What to Wear With a Romper: ViX Style Guide

No outfit screams fun in the sun (or shade) quite like a romper. But what is a romper? A romper is a one-piece outfit that is a combination of a top and shorts. Stylish, playful, and delightfully versatile, rompers belong in the wardrobe of every fun-loving fashionista out there. 

But when considering what to wear with a romper, your options are practically more abundant than your shoe collection. That’s why we’ve created this handy guide that’ll clue you in on how to style a romper. 

Below, we’ll go through a few of our favorite looks for rompers—going in-depth on materials and textures—to dive into the nitty-gritty subtleties that create the difference between a casual hipster vibe and a classy, tailored look that’s at home in the office. We’ll also dish out a few tips on how to choose a romper and talk about some of our favorite occasions for wearing them. 

How To Style a Romper: 7 Effortless Ways

From formal and sophisticated to casual and comfy, rompers can morph into more style personas than you might think. Read our tips on how to style a romper and you’ll be rocking each one like a well-seasoned pro. 

#1 Add a Cardigan and Strappy Sandals

If the weather is a bit cooler then you might be wondering what to wear over a jumpsuit. A thin cashmere or merino long-sleeve sweater is the ideal garment to throw on over a tailored jumpsuit, especially as the weather turns colder. Here, you’re going for calculated asymmetry as you’ll be layered up on the top, still celebrating that summer glow on the bottom. 

Start with a cute romper made from a more elevated fabric—silky EcoVero offers versatility and elegance—and dress things up a bit with a pair of leather sandals with straps and a block heel. For a look that’s effortlessly cozy and chic, we love a modern take on the gladiator style. 

Depending on how you twist it, this outfit could be a great option  for:

  • Coffee shop dates
  • Daytime, garden wedding events
  • Outdoor concerts
  • Autumn days spent rummaging through the bookstore

#2 Wear It With Heels and a Blazer

Need a style that’s at home in the office? No problem. With the right accents, you’ll saunter effortlessly from the boardroom to after-work cocktails. 

For a sophisticated, business-casual look, start with a structured romper that features a collar or longer, pleated shorts. Then, cover up with a slim-fitting blazer and a pair of neutral-colored pumps. Here, we advise going for a more tailored look, which can be accentuated with a wristwatch and chunky glasses for an outfit that looks—and feels—positively professional.


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#2 Rock a Tee Underneath

Take us back to the early 2000s with layers that turn the clock back a couple of decades. Begin with a neutral-toned romper, preferably one that features thin, spaghetti straps. Choose a t-shirt in a different color—or one that features your favorite emo rock band of the era—and throw it on underneath. The key here is choosing a fitted tee that doesn’t bag or bunch.

Add a sexy black choker, a big, eye-catching belt, and platform sandals to impress the Gen Zs currently getting into the Y2K game.1

#3 Wear a Wide-Brimmed Hat and Denim Jacket

Need some festival-ready regalia but don’t know where to start? We’ve got you. Here, you’re going to want an adaptable, all-weather look that works comfortably whether you’re lounging on the grass or moshing near the stage.

Slip into a flowy and causal romper that’s sophisticated enough to work on its own (we’re favoring a captivating print for this look). Add a denim jacket and turn up those sleeves to show off your favorite wrist candy. Finish with a wide-brimmed hat for a touch of adventure-ready polish that doubles as a barrier between you and those UV rays. 

#4 Rock a Leather Jacket and Combat Boots

Urban, chic, and all about the attitude, this look is perfect for late nights spent with strangers-turned-besties on the hipper side of town. Go for a romper that’s form-fitting and monochrome (we’re partial to all-black ensembles here) and add your favorite leather bomber jacket. Then add thick-soled, lace-up leather boots—bigger is better, as you’re going for that kick-down-the-door vibe. 

This base is fantastically multipurpose and can be made more feminine or more androgynous depending on how you style it. For style tips on creating a tougher, unexpected look, we like playing with:

  • Handkerchiefs
  • Wallet chains
  • Leather jewelry 
  • A daringly dark lip color 

#5 Belt It

Many rompers come with their own sashes or ties, but why not show off your curves and make it your own with a treasured, oversized belt? 

