How to Wear a Jumpsuit: 5 Style Tips


Jumpsuits for women are one of the most versatile and stylish wardrobe choices available. They’re fun, chic, and come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can dress them up or go for the casual look as a cover up for your favorite sexy designer bikini, depending on the occasion and how you style it. 

If you’re unsure of how to wear a jumpsuit, we, here at ViX, are here to help. Get style inspiration from some of our favorite jumpsuit designs, ideas for accessorizing them, and where to wear them. Play around with our resort wear style tips to create your own customized looks. You’ll find a jumpsuit that might be your next must-have staple piece for summer, or your showstopper piece for your next exotic adventure.

Style Tip #1: Wear the Off White Bruna Jumpsuit When in Vacation Mode


Wearing all white is the ultimate in elegant sophistication from an all white bikini to an all white dress. The Off White Bruna Jumpsuit offers a fresh appeal that’s ideal for resort wear on your next island vacation. It’s sophisticated without being stuffy. The lightweight linen will keep you cool in warmer temps and is versatile enough to be worn for a nice dinner out, during the day on a boat tour, or simply to wear around your temporary vacation home. 

When deciding how to wear a jumpsuit, keep in mind that white works as a blank slate, which allows for several ways to accessorize. Accentuate the waist with a wide brown belt and matching beach sandals for a laid-back look. This is a ready-made outfit for exploring a new city, just pair it with a comfortable sneaker. Certain cultures require coverage of the knees and shoulders before entering temples and other public places. This jumpsuit is classy enough while maintaining comfort to work for a full day of sightseeing. 

Another way to accessorize is to pair the jumpsuit with coral or turquoise jewelry. Bright, tropical colors set against a white backdrop epitomize vacation mode in a tasteful way. Mid-calf side slits provide extra comfort and allows you to show off your shoes. Choose a pair of metallic resort sandals or a gladiator sandals that tie up the leg for a fashionable edge. 

Whether you wear the jumpsuit on its own or personalize it with your own accessories, you’ll always end up with an elegant, stylish jumpsuit look that’s ideal for your next exotic excursion.

Style Tip #2: Go Casual Chic in a Blue Grey Thai Jumpsuit for Everyday Wear

When traveling the world, you want to find outfits that are comfortable yet fashionable, especially based on the area you’re exploring. Sometimes a t-shirt and shorts or a comfortable summer dress isn’t the go-to. Want to know how to wear a jumpsuit casually? The Blue Grey Thai Jumpsuit is your new must-have outfit. The casual jumpsuit offers simplistic polish for an easygoing afternoon sightseeing.
The classic color is always on trend, and the jumpsuit has several design features, which means you can keep accessories to a minimum. The halter-top bodice and artisan brass detailing at the neckline takes the place of wearing a necklace. The wrap belt at the waist adds another element of style, much like the trendy cuffing found at the ankles. 

Accessorizing is best done through earrings and shoes. For earrings, simple diamond studs, tiny gold hoops, or ear cuffs all work well to add a bit of sparkle and added chicness. As far as shoes go, stick with neutral colors, such as a tan sandal or a white sneaker that provides enough cushion to walk in all day. Then, if you want to dress up the outfit for evening, swap out casual shoes for a dressier pair of sandals, wedges, or high heels and a pretty clutch to complete the look. 

Style Tip #3: Dress Up the Tahiti Nora Jumpsuit for a Destination Wedding

The dress code for a destination wedding, particularly when it’s at the beach, always causes challenges among the guests. What’s considered too casual versus too fancy? What shoes will work in the sand? Face this fashion dilemma head-on by wearing a jumpsuit. Since this fashion choice easily transitions from casual to dressy with the addition of a few accessories, you can ensure you’re dressed appropriately for a wedding. 

