Bachelorette Bikinis & Swimsuit Styles

Are you going on a trip with your bride tribe to have that one final party before your wedding? With so many options on how to make your bachelorette getaway a unique and memorable experience, it can be difficult to narrow down ways to set your bachelorette apart from the rest. One way that we recommend making your bachelorette a memory no one will forget is by having matching bridal party swimsuits for you and your best friends.

You can have fun when selecting your bachelorette party swimsuits to make sure they make a statement and curate the perfect fun and flirty atmosphere for a bachelorette party filled with excitement. From the beach to the bar, bridal party swimsuits make it clear that you are all a part of the bride tribe and help set aside the bride-to-be in a way that is stunning and memorable. 

We know it can be tough to choose from all of the different swimsuits and styles available, which is why we've curated a list of bachelorette bathing suits and broken them down into ideas for both the bride and bridesmaids to make your search simple. Keep reading for our top picks for perfect sexy bikinis that will keep both the bride and bridesmaids looking fabulous and ready for a great time.

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Our Top Bachelorette Swimwear Trends & Styles

Having matching swimwear with your bridesmaids for your bachelorette is a simple way to make your poolside bachelorette weekend a unique experience and draw your favorite group of friends and bride squad even closer together. Even better, it will make for great pictures to remember your fun in the sun with your bride tribe so that even once it's over, you always have the memories to look back on.

One of the key tenets of having matching bachelorette swimsuit styles is that you need to set apart the look for the bride from her bridesmaids so that it is obvious who the person getting married is. The simplest way to do this is by having the color of the bride’s swimsuit be white and the bridesmaids’ swimsuits be a different color, such as red or black. Another fun way to set apart the style of the bride’s swimsuit is to have her swimsuit be a different bathing suit style than that of the bridesmaids (in addition to a different color). The preference will depend on what the bride would rather have, but either method makes for a beautiful correlation while still allowing the bride to stand out and enjoy her moment.

The second consideration to keep in mind is that while there are swimsuits you can purchase that are adorned with words like "Bride" and "Bride Tribe" (to name a few), these custom suit options are really only appropriate for during the bachelorette party and then will likely get stuffed in the back of your closet as a memory of a fun time or given away as you try to declutter your closet. We recommend skipping the bachelorette party bathing suits with words on them as they won't have a longevity that extends beyond your bachelorette weekend and wedding. Instead, we recommend simply using color and bathing suit styles to tie your bridal party together and set the bride apart. This still curates an image of a cohesive and fun bride tribe, but with swimsuit styles that can be worn for years to come and are fashionable far beyond the bachelorette and wedding. If you're going to invest in a bridal party bathing suit, we believe in purchasing a high-quality swimsuit in a cut that is flattering and classic so that it is worth the cost and you can enjoy it for the next beach day to come. Keep in mind that buying matching bathing suits for your bride tribe can be a great gift to give them for supporting you and helping you with your wedding.

We've broken down our bachelorette style guide by the types of bathing suits that we recommend for the bride and those we recommend for the bridesmaids. Remember to have fun when selecting the best swimsuits for you and your bride tribe! No matter what you choose, the whole group will look put together with our latest swimwear trends and fabulous for bachelorette fun.

For The Bride

Because it’s the bride’s special day that is being celebrated, we believe it’s important for the bride to stand out! That’s why we created a line of gorgeous bridal swimwear in classic, flirty styles and hues of white. These bride swimsuits are beautiful and suitable for wearing well past your big day, but will also set you apart during your bachelorette and can be worn as a sexy honeymoon bikini. Below are a few of our top picks for bridal swimwear for bachelorette bashes.

Li Beads Top

This cream-colored chic bikini from our Off White collection offers a slightly more subtle take on the classic white bikini with modern, clean lines. In the  Li Beads Top, you'll find distinctive knot details on both the straps of the triangle top and the bikini bottoms. You can never go wrong with a classic triangle bikini top for its flattering fit. It will give you support and stability, whether you're going for a swim or spending the day tanning at the beach. You can also choose from two different bikini bottom styles depending on the look you're going for. The cheeky bottoms will show a bit more skin and will add a dose of sexiness and sultriness to your bridal swimsuit. If you want a more covered-up look, opt for the full bottoms that provide more coverage. This pretty bachelorette bikini would look great with bridesmaids in vibrant triangle bikinis or brightly colored one pieces!

Looking for a unique print for the bride? Look no further than our stylish Off White Wave Triangle Bikini. This beautiful bride bathing suit has a color block black and white print that is perfect for hitting the bar for drinks or lounging by the pool. The distinctive pattern is sure to set the bride apart while still being a classic, elegant swimsuit style. The triangle top provides optimal functionality and adjustment so the bride can curate that perfect beach bronze before the big day. The tie-side bottoms offer adjustment so the bride can have a perfect fit with no slipping down or saggy bottoms. The full bottom provides coverage and elevates the elegant style of the bikini. This bachelorette party swimsuit would look great with bridesmaids in black or brightly colored swimwear. With the Off White swimsuit, the bride is sure to stand out!

