8 Best Underwire Swimsuits

Swimsuits should make you feel confident while wearing them by offering the right style and support for your body type and fashion preferences. Swimwear with underwire is a go-to for women who want extra support. Having the lift of a bra seamlessly built-in to your favorite sexy designer bikini or one-piece makes underwire swimsuits all the more appealing. 

There is an endless array of swimsuit styles, so do you narrow down the choices? Start with the type of style you prefer, choose from flattering colors, and consider different ways you can style bikini sets when making your final selections. We’ve rounded up eight of the best underwire swimsuits to highlight the versatility of this classic style.

Underwire Bikinis and One-Piece Swimwear


Underwire bikinis offer bust support to help elongate the torso and streamline an entire swimsuit look. It’s preferable for women who have a larger bust to feel like they have the support necessary to be confident. However, it’s also favorable for women who want to accentuate their curves. 

The best underwire bathing suits have adjustable straps and/or specific underwire cup sizes to ensure a seamless fit. Underwire bikini tops should lay flat against the bustline without cutting into the skin or creating gaps. A few gorgeous go-tos that highlight a modern update to the standard underwire bikini are the Retro Dot Nissi Bikini, Divino Scales Corsage Long Top Bikini, and the Aqua Scales Nissi Bikini.

Retro Dot Nissi Bikini

The Retro Dot Nissi Bikini delivers the signature underwire bikini style by adding a chic twist with burgundy polka dots against a white background. It’s fresh, flirty, and delivers beautiful coverage and style for any body type. 

Women with a larger bust can feel comfortable with ample cup coverage and adjustable straps to deliver the perfect fit. It’s a timeless swimsuit option for those who seek a stylish but supportive swimsuit.

Divino Scales Corsage Long Top Bikini

An equaling flattering underwire swimsuit with more alternate coverage than the Retro Dot Nissi style is the Divino Scales Corsage Long Top Bikini. It still maintains underwire support but blends the look seamlessly with extended coverage on the top. 

The stunning, deep red swimsuit works well for women who want extra support, as well as women with smaller busts who want to create a shapely silhouette. This bra-sized swimwear is adjustable to fit a range of cup sizes to secure a customized fit.

Aqua Scales Nissi Bikini

The Aqua Scales Nissi Bikini has the same cut as the Retro Dot Nissi and a textured scale effect of tiny laser cuts to create a stunning look all on its own. The gorgeous seafoam color echoes the aesthetic of a tropical vacation. 

The wide hip band and adjustable straps help create a secure fit for playing or sunning, whatever the day calls for. Lastly, the seamless finish at the front and sweet tie in the back are details that make this swimsuit feel special. 

Lassi Corsage One Piece

The best underwire one-piece swimsuit can be as equally alluring as a string bikini. The Lassi Corsage One Piece provides support and highlights curves for women with smaller or medium-sized busts. 

The eye-catching animal print pattern mixed with the fashionable criss-cross lace ties at the back make this swimsuit ready to wear as a one-piece or bodysuit, depending on the occasion.  

Eye-Catching Colors and Trends


One of the first things anyone notices about a swimsuit is the color. Though the little black bikini never goes out of style, there are multiple color options that feel fresh and on-trend. Consider which updates appeal to you most and experiment with styles you may not have initially tried before. 

The best underwire swimsuits are the ones that immediately catch the eye and also feel smooth and soft against the skin. Comfort and style should work hand-in-hand when picking your ideal swimwear. 

Lime Dune Nissi Bikini

Wearing a striking color like lime green immediately elevates the element of style. The beauty of the Lime Dune Nissi Bikini is that it provides the support of an underwire swimsuit while drawing attention to the eye-catching color. The vividness of this swimsuit hue is the perfect match for sunny, summer days when everything is brighter and filled with laid-back fun. 

The slight dip of the top also calls on inspiration from the mermaid bikini top trend, which fully covers the bust and creates a flattering silhouette. Mixing two trends in one while maintaining the support of underwire is a combination that makes sense for any swimsuit staple. 