The Tahiti Nora Jumpsuit is a stunning sea green color that makes a fashion statement for a special celebration. The v-neckline and halter back show off the shoulders and elongate the neck, while the built-in waist tie helps create a slimming silhouette. The unique front leg slits create easy movement and provides an overall airy appeal, making it both comfortable and subtly sexy at the same time. It’s the perfect jumpsuit choice when wondering how to wear a wide leg jumpsuit.

All that’s needed to complete the outfit is an elegant pair of sandals in a neutral or metallic color. For a ceremony on the sand or grass, skip the high heels to avoid sinking in the sand or dirt. When choosing what jewelry to wear, gold pairs great with the tropical color of the jumpsuit. Chandelier earrings and a bracelet cuff or bangles add subtle sparkle. Additionally, if you want to cover your shoulders during the ceremony, slip on a white linen jacket or shawl. 

The Tahiti Nora Jumpsuit is the kind of outfit that can work for any event, including the ever-popular destination wedding. When you have a formal occasion to attend where the weather is warm with an island vibe, it’ll come in handy as a go-to outfit.

Style Tip #4: Add Versatility to Your Wardrobe with the Fiorella Nora Mini Jumper


Have you been thinking of how to wear a jumpsuit without a long pant leg? A shorter version is usually referred to as a romper, but can also be referred to as a mini jumper as well. The Fiorella Nora Mini Jumper has a beautiful red and tan design that works well for nearly any situation. The v-neckline and cinched waist add sexy sophistication by streamlining the silhouette. Pockets make the outfit practical without adding bulk. 

Because of its versatility, you can practice how to wear a jumpsuit casually for several occasions.

When wondering what to wear over a bathing suit, this romper is your go to.  It can be worn on the beach or as a cute outfit to an outdoor concert. When wearing over a swimsuit, you can transition from the beach or pool straight to dinner and drinks. Simply pair with your favorite designer flip flops or sandals for a lovely, laid-back look. 

When wearing the mini jumper to a music festival, farmers market, or any other outdoor event, wear a classic white sneaker or your favorite low-heel booties. The mini jumper’s pattern doesn’t need a lot to accessorize due to its unique design. However, if you want to add a few pieces, consider a choker, delicate necklace chains, or a couple of chunky bracelets that’ll coordinate with the romper.

Style Tip #5: Prepare for a Day on the Water with the Periwinkle Madi Jumpsuit

What do you wear when you plan to spend a day on the water, but don’t necessarily plan to dive in? The Periwinkle Madi Jumpsuit is a must-have for a day of boating when you want a classy, but casual look at the same time. The sky blue color and billowing strapless top deliver a carefree appeal. Additionally, the built-in fabric belt, pockets, and cinched taper on the legs add structure which adds to the overall style. 

Flat sandals are the best option to wear on a boat for practical purposes. Brown or gold are both neutral enough to complement this gorgeous jumpsuit and maintain a streamlined appearance rather than compete with the color. Choosing black or another darker color creates a harsh contrast that visually cuts the length of the silhouette. Other than shoes, a slim watch, cute sunglasses, and a wide-brimmed sun hat are all that’s needed for accessories.

Selecting Your Ultimate Jumpsuit


When learning how to wear a jumpsuit, remember less is more. The beauty of it is you don’t have to think about matching a top with a bottom. It’s all built into one great outfit. You can easily dress it up by layering on jewelry and swapping out your shoes or keep the aesthetic completely casual by sticking with flip flops and going jewelry free. 

When styling your jumpsuit, consider where you’ll be wearing it, how you want to accessorize, and what colors or design cuts work best for you. Some have built-in belts and others deliver a looser fit around the waist. In addition, some jumpsuits have slits on the legs, while others have them tapered in. Even when the structure is similar, each jumpsuit is designed to suit a particular aesthetic. No matter how you choose to wear it, you’ll always end up looking chic and stylish.

Find the design features that speak to you and start your jumpsuit search from there. From destination weddings to spending a day on the water, this is one wardrobe piece that’s always appropriate regardless of where you’re going. You don’t have to add too much to create a look that’s stunning enough to stand on its own, making it a cinch to style and wear with confidence.