5 Ideas For What to Wear Over A Jumpsuit

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Knowing the difference between a romper vs jumpsuit can be hard, but luckily, styling a jumpsuit isn’t. Women’s designer jumpsuits are one of the most versatile clothing items to have in your wardrobe. Whether you like to dress it up or dress it down, this staple is perfect for a variety of occasions. You can rock a casual jumpsuit look on the way to your go-to coffee shop, turn heads at happy hour, or strut along the sand at an island resort.  

Wherever you and your casual jumpsuit are going, knowing how to style your ensemble can make or break your outing. Check out our tips and tricks for how to style a jumpsuit—you’ll learn how to stand out, change up your look, and feel like you’re rocking an effortless look wherever you go.

#1 Throw on a Jacket

If you’re wondering what to wear over a sleeveless jumpsuit, look no further than your basic jacket. Jackets come in all styles and patterns, each with its own vibe. Consider tossing one of these over your shoulders if you want to make a statement: 

  • Leather jacket – If you want a bold and daring look, pair your jumpsuit with a leather jacket for that extra edge. A sleek all-black jumpsuit will dress up your jacket, and the combo is perfect for a night on the town or an outdoor dinner.  
  • Denim jacket – Variety is the spice of life, so think about pairing your cotton or linen jumpsuit with a denim jacket. The different textures will add dynamism to your jumpsuit outfit to keep it from looking too heavy.1
  • Cropped jacket – Don’t underestimate the importance of length when choosing a jacket for your sexy suit. Cropped jackets paired with high-waisted jumpsuits accentuate your figure and make your legs look extra long. Throw in a pair of heels, and you’ll be sure to make an entrance.1 

#2 Choose Statement Shoes

Shoes are functional and are perfect opportunities to make a fashion statement. Consider one of the following shoe styles:2

  • Chunky sneakers – Heels, step aside - sneakers are in. Sneakers are stylish and comfy. Plus, they’re also perfect for dressing your one-piece down. You’ll look pulled together with a statement jumpsuit, and finishing off with sneakers makes the outfit seem effortless. If you have a bold patterned jumpsuit, opt for clean white sneakers to balance it out. For warmer climates, choose a nice pair of designer beach sandals for a stand-out look.
  • Ankle boots – Whether high-heeled or flat, ankle boots will give your favorite jumpsuit an added classy touch as you stroll down the street. They can be paired with both wide-leg or fitted jumpsuits. 

#3 Stay Warm with Knit Tops

Knit Wrap Top


Even though that head-turning navy jumpsuit will never get old, if you’ve been wearing it to all your familiar haunts lately, it might be time to change it up. Add a sweater or knit top to create the illusion of a long-sleeve two-piece outfit.3 

For those cool summer nights, think about throwing on a lighter knit top like the Knit Wrap Top in White. Not only will it keep you warm without being uncomfortable, the cropped length works to accentuate your waistline. The gold reflective thread also gives your casual outfit that special touch, and you’ll be sure to glitter wherever you go. 

If a light top doesn’t do it for you, choose a sweater made of cozy materials such as: 

  • Wool 
  • Silk
  • Fleece

When looking for the right sweater to take your jumpsuit outfit to the next level, pay attention to the following: 

  • Length – Although jumpsuits are one-piece garments, they follow the same rules as regular pants when it comes to sweater pairings. Pay attention to how fitted the trouser legs are when deciding the length of your sweater. Think about pairing a longer sweater with a tapered jumpsuit, or add a belt to cinch the waist if you prefer the wide-leg look.
  • Heaviness – If your jumpsuit is very flowy or is made of thick material, be wary of choosing a sweater that’s too chunky, which can result in an overwhelming amount of fabric. 
  • Style – Whether you have an open front cardigan or a pullover sweater matters when it comes to the length of your knit top. With an open front sweater, a longer hemline won’t obscure your waistline. If you’re a pullover person, a cropped design can help elongate your figure. Cardigans and pullovers also give your jumpsuit a different look overall, so go with what fits your style best! 

#4 Bring on the Blazer

If you’re feeling dressy, a well-fitting blazer can elevate your jumpsuit and turn it into a professional outfit.4 Match it with a structured, neutral-colored jumpsuit for a power outfit that is both work appropriate and sure to make you stand out. 

When considering what to wear over a jumpsuit, blazers are incredibly versatile pieces that add more style to your casual outfit. Examples of how to dress the combo up or down include:

  • Adding a leather purse and chic black pumps for that all-important client meeting
  • Tossing on a statement necklace for after-work drinks or an upscale dinner 
  • Switching into a pair of sneakers when you’re headed to girls’ night

Beyond just style points, a blazer over your jumpsuit can also smooth out your figure4 and protect you from the cold.  

#5 Let It Loose with a Button Down 

Jaqui blouse


There’s something so special about that effortlessly stunning look, especially if you’re on vacation. Nothing says you’re living the life more than turning heads without even trying. 

To look both pulled together and yet casually cool, throw the breezy, lightweight Jaque Long Sleeve Blouse over your jumpsuit. The off-white fabric reflects sunlight during the day to help you stay cool while also giving you the added warmth you need during those late-night chats on the patio. Additionally, the sleeves protect your shoulders from sunburns as you relax poolside.

Consider the following ideas in styling your blouse: 

  • Open front – Nothing says vacation fun like an unbuttoned blouse streaming behind you in the wind. If you’re going for a laidback look, keeping the buttons undone and rolling up the sleeves of your shirt perfectly complements any sleek, fitted jumpsuit.  
  • Tie-front top – To add extra eye-catching detail to your ensemble, gather together the ends of the blouse and tie them together to create a cropped look. Our swimsuit coverups are perfect for the beach, and whether you have a jumpsuit or even a designer bikini underneath, you’re sure to leave an impression. 
  • Around the waist – For those moments when it’s just too hot to have on an extra layer, tie your blouse or shirt around your waist. Not only will you be able to find your blouse later when you want it, but it also functions as a belt, accentuating your waistline. 

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#6 Tie a Scarf

There’s no better personality piece than a scarf. A well-matched scarf can add a pop of color, an interesting pattern, or a difference in texture that helps your outfit stand out. Depending on the fabric you choose, your jumpsuit and scarf combo can be appropriate for any season and a wide range of occasions. Ideas of pairings include: 

  • Wool scarves – These are fabulous for layering, and you can think about pairing your wool scarf with both a jumpsuit and another jacket or blazer in the winter. For those crisp fall days, you can also leave the jacket behind and match your scarf with a sleeveless jumpsuit. Maximize your range of motion for that apple-picking outing! 
  • Silk scarves– If you want to keep it classy, a silk scarf adds a delicate and timeless touch to your jumpsuit. Similar to necklaces, these statement pieces draw attention to your neckline. Whether it’s a sweetheart cut, a mock neck, or a V-neck, you’re sure to elevate your jumpsuit from tasteful to striking. 
  • Specialty scarves – When you’re really feeling fancy, opt for an eye-catching scarf made of embellishments such as lace, sequins, or glittery fabric. Pair it with an all-black or all-white jumpsuit, and you’ll be sure to dazzle the crowd.

When choosing the right scarf for your perfect jumpsuit, it’s also important to think of fabric combinations. For example, if you have a casual cotton or linen jumpsuit, go for a cotton or wool scarf instead of silk. But if your jumpsuit features a statement material such as velvet or leather, choose a scarf that also uses a lux fabric.

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