5 Cute Summer Tops You Won’t Want to Take Off

No matter how hot it gets, there’s just something about summer that begs us to dress to the nines. With fewer layers to work with, every piece of the outfit puzzle counts—and when you start with a statement summer top, you guarantee the rest of your ensemble makes a splash.

From billowy, long sleeve tops to sultry bustiers that would put your favorite bikini top to shame, options for outfit toppers can seem nearly as endless as summer itself. Often, choosing the perfect new numbers to introduce to your wardrobe means seeing the bigger picture—which is why it’s so crucial to get a feel for how you’ll style yours in advance.

Below, we glide through 5 ravishing options for cute summer tops and what to pair them with to suit every sense of style under the sun.

#1 The Bustier Crop Top

Lazy summer days call for the best beach wear.  This includes  casual tops that take you from breakfast to the beach to bike rides by sunset. Skip the plain white cotton or graphic tee and opt for something with a touch of polish: the Toffee Gwen Detail Short Top

This exposed shoulder crop top will play a starring role in your summer wardrobe thanks to:

  • A sculpted neckline that highlights your feminine decolletáge
  • Luminescent threading detail to add volume and visual interest
  • Adjustable straps that let you mold the fit to your unique physique
  • Versatile tones in creamy caramel or silvery blue that you can easily style with any pair of bottoms

How to Style It

One of the most wearable summer looks out there, the world is your oyster when it comes to styling this tank top. We recommend pairing the Gwen Detail Short Top with:

  • Wide-legged trousers – With the revealing cut of the crop, aim for bottoms with some added length to achieve balance in your look. Voluminous trousers like the Victoria Pants keep you covered while ensuring you stay cool. Choose a matching color to create a monochrome look that adds length to every figure.
  • A columnal skirt – A long, bodycon skirt like the Clara Long Skirt draws the eye down your silhouette leaving a statuesque impression. Details around the hips like embroidery or gentle ruching add dimension to your physique, subtly highlighting your feminine curves.
Cute Summer Tops

#2 The Linen Halter Top

When the blazing sun starts to tilt down the sky, it’s time to greet the golden hour in a look that positively simmers. Keep cool during the steamiest of cocktail hours in the Cactus Celine Detail Blouse

This look combines an elegant, unstructured build with a shock of color that makes a statement no matter where summer nights take you.

We love it for:

  • A draped, sophisticated silhouette that flatters every figure
  • A peek-a-boo keyhole neckline delicately offset by a plated gold pendant
  • The fresh kelly green hue brings a tropical infusion to any locale
  • Classic, breezy linen fabric—one of the best textiles for keeping cool when the weather warms up1

How to Style It

Graceful tops like this one demand equally refined bottoms to keep the look consistent. Style your linen halter alongside:

  • A slitted skirt – Donning a long skirt with a side split to create the illusion of a single garment. The slight asymmetry between the keyhole neckline and off-kilter slit adds visual interest, while the matching tones of each create a svelte, seamless look.
  • A wrap skirt – If you’re looking to style with a bit more conservatism, skip the slit and reach for a wrap-style skirt. This silhouette adds a breezy feel and touch of volume that mimics the drapery of the top.

#3 The Strapless Sweetheart Top

It’s the height of summer, you’re planning out iconic date night outfits and you’ve got one goal in mind: get all dolled up without leaving half your wardrobe on your bedroom floor. 

What do you reach for? A crisp, white babydoll-inspired strapless top, of course.

The Iris Top will ensure you stay cool, look hot, and keep your thumbs from swiping past the most star-crossed of summer flings. It’s sure to impress with:

  • A smocked elastic bodice to highlight your waistline and hug your curves
  • Delicate padding around the bust to add shape and lift without added insulation
  • Gentle ruching at the breastbone to add a hint of contour to the bust
  • A flirty, fluttery hemline that’ll let you feel lighter than air

How to Style It

With a silhouette as feminine as this one, let color be your guide when it comes time to style. Take a peek at our favorite pairings for babydoll style tops by color:

  • Whites and creams – Unless you’re going for an all-out bridal look, keep a white or ivory version of this top crisp with a boyish full-volume short. Structured elements like pleats, broad pockets, and even belt loops add a preppy feel that softly offsets the romantic aura of the top.
  • Blacks and dark hues – Little black tops and dresses are a shoo-in for cocktail parties of all seasons. Defy expectations by pairing a noirish color palette with an unexpected color. We love the mod look of a flowy, color-blocked skirt or an army-inspired A-line trouser.
  • Pastels – Embolden your babydoll talk by channeling your full-fledged inner barbie. A monochrome color palette works gorgeously with pastels; you can surprise onlookers by donning an androgynous bottom in a feminine color, like a handsome pair of Ully Pants in Duchese pink.

Iris top

#4 The Boudoir Bombshell Top

In the season full of sun-drenched brights and pre-Labor Day whites, standing out in the crowd can be as simple as playing out your inner dark angel. 

Flaunt your best bedroom eyes and channel summer noir in a jet black bralette that goes with everything. The eye-catching Elli Short Top makes a scorching statement with:

  • A linen textile to keep you cool, even if you wear it while the summer sun is still out
  • A deep, plunging neckline to vamp up any pair of bottoms you pair it with
  • Gold hardware detail for a subtle, ultra-glam punch
  • A triangle-style silhouette reminiscent of your favorite bikini (if your favorite bikini traveled to the dark side)

And if you’re none too fond of feeling like the black sheep? Skip the overcast colors and reach for a sandy shade with the same vixenish silhouette.

How to Style It

If you’re new to donning a bikini-inspired top when you’re not lounging by the sand and surf, styling this kind of top can feel intimidating. Here’s what to wear with it to control for exactly the amount of coverage you crave:

  • Choose a high-waisted bottom – Taking your waistline up a notch will ensure your look stays appropriate for most settings. High-waisted pants, shorts, and skirts are all viable options—if you can match the color to your top, you’ll create even more visual cohesion.
  • Keep it polished with a blazer – Wearing a sharp, svelte jacket over your top lets you decide how much exposure your back, shoulders, and belly get.
Eli short top

#5 The Polished Peasant Top

At first blush, long sleeves in the summertime might seem like a no-no—why wear any extra fabric in this heat? But keeping a light, long-sleeved shirt or summer blouse in your wardrobe can provide both temperature control and solar protection.2

To pull it off while staying breezy, choose a billowy peasant-style top on hand like the Cami Detail Long Sleeve Blouse, with:

  • Billowy, breathable linen textile
  • An open neckline with a structured touch of ruching around the collar
  • Resing beaded embroidery to add a luxe touch to this timeless silhouette

How to Style It

The beauty of sporting long sleeve tops in the summer months is versatility. There are endless ways to play with volume by styling a peasant-style number with:

  • A mini skirt – Perfect your casual “Sunday morning spent poking around the farmer’s market” look by donning a flowy mini skirt. Paired with a wide-brimmed straw hat, you’ll be channeling the 60’s and 70’s like an off-duty Jane Birkin.
  • Fitted trousers – For a trim, jet-setting feel, pair your peasant top with a slim-set pair of trousers. Capri cuts will keep you cool if you’re planning on setting out around town all day; for a summer-appropriate nighttime look, reach for a longer pair of pants that skim the ankles.
  • Your swimsuit – The best part about the peasant top? It works as a killer summer cover-up, so take yours to the beach to don over your luxury swimsuit. And if you’re still lounging by the waves by the time happy hour rolls around? Pull on a floor-sweeping skirt or pair of pants, swipe on a glam red lipstick, and voilà—you’re ready to take to the night.
Cami Detail Long Sleeve Blouse

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