5 Iconic and Universally Flattering Date Night Outfit Ideas

Whether you’re manifesting a meeting with your dream honey or you’ve locked in a babysitter for a long-overdue parental date night, one thing is for sure: you have every intention of dressing to impress.

Your objective?

Wear something that makes you feel confident, sexy, and irresistible—because (let's be honest) you probably wouldn’t wear the same ensemble to go putt-putt golfing as you would to a Michelin-star restaurant. 

So if you’re wondering what to wear on a date night, look no further. We’re here to supply you with five unforgettable date night outfits that will flatter, no matter the occasion.

#1 The Romance Maximalist

An easy, breezy brightly-colored maxi dress is the ultimate date night outfit, exuding a free-spirited yet cosmopolitan air. It says “I’m stunning!” without the hassle of putting in hours of effort (or trying and nixing eight different no-go outfits in a row). 

Plus, effortless perfection is exactly the vibe you want to channel on a relaxed night out, like taste-testing gelatos or strolling down a seaside boardwalk.

Enter the Maisa Long Dress, where sultry meets boho meets impeccable sophistication. Made with a soft silk blend, you can enjoy the comfort of the breathable plum-colored fabric as you stroll hand in hand down the street with your sweetheart.

Other fabulous features of this must-have maxi dress include:

  • A V-neckline – Take advantage of the open neckline by donning the ultimate showstopping necklace or simply showing off your enticing décolletage.
  • Patchwork designs – Heads will be turning with the bold patchwork designs on the bodice and sleeves of this flowy maxi dress.
  • Adjustable belt – Ready to showcase those curves? Two options: Tighten your adjustable belt to keep your hourglass figure on full display. Or, leave the belt aside and embrace the graceful flow of the dress in all its sweeping glory. 

You can play with styling this simple, sumptuous maxi dress to dress it up or down for date night. You can also rework it for any other occasion on your social calendar (yes, that includes wowing them on the putt-putt greens… mini golf, anyone?).

Finding the perfect date night outfit idea includes the finishing touches of course. Here’s how we’d fashion your Maisa Long Dress depending on your date night look deets:

  • Dress it up – Amp up the glam by opting for a brown leather belt paired with a pair of chunky boho-style wedges. Complete the look with a gold-tone choker necklace. If you prefer to keep your collar on full display, a pair of elos earrings will add a unique flair while highlighting your ensemble’s neckline.

  • Keep it casual – Mix the dress’s bold patchwork colors with a relaxed pair of double-strapped braided leather slides for a casual date night outfit. For a pinch of boldness, add a gold pendant necklace that’s impeccable for any occasion—but especially for this zesty date night look.

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    #2 The Short Wrap Dress

    There’s a time to wiggle into your favorite pair of booty-lifting jeans and that slouchy off-the-shoulder sweater. And then there are the other times—when you want to wear something that’s ultra-comfortable while still showing off a hint of your greatest assets.

    That’s where the Pivot Thami Short Dress comes in. It checks both of the above boxes (and then some). This fun and flirty polka dot wrap dress allows you to put your luxurious legs on full display while complementing your date night outfit with finer details, like:

    • A tie belt with 24-karat gold plated bead detailing
    • Three-quarter length cuff sleeves

    There’s a reason the wrap dress is a staple in closets all over the world—namely, they’re pros at transitioning between work and play.1 With a quick accessory change after work, you can kick up the heat a few notches and saunter over to your date:

    • Dress it up – Find the perfect pair of knee-high boots for a more textured and risqué style. If you prefer to keep it leggier, you can opt for some cream-colored platform heels to lengthen your legs and add some height. A pair of thick gold hoop earrings completes your elegant yet flirty look.
    • Keep it casual – Your versatile wrap dress can easily be transformed into the ultimate chill date night attire. Simply put on a white tank, don a high-waisted pair of jeans, and layer the look with your wrap on top (leaving it open as a very on-trend outer layer). Don’t forget your strappy sandals to complete the look. Chef’s kiss.

