What To Wear On A Date Night: Four Style Tips

Imagine the perfect date: You’re whisked to your favorite restaurant for a romantic, candlelit dinner before taking an evening stroll beneath the stars and a bright, full moon. Now, imagine what you’re wearing. It’s a showstopping outfit, right? 

When it comes to having the perfect date, wearing the perfect outfit is crucial. Whether you’re meeting someone for the first time or going out with a long-term partner, your date outfit is a chance to show off your unique style and keep those sparks flying. 

But if you haven’t nailed down your perfect date night look yet, it can be challenging to know where to begin. Fortunately, we’re here to give you some serious inspiration for what to wear on a date night. In this guide, we’ll cover four of our favorite resort dresses and explore why various outfits, from casual to formal, might be right for you.

#1 Keep It Free and Flowy in a Maxi Dress

If you love outdoor date ideas and are known for suggesting a spontaneous stroll along the shore after a beachside dinner, you might be wondering what to wear to show off your outdoorsy, adventurous side. There’s nothing that will match your spirit more than the Winnie Long Dress

Its light, flowy fabric makes this outfit flirty and chic—the perfect look to accompany:  

  • A sunset picnic on the beach, complete with a classy wine and cheese basket
  • An outing to the local artisan night market 

Ankle-length maxi dresses like this shine all by themselves, so when styling this look, focus on bringing out its laid-back yet elegant nature with a pair of delicately-strappy sandals. You can also wear your hair in an updo to draw attention to the neckline and minimalistic straps or style it in beach waves for a softer, natural look. 

To add more personality to this date night look, try the following: 

  • Decorate with details – Adding one or a few necklaces can elevate this look. Opt for a choker necklace and show off those collarbones if you’re feeling bold. On the other hand, long and thin necklaces work together with the dress’s V-shaped top to add length to your neck and torso.
  • Add a jacket – If the night turns chilly, you’ll be happy to have a jacket that complements your dress. Choose a loosely knit shawl or even a lightweight scarf to drape across your shoulders and arms to keep the long and flowy theme. You could also choose to throw on a light denim jacket to give this elegant look a more casual vibe. 
  • Change the shoes – Pairing the dress with different shoes can completely change the style you’re going for. Beyond just sandals, you can add heels for a dressier feel. Keep it open-toed for a bohemian look or choose high-heeled mules for an upscale touch.1 For colder evenings, try chunky leather mid-calf or ankle boots.
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#2 Turn Heads in a Midi Dress 

If you’re going with your date to a larger event, such as a reunion, wedding reception, or even a family dinner, you’ll want to be at the top of your style game. The Bel Midi Dress is form-fitting enough to show off your figure, but its midi length makes it a refined option for classier affairs.

When wearing a midi dress, make sure to pay attention to your footwear. For petite women, it’s important to elongate the leg by wearing delicate, minimalistic heels.2 However, a chunky shoe, such as wedged ankle boots or platform sneakers, can create a more trendy aesthetic. 

Examples of other shoe pairings include: 

  • A simple black or nude pump for a classic touch
  • Lace-up sandals with a stiletto heel to make a statement
  • Ankle-strap D’Orsay heels in jewel tones to add a pop of color

Dress It Down

When you’re looking for a casual date night outfit, pause before throwing on your favorite pair of blue jeans. Despite the statement that a well-crafted midi dress makes, you can also dress it down with these simple tips and tricks: 

  • Sport a cropped jacket – With the right outerwear, your polished look can easily take a turn toward effortlessly cool. Try pairing a denim jacket or a leather jacket in a neutral color with your dress. Make sure to keep the jacket cropped, cinching at your waist, to emphasize your figure. 
  • Play with your headwear – Throw on a minimalistic black or white baseball cap for a clean, fun look that shows your date you’re ready for some fun. To match the aesthetic of the dress, opt for a solid-colored cap without any conspicuous labels. Alternatively, you can add a headscarf to this look for an old Hollywood-inspired feel.

