Five Spring Skirt Outfits For Every Outing

 There’s nothing quite like the exuberant energy of spring—the scent of flowers is in the air, warm weather lies just around the corner, and there’s an irresistible temptation to show some leg. After all, as winter becomes a distant memory, what better way is there to soak in the new season than by sporting a flirty spring skirt?

A spring skirt is a wardrobe staple, but as you get ready to wow at your next springtime event, you might wonder how to choose which spring skirt to wear? 

Read on for some spring skirt outfit ideas that are sure to spark your creativity. We’ll cover different occasions you can wear each of our featured women's skirts and how to style them so you’re sure to shine. 

#1 Rock a Daring Slit Among the Waves 

Whether you’re on a resort vacation or just a day outing, the best way to enjoy a visit to the beach is by combining upscale glamour with the ability to let loose. That’s why a high-slit maxi skirt, such as the Clara Long Skirt, is the perfect choice for this spring outing. The high waist and long silhouette create a visually striking figure, while the slit allows room to play. 

Sporting this versatile skirt to the beach comes with many benefits, including: 

  • Easy access to your bathing suit underneath due to the slit running up the leg 
  • Cool, lightweight fabric that provides sun protection but won’t leave you sweating
  • A flexible way to shorten the skirt by taking the ends, pulling them up, and tying them around your waist if the waves are calling 

Slit skirts can be worn in numerous ways. The slit naturally creates a sexy feel, but you can also opt for a casual, low-key look if you’re going on a more relaxed trip. 

Consider the following ideas for creating the perfect beach outfit: 

  • Keep it simple – There’s something effortlessly stylish about a plain white tee tucked into a flowy slit skirt. Finish this look off with neutral-colored sandals, and you’re bound to turn heads. You can also switch out the shirt for a thin, loose blouse if you want the bohemian aesthetic. Roll up your sleeves for a casual flair, or add a heel to your sandals to lengthen your leg line and elevate this outfit. 
  • Find that oversized chic – On windy spring days, or if you’re planning to go boating, pair your slit skirt with an oversized sweatshirt and tennis shoes for a baggy, vacation aesthetic that will also keep you warm.1 If that’s too much slouch for you, opt for a cropped knit top or sweatshirt that hits just above your waistline. 
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#2 Wear a Wrap Skirt to Smell the Flowers

Spring means blossoming flowers, colorful petals amidst perky green leaves, and day trips to dreamy botanical gardens. For days when you plan on smelling the roses, opt for a wrap skirt, such as the Rose Skirt, which features vivid floral hues against a cobalt blue backdrop. 

The best thing about a wrap skirt, a type of skirt designed to be wrapped around your legs and secured at the waist with a tie, is that they’re both flattering and comfortable. While the tie accentuates your waist, it’s also adjustable,2 so you can indulge at lunchtime and still feel comfortable enough to take on the rest of your afternoon. 

Try these tips and tricks to style your wrap skirt: 

  • Pair it with blocky heels – If you’re planning on walking around the whole day, a pair of pumps or stiletto high heels will end up hurting your feet. Instead, take advantage of the wrap skirt’s natural figure-enhancing properties and choose a sandal with a chunky heel. If your wrap skirt is long, make sure the sandal straps end at or just above the ankle. 
  • Keep your top lightweight – To contrast the full, drapey quality of the wrap skirt, go with a top on the lighter side. Too much fabric can weigh you down and distract from the skirt’s design. On a warm day, opt for a sleeveless or strapless top. On the other hand, a simple white long sleeve shirt can protect you from the sun. 
Clara long skirt

#3 Be Beautifully Bohemian for an Arts Festival

If there’s anything that makes mild, sunny, spring weather better, it’s being able to enjoy it alongside other beautiful creations. If you’re the type to frequent outdoor art or music festivals, get into the free-flowing spirit with the dreamy Jess Long Skirt. This fashionable skirtfeatures a patchwork of patterns and bold splashes of green and purple hues.  

When it comes to creating the bohemian look, small and intricate details are key. Some of these styling choices can be made in just a few minutes with a bit of ingenuity and a few items from your closet. 

Consider the following ideas for inspiration: 

  • Live in a fairytale – Channel a rustic aesthetic by pairing your colorful, flowy skirt with a light-colored tie-front blouse in a natural material, such as linen or cotton. Don’t have a tie-front blouse on hand? Take your favorite button-down blouse, leave the last two or three buttons undone, and tie the ends together. Add a headband to complete the look.
  • Create layers – Layering is a key part of the bohemian style,3 so stay true to the roots by pairing your skirt with a tight, cropped bralette and long, flowy shawl. If you prefer a lighter fabric, consider a sheer blouse over your bralette or even a sheer, solid-colored dress covering both your top and skirt. Add a thin belt to emphasize your waist. 
  • Keep your accessories natural – Lean into the woodsy style by accessorizing naturally-made materials and plenty of beading or fringes.4 This can take the form of a straw hat or straw bag to match your skirt. You might also opt for longer necklaces with jeweled pendants or numerous small beads grouped together. 

#4 Keep It Short and Sporty for the Afternoon Tennis Match

If you’re attending the company golf outing or a local tennis match to cheer on your friends, you’ll want to make a statement with the Rai Mini Skirt—a high-waisted skirt with a sexy mid-thigh length and a fun splash of color. 

To get your head in the game, follow these tips for styling your skirt: 

  • Go sporty – For a chic twist on the iconic golf or tennis skirt, pair your Rai Mini Skirt with a white cropped halter top. Add a minimalistic baseball cap in a lux fabric, such as wool or cotton twill, for a refined look. Finish your outfit off with white sneakers to channel the vintage tennis aesthetic. Choose a platform sneaker for an extra boost of height (and confidence). 
  • Keep your jacket unzipped – Adding an oversized jacket is ideal if the temperature dips. Find one with some slouch and a zipper such as a leather or denim jacket. Since your mini skirt is on the shorter side, a pullover sweatshirt will obscure the beautiful detailing. Instead, keep your jacket open to show off the tie on the skirt and exude effortless cool.
  • Glam it up – After the match, dress up your mini skirt with the Short Slim Wrap Top in a matching color. The coordination will pull your outfit together, and you can add an intricate shoe design for extra flair. Strappy sandals, such as gladiators, and details, including laces, bows, and ruffles, will elevate your outfit.
Rai mini skirt

#5 Embrace the Drama of a High Low Skirt

You can still show some leg with a high low skirt for formal evening events, such as an engagement party or wedding rehearsal dinner. These asymmetrical skirts come in various styles—some are shorter in the front and longer in the back, while others are shorter on one side and longer on the other. Additionally, the difference in length between the shorter and longer sides of the skirt can vary.

This dressy yet flirty spring skirt also offers: 

  • A beautiful, voluminous twirl, perfect for any pictures 
  • A sense of mystique due to the dramatic length and the selective showing of skin
  • Playful asymmetry that keeps the eye traveling across the skirt 

To add a bit of drama to your high low skirt, keep the following tips in mind: 

  • Wear an elegant heel – To echo the formal nature of this skirt, opt for pumps, high-heeled mules, or delicate D’Orsay heels. For a classic look, stick with neutral hues such as black or nude. For a bold twist, throw in a splash of color complementing your skirt, such as pairing a bright yellow patent pump with a forest green skirt. 
  • Accentuate the waist – Similar to the wrap skirt, the high low skirt creates a flattering figure, especially if it’s high-waisted and structured with pleats. To emphasize this detail, add a belt and figure-hugging top. Stay away from button-downs that drape over the waist when tucked in. 

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