4 Types of Bikini Bottoms for Every Body Type

For every body type, there's a flattering bikini bottom to match. To find the best types of bikini bottoms for your shape as you choose your next sexy designer bikini , determine if you have a pear, apple, hourglass, or athletic build. Finding the best swimsuit bottom that suits your body shape and personal style is essential for a confident swimwear experience. These are the four most common body types, although there are variations among these as well, such as inverted triangle and rectangle shapes. In addition to knowing your body type, it's important to take accurate body measurements to find the bikini style that suits you best.

It's easy to measure your bust, waist, and hips to match with the corresponding swimsuit top and bottom size, so you can have a bikini that fits like a glove. For the bust, measure around the fullest part of your chest. For the waist, measure around the narrowest part of your torso. Finally, when measuring the hips, stand with your feet together and guide the tape around the fullest part of your rear and hips. Once you have your measurements, refer to the swimsuit size guide to find your perfect fit.

Knowing your body type and measurements will help you pick the perfect bikini bottom to flaunt your assets and feel confident when wearing a bathing suit. Whether you have a fuller, smaller, or muscular bottom, there is a bikini style made for you. It all starts with securing the perfect fit.

#1 Full Coverage Bikini Bottoms for Pear-Shaped Body Types

You may be wondering, how swimsuit bottoms should fit, and the answer will often depend on your body type. For example, pear-shaped body types are classified as being smaller through the bust and shoulders and wider at the hips with a defined waist. For this body type, it's best to play up the design and embellishments of your bikini top to draw attention upward.

Full coverage bikini bottoms to moderate-coverage swimwear bottoms with a high cut on the legs are an optimal choice to elongate the legs, give more bum coverage, and minimize the rear and waist. Make sure the fit lays flat against the rear without any bunching or sagging. Stay true to your size by amplifying your assets without feeling the need to cover them up with extra material. When deciding on the best bikini for your body type, remember to always go with what feels most comfortable.

#2 High-Waisted Bikini Bottoms for Apple-Shaped Body Types

An apple body type is defined as having a wider midsection with an undefined waist and narrower hips and a flatter bottom. High-waisted bikini bottoms work well for tummy control for a comfortable slimming effect. If you're searching for bathing suits that make you look slimmer and give you a bit of bum coverage, hipster bikini bottoms are the swimwear bottoms for you. Well-placed cutouts are a smart choice to help define the waist.

Since apple body types typically have a smaller bust, a tube top or extra embellishment on the bikini top are ways to highlight this area and draw attention away from the bottom half. This helps to create balance in the frame for a slimming silhouette.

#3 Cheeky Bikini Bottoms for Hourglass Figures

An hourglass figure is fuller on the top and bottom with a defined middle. The best bikini bottoms have cheeky bikini bottoms, minimal coverage to accentuate curves in a subtly sexy way. Also, to emphasize a smaller waist, tie-side cheeky bikini bottoms are perfect. These are bikini bottoms that don’t cut into hips and have minimal material. Fortunately, most bikini styles look great on an hourglass figure, so if this is your body shape, you have plenty of suit bottoms to choose from including the extra cheeky thong beach bottoms.

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#4 Brazilian Bikini Bottoms for Athletic Builds

Brazilian bikini bottoms are a good match for athletic builds with muscular backsides. Choosing a Brazilian bikini bottom style that sits slightly higher on the waist also helps to create or enhance the natural curves of the body as well. When you've worked hard for a sculpted bum, show it off with a Brazilian bikini that gives an extra cheeky bikini swim bottom with minimal coverage.

Beautiful Bikinis for All Body Shapes

Although there are generally four main body shapes, there are variations in sizes and fashion trends that may place you in different categories. When choosing from our best selling bikinis for your body type, take into account your unique measurements and style preferences. Not all pear-shaped bodies or athletic frames are built the same. Think about the areas you want to highlight and the ones you'd like to minimize and what designs will work best in your favor.

Dark colors like black or navy are slimming for fuller a coverage bikini bottom while light colors and bright prints are a beautiful choice for Brazilian bikini bottoms. Features such as high-waisted and thicker bottom bands help with tummy control and tie-side swimsuits create adjustable coverage bikini bottoms. Look for the details you know are flattering to your figure.

Finally, consider how your body shape changes from season to season. A bathing suit style you never thought of wearing before may appeal to you now. While you may be comfortable with a certain bikini bottom fit, branching out and trying different cuts and styles will help you discover more swimsuit options that work with your body's shape. Whether you are looking for best swimsuits for a short torso, best swimsuits for a small bust or anything in between, we have options for your unique body.

That's what makes searching for the perfect luxury designer swimwear all the more fun. You can play around with what suits you best at the moment and broaden your horizons by simply swapping out the cut and style of bikini bottoms you wear. With a range of styles, you can find the perfect bikini bottoms by checking out our best beachwear finds to coordinate with your perfect-fitting swimwear.