Off White Ella Triangle Bikini

Looking for the perfect swimsuit for the bohemian, beachy bride? The Off White Ella Triangle Bikini delivers perfect bohemian, beachy details with a delicately beaded T-back triangle top and string bottoms with matching beaded details on the sides. With just a touch of flare, this bikini elevates the swimsuit from a bachelorette bikini to the beach look of your dreams with just enough detail to make it unique. The T-back detail draws attention to the back for a sexy, subtle twist of a modern white, with a bonus layer of support that makes this bikini sturdy and suitable for all kinds of bachelorette adventures. The Off White Ella triangle bikini is a beautiful swimsuit that will be great for a bachelorette party and beyond. This bride bathing suit would pair well with bridesmaids in colorful bikinis, or for a more stark contrast, a classic black triangle bikini.

Bachelorette Bikinis

For The Bridesmaids

Now that we've covered a few fun options for the bride, it's time to dive into the best bachelorette bathing suit ideas for the bridesmaids. We've selected a few swimsuit styles and colors that will set the bridesmaids apart from the bride while still offering a cohesive bride tribe look. Our top picks for bachelorette swimsuits for the bridesmaids are below so you can find the perfect fit.

Nara Top 

If you’re looking for a stark contrast from the white swimsuit the bride is in, opting for a bright color provides a perfect contrast while still giving the whole group a bright, summery look. One of our top picks for a bachelorette swimsuit for the bridesmaids is the stylish Black Nara Top. In this classic swimsuit, all of the bridesmaids will look like summer peaches in a color that screams summer. With signature gold hardware, this orange-pink suit will provide a perfect pop of color to accentuate the pure white or off-white color of the bride’s bathing suit. Bridesmaids can also choose from a Brazilian bikini or Full bikini bottom depending on how much coverage they are looking for, so it can be customized to each bridesmaid. This classic coral pink bikini would look great with a bride in the Off White Knot Bikini!

Black Tess Stitched Kim One Piece

If you’re looking for one piece bachelorette bathing suits, you can't go wrong with a classic black one piece swimsuit for a beach day with the girls! The Kim One piece is a classic black bikini with a modern ViX twist. From the front, this swimsuit has a plunging V-neckline and distinctive stitching that gives it a unique look. From the back, the bridesmaids will get an added dose of sexiness with a flattering low back. This bachelorette party swimsuit has a sexy, high cut, which will give all the bridesmaids an illusion of longer legs. Not only will this swimsuit make for memorable bride tribe bachelorette photos, but it's also a classic bathing suit that the bridesmaids will be able to enjoy for years to come. The Black Tess Stitched one piece would look perfect with a bride wearing the Off White Wave triangle bikini to draw in the black in the color block detail.

Indigo Ella Triangle Bikini

Want to have a similar swimsuit style for both the bride and bridesmaids? Go for the gorgeous Indigo Ella triangle bikini. This classic nautical blue shade is the perfect sophisticated color to have a beautiful palette for your whole bride tribe when you're together. This bikini features brilliant gold hardware that will give the bikini a unique detail that will set it apart from the rest. The classic T-back detailing adds a dose of sexiness while also increasing the support of the bikini for all the bachelorette party festivities. Pair with a bride in the Off White Ella triangle bikini to have a whole bride tribe in the same style of swimsuit with the different bikini colors setting the bride apart!

Bachelorette Bikinis

Tips for Having The Perfect Bride Tribe Style

Now that you have some options to choose from for the entire trip, we wanted to cover a few of our quick tips for having the perfect bride tribe style. Below are our top tips for making sure the bride and bridesmaids' swimsuits look perfect for the bachelorette party.

Don’t be afraid to mix and match. Your bride tribe can find the perfect bikini styles, from bandeau bathing suit tops to triangle bikini tops. Let your girls show off their personalities with different styles and colors to create a unique, one-of-a-kind bridal party swimsuit style for the bachelorette party. As we outlined above, feel free to mix and match styles and colors to create a unique, one-of-a-kind bridal party swimsuit style for the bachelorette party. You want this to be an unforgettable experience, so don’t be afraid that everything needs to match and be exactly the same. 

With these tips, your bridal party is guaranteed to stand out: 

  • Be bold – The key to having a memorable bride tribe style of creating a bold contrast that will make it clear the difference between the bride and the bridesmaids while still tying the entire group into a cohesive unit.
  • Consider comfort – When you’re enjoying the bachelorette party, nobody wants to be worrying about being in an uncomfortable bride or bridesmaid swimsuit that isn’t proper swim attire for the activities you’re doing. Before you shop for swimsuits for the bridal party, make sure you consider comfort and the types of activities you’ll be doing.

With this guide, we hope you have all the information and tips you need to find the perfect bachelorette swimsuits and styles for your bride tribe! With these swimsuits, you’re sure to have the perfect style that will make for enviable Instagram photos and memories that will last a lifetime. Check out our favorite tropical bachelorette destinations to continue planning your unforgettable girls' trip!