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What Is a Midi Dress?

What Is a Midi Dress?

Dress lengths range from maxi to mini and all lengths in between, but what is a midi dress exactly? It’s just as it sounds: the hem of the dress hangs midway between the knee and the ankle. 

Midi dresses are ideal for petite women who want to add the illusion of height to their look, but are equally great for taller women, as the dress length flatters their height. It’s versatile enough to wear for a formal event as well as casual resort wear clothing that can be slipped over your sexy Brazilian swimwear or any designer bikini, which makes investing in a midi dress a must. Picking a design comes down to the color, pattern, and how you choose to style it.

For those not as familiar with how a midi dress can quickly transform a look, we’ve answered several frequently asked questions about the style and offer a few favorites to spark outfit ideas for your next outing.

How Is a Midi Dress Different from Other Lengths?

Even though you may understand the definition of a midi dress, you may also wonder, what is a midi dress defined as besides where the hem falls on the leg? It helps to look at the three standard lengths to compare. 

Typically, a mini dress is form-fitting and reserved for less formal occasions. This is opposite of the maxi dress, which hangs to the floor and is made with loose, billowy fabrics and can be worn for all types of occasions with the right styling. The advantage of the midi dress is that it takes the benefits of both the mini and maxi with multiple design options to fit any style and situation. 

What Shoes Work Best with a Midi Dress?

What’s a midi dress without the right shoes? Not sure how to style midi dress? Because of the favorable length, midi dresses can be styled with everything from gladiator sandals to sneakers to high heels. It all depends on the specific look you want to achieve and where you’ll be wearing it. As opposed to the maxi dress, which calls for less formal footwear, such as flip flops, sandals, or wedges, the midi dress can be dressed up with stilettos or heels. 

Alternatively, to create a comfortable and casual look, pairing with fashionable sneakers work well. This styling excludes the same shoes you’d wear to workout, but rather a clean white pair of tennis shoes or a colorful pair of slip ons. This type of shoe is better suited with midi dresses that already have a more casual appeal. The low-maintenance pairing is a way to look put together and polished when touring a new city or running errands on the weekend without feeling overdressed for the day’s activities. 

Do Midi Dresses Only Work on Certain Heights?

With the right styling and fit, any woman of any height can wear any length of dress they please. The midi dress specifically is a fantastic alternative to the maxi for petite women who are on the shorter side. It elongates legs to give the illusion of height. For women who already have the advantage of extra inches, midi dresses work well because they create a streamlined look with a statuesque appeal. 

Are Midi Dresses Seasonal?

Midi dresses are ideal for warmer months and tropical climates; perfect for a beach date outfit. However, they can transition between seasons with the right layering and accessories. Due to the versatility, it’s a great clothing piece to add to any wardrobe. The length is timeless and looks classy without being stuffy and can also be casual without feeling sloppy. 

Sometimes the question is aimed toward a specific occasion, such as, what is a midi dress style that I can wear to a wedding? Take on vacation? Wear on the weekend when meeting friends for brunch? It’s an optimal choice that works just as well for a formal occasion as it does for a casual soiree. The goal is to find the colors, designs, and details that are most flattering to you, while considering the environment you’ll be in when wearing it. 

Fiorella Black Lolita Dress 

The striking zebra print of the Fiorella Black Lolita Dress puts a twist on the classic black and white color combination. The fitted bodice and slightly flared skirt with front slits makes this look flirty and fun. It’s 100 percent lined and has adjustable straps, providing adequate coverage and support. 

When you want a dress to liven up your wardrobe, this is the one that’ll do the trick. Amp up the allure even more by wearing with black stilettos and accents with gold jewelry to echo the gold adornments of the dress. Looking for what to wear on a girls night out? Wear it for a night out dancing with friends or take with you on your next vacation. Just like upbeat music can switch the mood with a single song, so can a dress like this.

Verena Hawa Lolita Dress

If you like the front slits and flared style of the Fiorella Black Lolita design but want a somewhat demure look, the Verena Hawa Lolita Dress is for you. The red mini floral print and adjustable rope straps create a sweet take on a beautiful design. 

Due to the richer, darker shade of red, this is a look that’s appealing to all and can be worn during any season. Wear it with neutral-toned sandals and carry an oversize tote for weekend exploring. Or, pair with black flats and a light jacket to transition the look between day and night or from the warmth of summer to the chill of fall. 

Viola Marta Midi Dress

The warm colors and floral print of the silk blend Viola Marta Midi Dress is perfect for a weekend brunch or an afternoon wine tasting with friends. The details of the dress spin a fresh take to a standard shift dress. Short sleeves and a full back to the dress strikes the right balance between sexy and sophisticated. Plus, the flare of the skirt, front slits, and empire waist evoke movement in a fun way. 

Pair with chunky, tan heels or sandals and pearls for a vintage look. Or, wear colorful pumps that complement the shades of the dress and sparkly earrings to dress it up. 

Jasper Alanna Midi Dress

The Jasper Alanna Midi Dress is the ultimate choice to take with you on your next tropical vacation. The rich, jade color embraces the beauty of palm trees and lush vegetation wherever your wanderlust takes you next. The dress is made of 100 percent cotton with ruching detail throughout and finished with a high front slit and tie at the waist, which amplifies the specialness of the dress. 

Gold accessories complement the rich, vibrant green color well. Keep the neckline open with dainty, layered gold necklaces and a similar style of earrings. Then, pair with earthy brown or gold gladiator sandals for a dress that is pure comfort but lets you feel dressed up.

Periwinkle Connie Midi Dress

The bright color and interesting cut of the Periwinkle Connie Midi Dress offers a fresh twist on a classic style. The wrap top has a feminine tie and cut out in the back for an extra fashionable element to this timeless style. In the front, the modest shape and linen blend material leans toward a more formal feel. 

The balance makes this dress perfect to wear to a spring or summer wedding or when traveling abroad in areas where the dress code calls for coverage of the knees and shoulders. Carry a shawl or light jacket as a layering piece, and pair with white sandals, mules, or laser cut heels, all of which are good matches for this design.

Off White Cordon Midi Dress

The details of the Off White Cordon Midi Dress make all the difference. Off-the-shoulder sleeves, a v-cutout in the front and back, and delicate polka dot embroidery throughout gives the style a boho-chic feel. The slits at the sides provide movement to the scalloped skirt, and the cotton fabric makes it comfortable for everyday wear. 

Accessorize with a wide brown belt and cowboy boots and the dress takes on a country-chic vibe. Wear with metallic gladiator sandals and hoop earrings and it embraces a simplistic and classic appeal. If you’re someone who focuses on design rather than color, this is the style for you. Its versatility can adapt to whatever mood you’re in and whatever the occasion calls for. Simply swap out a different pair of shoes, bag, and accessories.

Everyone Loves a Midi Dress

There’s a reason why the midi dress has been a mainstay fashion season after season; it’s because everyone loves wearing them. They can be dressed up or down. They work as beach dresses, but also dinner date dresses. They’re beautiful on all body types and come in a variety of styles, colors, and designs. This makes the trend feel customized to each person’s individual fashion sense.

Plus, they can also be combined with other pieces already in your wardrobe to mix-and-match outfits and meet your style needs based on the season, location, or occasion. Sitting right between the sexiness of a mini dress and the universal appeal of a maxi, the midi dress is a style that fits just right. 

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