Don’t forget to play with fabrics and textures for variations on this idea. A sarong, shawl, or a sporty fanny pack can be a fun way to create contrast around the midriff. Keep in mind that chain belts are totally in right now, too.2

While we’re in the spirit of accessorizing, play up this look even more by adding:

  • A chunky set of hoops
  • Layers (and layers) or necklaces
  • A brightly-colored clutch

#6 Add a Vest

This one can go in a handful of directions, depending on how you play it. Start with a simple romper in a flirty color and try an oversized, denim vest for a fun and casual look that’s totally ‘90s, or play with a slim-fitting cotton or silk blazer vest for a touch of speakeasy-ready cool. 

You can also make your own layers by cutting the sleeves off a chambray or collared shirt and throwing that on over your romper. Add white sneakers and chain necklaces for a cultivated style that’s delightfully rough around the edges.

#7 Try a Sheer Layer

Class things up with a sultry, sheer look that’s home on the runway and out with the girls. You’re going to want a neutral-toned, curve-accentuating romper for this one, preferably something with cutouts or thin straps. 

The key here is finding the right sheer top to pair with your cute romper. You’ll want something that’s gauzy enough to show off your figure, yet offers enough coverage to provide the right amount of contrast to what’s beneath. We love a fabric that’s slightly metallic in tone, or a black or white layer that complements the shade you’ve chosen beneath. For a club-ready ensemble that’s set to captivate, tie it together with: 

  • Gold or silver rings
  • Bangles
  • Chunky hoops

3 Tips for Choosing a Romper That Wows

One of the hardest parts about wearing a romper occurs right at the beginning: choosing it off the rack. Shopping for the perfect romper can be fiendishly difficult, so we couldn’t leave out our top tips for finding the perfect fit. Whether heading into the fitting room or browsing online, here are three factors to keep in mind.

#1 Choose Patterns and Fabrics That Fit the Occasion

If you’re looking for a romper that’s suitable for meetings—or meeting your boyfriend’s parents—you’re going to want to search for a fit and feel that’s on the more elevated side. Look for elements of the design that provide structure, like collars, sleeves, and a form-fitting waist. You’ll also want to choose fabrics and prints that are more mature, like simple neutral tones, stripes, or houndstooth. 

For a breezy outfit to throw on over our best selling bikinis at the beach, you’ll want to take the opposite approach. A loose-fitting romper with a deep V neckline, a more casual pattern, and a sash instead of a belt is the right approach. Also, pick a romper with a light fabric because these are the best fabrics for hot weather

Mindy Mini Jumper

#2 Check the Fit

Some rompers are notoriously difficult to size, and if you’re a particularly long- or short-torsoed individual, you’re going to have to take extra care at the fitting stage. 

We’ve got one, overarching tip for you: The second you try that romper on, sit down. Feeling a pull at your shoulders or hips? Trust us—that’ll wind up presenting problems when you try to move comfortably or use your arms. If the fabric is tight across the body, try going up a size. You can always add a belt to make sure that there are no unnecessary billows about the waist.

#3 Try Different Kinds Of Rompers To See What You Like Best

Not every romper belongs in every closet. You may not love the youthful look of a sleeveless romper in a pastel print—and that’s okay. Perhaps you’d feel more you in a tight-fitting black number with a turtleneck and sleeves. Or maybe a collared, workman look is more your vibe.

We recommend experimenting with a wide variety of rompers to see what gels with your signature style. Don’t forget to wear your favorite jewelry pieces when you try the pieces on. Those will help give you a sense if the look is right for you.

Get Your Ultimate Romper Look With ViX

No matter what romper you go for, at ViX, we want you to find the look that helps you lead a life of beauty—the kind you can and can’t see. We are a luxury designer swimwear brand that focuses on making women feel self-empowered, confident, and downright unstoppable. 

Whether you’re looking for exquisite prints, unexpected details, or outfits that turn heads, we’re certain we can help you find styles that make you feel strong and stylish as you strut down the street. Want more outfit inspo? Explore our best beachwear finds that can include swimwear, formal wear, accessories, and trending styles today. 


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