winnine namaste long green dress

Benefits of the Midi Dress

The midi dress may be the height of elegance, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a practical choice as well. In fact, this beautiful silhouette comes with various advantages, including: 

  • Versatility – The added length means that the midi dress provides added protection from the cold. However, its ample legroom also keeps it breathable in the summertime.3 Regardless of the season or climate, midi dresses make for a stunning date outfit that will keep you feeling just as good as you look. 
  • Length – If you’re spending date night walking along the beach in the sand, or if the evening suddenly turns rainy, you won’t have to worry about the bottom of your dress getting ruined. With a midi dress, you have the best of both worlds: a feminine, dressy length and the ability to take off your sandals and stand in the waves. 

#3 Keep ‘Em Guessing with an LBD

Whether you’re dancing the night away or keeping things more intimate with your special someone, exude confidence and sexiness with the Firenze Mag Short Dress. This dress’s double strap detailing and front keyhole cut-out are sure to add a sprinkle of fun and flirtiness to your next date night.

When it comes to this little black dress, let the silhouette speak for itself. You can bring out the unique designs and enhance your figure by: 

  • Matching the strappy style of the dress with some thin bangle bracelets or lace-up sandals.
  • Showing off your back and the sexy cut of the neckline by keeping your hair in a  glamorous high ponytail.
  • Incorporating a pop of color with a pair of statement earrings and a bold makeup moment.
  • Smoothing out the leg line and adding some French-inspired mystique with a pair of sheer black tights.

On the other hand, if you’re looking to dress your LBD down, consider the following: 

  • Throw on a button-down – If you want to look pulled together without trying, a white button-down shirt, boyfriend style, will do the trick. Drape it over your little black dress, keep it unbuttoned, and roll the sleeves up. You can either let the shirt's tail blow in the wind or tie the ends together into a knot for a cropped look. 
  • Add a sheer blouse – For a feminine touch, pull a sheer or see-through blouse over your mini dress. Not only does this keep you warm in chillier weather, but it also allows you to experiment with various patterns, such as small, tasteful polka dots and colors, such as pale yellow or emerald green overlays.
  • Embrace the slouch – To contrast with the tight fit of your LBD, you can opt for a slouchy, ankle-length trench coat. Wear it open and slightly falling off your shoulders to keep your figure visible. Pair it with white tennis shoes and sunglasses for extra flair. 

#4 Add Effortless Glam with a Strapless Dress

Even if you’re just lounging by the pool and sipping on margaritas with your date, you still want to look flawless. Show some skin with the strapless Nadia Midi Dress while also maintaining a sleek silhouette. 

Strapless dresses already come with that wow factor, but a few well-placed details can go the extra mile. Think about adding a small but significant accessory, such as: 

  • A velvet headband – Keep your hair pulled back and off your shoulders with a velvet headband, which adds a timeless, vintage touch to your outfit while also showing off your shoulders and neckline. Consider choosing a color that stands out from your hair—for example, choose a black headband for blonde hair or a jewel-toned hue for darker hair. 
  • A dress belt – To show off your waistline, finish the outfit with a thin belt. Keep the design minimalistic so that the belt doesn’t distract from your dress, but feel free to add a splash of color to draw attention to your figure. 

ViX: Luxury Is in the Details

When you’re putting together that perfect date night outfit, it can be difficult to find the look and design that suits your fashion sense and figure. Maybe you’ve fallen in love with the animal print on a dress, but the silhouette just doesn’t sit the way you want. Or possibly the date night look for you includes a spring skirt outfit that can be re-worn on any occasion. If you’re planning for dinner by the beach, check out these eight stylish ideas for a beach date.

Here at ViX, we understand that the beauty of a dress comes from how well all the handcrafted details are put together. That’s why we focus on combining our exquisite prints with flattering silhouettes, quality fits, and unique design choices, such as pockets, slits, and straps, ensuring you find an outfit that makes you shine. 

So shop ViX, and turn your perfect date night into a reality.


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