Lilac Firenze Belle Bikini

To make a softer but equally alluring fashion statement, embracing lilac as your swimsuit color of choice is a beautiful way to go. It’s a pretty shade for spring as an unexpected take on pastels, which are usually reserved mainly for light pinks and pale yellows. 

The micro-crinkle texture brings a fresh update to a timeless underwire cut. Plus, the off-the-shoulder bikini top and ruffled texture adds a sweet femininity to an otherwise sultry bikini. 

Margot Dot Maia Bikini

Sticking with a neutral color palette gets a fresh update with the Margot Dot Maia Bikini. The unique black-and-white dotted print and threaded texture lining on the top of this swimsuit elevate it to a higher level than your average swimwear. It focuses on a stylish pattern rather than bold colors to create a distinctive look. 

Opting for an eye-catching color doesn’t always have to mean choosing the brightest available. You should adapt trends to your own sense of style. Sticking with classic colors is a timeless option and modernizing the look with a unique print keeps a swimsuit look fun.

Clover Corsage Long Top Bikini

A floral print is always fresh and not just for spring. The Clover Corsage Long Top Bikini’s colorful pattern brings together shades of deep magenta, klein blue, orange, and green for one eye-catching, trendy style with modern appeal. Set against a bright white background, all colors pop. The seamless finish for this underwire swimsuit is a happy medium between a standard bikini and a tankini swimsuit.

How to Style Your Underwire Swimsuit


Due to the bra-like support of underwire swimwear, there are multiple ways to style it. Whether you’re planning a beach vacation or spending most of your time hanging out poolside, you can switch up a look simply by adjusting straps and relying on layering pieces. 

Get the most from your bikini or one-piece bathing suit by experimenting with different ways to style your swimwear. Here are a few fashionable ideas to help spark inspiration.

Wear As a Bodysuit with Loose-Fitting Pants

Take your adventures from sand to land by letting your one-piece underwire swimsuit double as a bodysuit. With seamless coverage and ample bust support, it’s a sexy and sophisticated transitional piece to add to your wardrobe. 

Maintain an easy, breezy feel by pairing with loose-fitting pants in a solid shade. This allows the swimsuit color or print to comfortably take center stage. Alternatively, pairing black on black or white or white creates a streamlined appearance that is elegant and chic at the same time. Once you have your outfit base, add coordinating accessories and shoes to complete the look.

Play Up the Straps in Unexpected Ways

Another way to instantly create a new style is by playing up the straps. Underwire bikini tops that have adjustable straps can be worn in several different ways to create various looks. Some different ways to wear a bikini top are tie bikini top strings as a halter top, criss-cross in front of the bust for a bandeau-style look, or cross the top strings at the neck for yet another subtle twist. 

Depending on the types and length of bikini strings you have to work with, play around with tying in both the front and back and find new ways to make your standard swimsuit feel new again. Modern swimwear offers textures through beading, ruffles, and varying strap widths to increase the stylish appeal of your everyday swimwear.

Layer It with a Cutout Dress

As with any swimsuit cut, the best underwire bathing suits look great paired with a classy sarong and resort sandals for days at the beach, spa, or pool. A trendy take on layering your swimsuit is wearing it underneath a cutout or netted dress. 

By layering, the structure and color of your bikini or one-piece is partially hidden by a peek-a-boo dress style that creates a modern edge. Pair color combos like lime green and black or a deep red one-piece with a stark white dress overlay. It extends the life of your swimwear by allowing you to wear it in more than one way.

Underwire swimsuits deliver functional fashion at its best. The right fit, style, and color make a statement while offering the type of support to feel your best, wherever you want to wear it. You can also take a swimsuit staple and turn it into the latest trend simply by switching up how you wear it. The versatility of these styles makes fashion fun and keeps your swimwear collection feeling fresh.