    #3 The Little Black Jumpsuit

    Rita jumpsuit

    Ready for a bold new take on the LBD (little black dress)? Strutting confidently into the new number one spot is the Rita Jumpsuit, a full-length obsidian-colored one-piece that highlights all of your assets from top to bottom.

    Starting at the top, the thin shoulder straps allow you to show off the elegant curve of your shoulders, while the sleek front tie hugs your figure just right. The wide flowy pant legs allow you to swankily glide to the bar to order your dirty martini—leaving your date to gaze longingly at you from across the room.

    Not sure whether you’re going on a picnic at the park or bar-hopping from the super secret speakeasy to the upscale cocktail bar? Here’s a breakdown of how to dress your jumpsuit up or down, depending on the occasion:

    • Dress it up – Turn your ‘fit into a formal affair with a black blazer—bonus points if it has pockets. Finish it off with a pair of chunky black pumps and a minimalist saddle bag.
    • Keep it casual – From formal to folksy, you can easily establish a laid-back look by sporting black block sandals and accessorizing where it counts—try a neutral-colored straw clutch and handcrafted gold earrings. Voila!

    #4 The Confident and Coy Mini Dress

    Classic date night outfit ideas include a mini dress of course. Whether you’re going on a date to test the waters of compatibility or you’re celebrating an upcoming anniversary, a mini dress exudes poise and glamor—and gives you slinky, sensual vibes in the process. It’s also the one-two punch of iconic date night outfits and is the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

    The plum-colored Livia Mini Dress instantly morphs your style into two essential date night categories—chic and captivating.

    Some of the Livia Mini Dress’s other must-have qualities include:

    • A cowl neckline
    • A slip style silhouette
    • Hand-crafted 24-karat gold criss-cross straps
    • An asymmetric hemline
    • A low back

    Not sure how to style your mini dress? Don’t worry—we’ve got you:

    • Dress it up – Confidently strut down the cobblestone street with a pair of lace-up strappy sandals, complete with a set of bronze bangles donning your elegant wrist. Now you’re ready to seize the day (ahem—night).
    • Keep it casual – A dress that looks stellar with a pair of kicks? Yes, please! Lace up your favorite Converse, Vans, Keds, or literally whichever comfortable shoes make your heart happy and pair well with plum and gold designs. Style it with a cable knit sweater tied around your waist, and you’ll be ready to turn heads as you dance the night away at a live show or belt out your favorite lyrics at karaoke night.

    If your dinner date takes place on a cold winter night, opt for a sweater dress. This mini date night dress can also be styled casually or dressed up with the added benefits of knits and long sleeves to keep you warm. 

    #5 The Ready-For-Anything Short Jumper 

    Liz mini jumper

    Maybe you’re interested in showcasing your perfectly tanned legs for your date night, but the thought of wearing your tried-and-true jean shorts on yet another outing just isn’t going to cut it. You know you need to up the ante.

    Hey, we get it. That’s why it’s helpful to have the quintessential power romper tucked away in your wardrobe. It’s just waiting for its chance to shine—and that time has come.

    From taking the cliché (but cute) long walk on the beach to throwing back cocktails and slaying trivia night, the Liz Mini Jumper is the ultimate romper for any and all date night activities. Thanks to its silk and viscose materials, you’ll feel cool, breezy and ready to conquer whatever date night throws your way.

    Some of this jumper’s other noteworthy features include:

    • A plunging neckline
    • Free-flowing Kimono-style sleeves
    • A detached belt
    • Three unforgettable colors to choose from, including a sensual plum, a mystifying blue-gray, and classic black

    If you're wondering what to wear with a romper or jumpsuit, there are quite a few options depending on the date night look you're going for. Saddle up for a night to remember (or at the very least, an unforgettable outfit) with some of these swanky style suggestions:

    • Dress it up – Prepare to paint the town red in a pair of cowboy boots and a leather belt. If you’re feeling extra daring, skip the boots in lieu of some bold chunky pumps. The sky’s the limit—almost any style of shoe pairs perfectly with this delicate jumper.
    • Keep it casual –  Opt for a pair of studded mules and the right accessories. We recommend a wide-brimmed fedora and a pendant necklace that flaunts your plunging neckline.

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