6 Reasons to Rock The Thong Beach Bottom Trend

When temperatures skyrocket, most of us are inclined to show off a little more skin. And if there’s one style of bikini bottom that promises to do all that and more, it’s the thong bathing suit.

Thong bikini bottoms were built to bare (almost) it all, but there’s more to this classic string bikini bottom style than meets the eye. From kissing tan lines goodbye to giving you the mobility to stay active on vacation, this style lets you glide from hotel to the beach to cocktail hour at a moment’s notice.

Below, we itemize 6 undeniable reasons why thongs deserve a moment in your wardrobe and some choice tips for rocking yours with flair.

6 Reasons Why Your Next Vacation Needs a Thong Bikini

Between their flexibility, eye-catching designs, and flattering cuts, there are countless reasons why fashionistas are wearing thong bikinis at the beach this season.

Let’s dive into 6 of this style’s best assets before you set off to reveal yours.

#1 To Flatter Your Figure

You wouldn’t know it from its modern popularity, but thongs have been around for decades. The beach thong revolution began in 1970s Brazil, where it took the local swimwear scene by  storm and rapidly spread through the western hemisphere.1

But one of the best reasons to take to beaches, pools, and lakesides in a thong bikini remains the same across generations: its universally flattering fit.

The thong bathing suit has its innovative structure to thank for making every body type look gorgeous, seamlessly complementing three key zones of your physique:

  • Butt – The typical thong design works to give the illusion of a lifted derrière. While the fabric-heavy look of full coverage swimwear can drown out the natural curves and contours of your rear, thongs create clean, thin lines that work to draw attention up and towards the navel, delivering a visual impression of a boosted booty. 
  • Legs – Because thongs don’t have a panty line beginning at the base of your bottom, it invites the eye further up towards the navel. By refocusing attention upwards, thongs visually extend the line of your legs, making them look longer and leaner—perfect for long, romantic walks on the beach.
  • Waist – The sharp, slim construction of thongs slip on effortlessly over or under your natural waistline, conforming to your natural curves and accentuating your waist in the best ways. To enhance your hourglass figure further, look for tanga-style thongs or designs with tie sides, which enable you to adjust your swimsuit to your measurements.

Bid “Ciao!” to the days of too-tight, pinching bottoms—and “Ola!” to your golden glory days of a trusty thong swimsuit.

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#2 To Reduce Tan Lines

Many of us will end the season with our best-of-summer moments engraved in our memories—but we could probably do without the tan lines that accompany them.

As the next best thing to hitting the beach au natural, a thong beach bikini bottom erases noticeable tan lines, leaving you with luminous legs and glowing glutes. It’s a must-have if your idea of paradise is basking in the sunshine and getting your tan on. 

#3 To Maximize Comfort

Comfort and swimwear should make like beachside lovers on a stroll and go hand in hand. 

That said, many people avoid thongs because they’re concerned about feeling stuffy—not so! Thongs are lightweight, the delicate design gives them a barely-there fit that feels like a dream to wear, and their construction will help you avoid bunching, wedgies, or stretching out your bottoms by fussing with them excessively.

Thongs come in a variety of cuts and designs, but the three below  are by far some of the coziest on the market:

  • The Cheeky Bottom – The hybrid between the classic thong and full coverage bikini bottoms, cheeky bottoms are cut in a V-shape. They give beach-goers just a glimpse of your cheeks, with a triangle of fabric cresting the top of your bum to round it into a flattering peach shape. This type of swim bottom goes exceptionally well with a triangle bikini top, which balances out an hourglass silhouette. 
  • The Brazilian – A homage to the thongs’ South American roots, Brazilian bottoms provide a slightly lower cut than Tangas. They’re designed to show off some sultry side-cheek while providing more coverage vertically. It’s a quintessential cut for lengthening your legs while providing a snug fit that doesn’t require constant readjustment.

These thong styles are designed to make you feel comfortable physically and mentally—essential for relishing your beach day and having your day in the sun.

#4 To Increase Flexibility

If you intend to live it up on your next beach vacation, invest in adjustable coverage bikini bottoms that won’t slow you down for a second. 

Thongs’ minimalist design makes them uniquely equipped to move with your body, as opposed to making you feel confined. With their functional flexibility, you’ll be able to prioritize your playtime and float freely between wherever your beachside adventures take you—rounds of volleyball, cocktail hour at the hotel, or a moonlit beach house soireés.

#5 To Reduce Panty Lines

If you’ve ever worn a full-coverage bikini bottom with your favorite pair of tight-fitting jeans, you know the struggle: smoothing out panty lines throughout the day, and generally feeling all stuffed up.

Thongs are the premiere “coverage minimalist” of their swimwear siblings, thanks to their feather-light feel and barely-there straps. They make the perfect companion swimwear piece to any beach outfit—your favorite cut-offs, a summery skirt, or gossamer white sundress, your thong will never require constant inspection (or redirection).

#6 To Show Off Your Fashion Sense 

If you spend all day at the beach, you want to make an impression that lasts longer than a sandcastle at high tide—so thank goodness the thong bikini bottoms trend is back and better than ever.2

Take the trend in stride and make it your own by choosing a thong style that fits your personality (and your physique) like a glove. From Greek goddess-inspired designs to ruched styles the color of a tequila sunrise, today’s thongs run the style gamut to suit whatever aesthetic you’re channeling this summer.

Tips For Looking Gorgeous In Your Thong Bikini

The virtues of the thong bikini are seemingly endless, but the most important thing you can do before slipping into your beachside skivvies is to amplify your confidence.

Read on for three tips for feeling like a siren in your bare-it-all bikini bottoms.

Embrace Your Unique Shape

With so many variations on the thong theme, this style of bikini is built for all body types—but it can help to know which summer styles bring the best of your figure to the fore.3

Here’s a quickfire guide to choosing designs to worship three common body types:

  • AppleAdorable “apple” figures look even more gorgeous with swimsuits that accentuate their waistline. Opt for high-rise thongs—these offer plenty of coverage in the front, visually cinch the waist, and lift your bum all in one go.
  • Pear – If you have a pear or hourglass silhouette, look for a fuller coverage thong that can keep you feeling comfortable while highlighting your derriére. Brazilian cuts strike a happy and shapely medium for thong novices—and if you’re feeling glamorous, shoot for styles that feature frontal hardware.
  • BananaTall, athletic, or leaner body types look ravishing in cheeky thongs that sit lower on the hips. While high-rise designs can often fall or slip down, low-rise bottoms rest at your waist to hug your bum snugly. Add shape and vibrancy by choosing one in a flirty, colorful pattern.

Toss On Some Accessories

Those bringing their thongs on beach sands can elevate their ensemble with statement beach accessories that jive with their style. These essentials work like a charm for turning the boardwalk into a catwalk:

  • AnkletThongs are your #1 ally when it comes to lengthening your legs, so why not add a little flair at your ankles? A boho anklet serves as a subtle yet flirty piece of jewelry to complement a feature that’s normally kept under wraps.
  • Sarongs – Speaking of wraps, effortless, breezy oh-so-chic beach sarongs keep your skin protected while letting you indulge in a timeless fashion moment. It’s the ideal accessory if you need a backup garment to drift from the beach to a golden-hour cocktail party. 
  • SandalsPair your swim bottoms with a pair of thonged sandals—and if you want to double down on your booty boost, go with heels. By combining the power of heels with a notice-me thong, you’ll make your beach day outfit unstoppable. 

The takeaway? Just because thongs flaunt less fabric doesn’t mean you need to leave your sense of style at home. With a few delicate touches, you can transform your threadbare bottoms into a full-on fashion statement.

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