves. If you’re looking to have an adjustment so you can slim down your tan lines on the beach, it’s better to opt for a triangle top with sliding triangles that can move along the bottom string of the top and allow you to adjust your cover to suit your needs. Keep in mind that with a triangle bikini, you will get tan lines of the straps that wrap around your neck. 

A triangle bikini is a must-have for your honeymoon and there’s no shortage of beautiful styles to choose from to keep you looking fabulous and comfortable all vacation long. Our White Lucy Triangle Bikini will have you looking stunning in white with its intricate rope detail and classic style.

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#2 Bandeau Bikini

Another one of the best honeymoon bikinis is the bandeau bikini. If you’ve never heard of it, prepare to be introduced to a game-changing bikini style. Much like a triangle bikini, a bandeau bikini is known for its unique top. Bandeau bikini tops are fun and flirty, while also being extremely useful and functional. Bandeau bikini tops generally have no shoulder straps, or very thin, removable spaghetti straps. Why is this important? A bandeau bikini top is the best way to get a perfect tan without those unseemly tan lines going up around your neck. In particular, bandeau bikinis with removable straps allow you to go strap-free when you’re tanning poolside and throw on straps when you need extra support to hold up your top, such as when going for a swim in the ocean. 

Bandeau bikini tops are often recognized as being a large strip of swimsuit fabric that covers the bust, though this shape will vary from swimsuit to swimsuit. It’s important to keep in mind that if you’re looking to engage in beach activities, such as playing beach volleyball or going snorkeling, it’s better to pick a different type of bikini for the day. While bandeau bikinis are ideally suited to a day sprawled out in the sand perfecting a perfect beach honeymoon bronze, they are more likely to slip down, which can be risky for activities involving more movement. 

Our advice is to use your bandeau bikini for the perfect tanning day and to skip it for a day of water sports or beach activities. Paired with Brazilian bikini bottoms, a bandeau bikini is a great addition to your bridal swimwear arsenal to keep you looking fun and flirty all honeymoon long. Our Sqaure Bandeau Top is designed to have a longer, modern silhouette to give you increased support while still offering a stylish classic white style that will be a great addition to your bridal wardrobe.

#3 Shoulder Bikini

Are you looking for a honeymoon swimsuit that is a bit more unique and eye-catching? Look no further than the shoulder bikini. Haven’t heard of a one-shoulder bikini? You’re not alone! A shoulder bikini is a distinct style in which there is a large strip of swimsuit fabric that covers the bust, similar to a bandeau, but with a strap that goes up and over one shoulder. Think of it like a one-shouldered gown, but with a bikini. 

A shoulder bikini is a modern, unique twist on classic style and adds an extra dose of elegance to any honeymoon day at the beach. Because a shoulder bikini only has a strap on one side, it won’t have as much support as a triangle bikini, but it will likely be more secure than a strapless bandeau bikini. 

If you’re planning for a day at the beach followed up by happy hour at the bar and a dip in the jacuzzi, a shoulder bikini is a perfect choice to keep you looking bridal and fabulous. If you’re looking to do water sports and then go snorkeling, it may be better to skip the shoulder bikini for that day just to be on the safe side. Our White Firenze Gisele One Piece will have you sparkling on the beach like a ray of sunshine in this classic, modern bikini style.

Square Bandeau Top 

Are you looking for a honeymoon swimsuit that has a triangle top with extra detailing to make your bikini distinct and stylish? If so, look no further than the beads bikini. Our Beads Top is a triangle top that has a unique 24K gold detail and beads to give it a stylish upgrade. Not only is our beads bikini an upgrade from a traditional triangle bikini, but it also has an extra dose of support, making it a perfect addition for any adventure-filled honeymoon days. With two straps and an adjustable tied back, you can feel comfortable that your top isn’t going anywhere, even if you’re diving in the waves or falling off a jet ski. 

We believe you should never have to choose between style and functionality, which is why we designed this unique bikini style to make sure you have the perfect selection of bikinis to choose from on your beach honeymoon. Our White Firenze Beads Tri Parallel Bikini will make sure you have all the style and support you need for a day in the sun on your beach honeymoon.

Firenze Martha One Piece

One Piece

If you’re looking for something a bit more covered up on your beach honeymoon, look no further than a one piece swimsuit. While some may think that a one-piece suit can’t be as sexy as some of the other bikini styles, we beg to differ. A one piece can offer you comfort, functionality, and sexiness for your beach honeymoon. With our Firenze Martha One Piece, you will get a soft, feminine one piece that hugs your body in all the right places with an effortless and chic style. With cut-out and ring detailing, our one piece will give you effortless, sexy bridal style. Not only is a one piece a stylish and sexy option, but it’s also great for all types of different beach activities and water sports as it has more support than other bikini styles.

Now that you’ve delved into our five picks for best bikinis for brides on their honeymoon, we want to walk you through some of the other additions you should consider for your bridal honeymoon wardrobe to keep you looking like a chic vision of white whether you’re at brunch or on a hike.

What to Pair Your Bridal Bikinis With for Peak Beach Style

We know it can be tough to curate the perfect bridal style for your beach honeymoon because t it extends far beyond just picking a white swimsuit, which is why we’ve created the best, most versatile white swimwear and beautiful, breezy resort wear to make sure you have all of the pieces you need for the perfect romantic honeymoon at the beach. We want to make sure you have effortless honeymoon clothing and bridal bikinis to give you that sought-after beach bridal style. 

Below are a handful of our top picks for items to pack with your bridal bikinis to keep your bridal style chic on your beach honeymoon and give you the ability to easily transition between the beach and other activities without an outfit change:

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