Best Bikini Tops for Fuller Busts

The ideal bathing suit is one that fits seamlessly with your sense of style from both a functional and fashionable standpoint. There’s no need to compromise between the two. Every body shape is unique and all of our designer swimwear is created to allow you to relax and explore freely without being held back from lack of support. 

The best swimsuits for fuller bust coverage include tops that range in larger cup sizes, halter tops that can be adjusted as needed, and underwire bikinis that help to maintain shape and limit bounce. The structure of a bikini top is the starting point in finding the style that fits your needs. Play around with bikini colors and cuts on the bottoms as well to put together your perfect swimsuit.

Aim for Extra Cup Coverage to Flatter

Finding the right cup size for a larger bust can make all the difference when it comes to the support and feel of your swimsuit. By having multiple sizing options available, including DD bikini tops, you can have the coverage you need for a flattering fit. A top that's too small takes away from the body's natural shape and can make it uncomfortable to move.

Women who have a fuller bust can choose a supportive swimsuit with a D or DD cup bra in a color or print that already catches their eye. The size shouldn't take away from the design, but rather showcase how the swimsuit is intended to look on various body types. The advantage of designer bikinis with cups for big-busted women is that you can choose a different size for the top than on the bottom. A large bust doesn't always equate to the need for a larger bottom. By mixing-and-matching sizes to complement your body's shape, you'll achieve an overall optimal fit.

The best bikinis for a big bust include the Tiger Bia Tube Bikini. This bikini doesn’t sacrifice style for support. Boasting a bold animal print with 24-karat gold-plated detailing, the Tiger Bia Tube Bikini Top comes in D and DD cup sizes. The eye-catching design is ready-made for a vacation somewhere exotic. When paired with a solid-colored sarong and beach sandals, you’ll have an effortlessly cool and casual boho outfit for the beach.

Whichever color or print you decide on, the Bia Tube Top provides support and lift, while helping accentuate your curves. The fit from the extra coverage is designed to make you feel confident wherever the day takes you. Whether that includes swimming, snorkeling, or playing games on the beach, extra cup coverage ensures that your top won’t drag you down. 

Benefit from Adjustable Support with Halter Tops

The versatility of a halter top bikini allows you to tighten or loosen your top as needed to lift and secure a fuller bust. This option works well if you’re spending an entire day at the beach but moving back and forth between the water and the sand. When in the water, you’ll want a tighter knot to keep the top secure, but when sunbathing, it’s nice to have the ability to loosen the ties. 

When paired with a larger cup size, a halter top creates a more defined shape, while still feeling like you have room to breathe. Our collection of triangle bikini tops includes classic, sexy swimwear with halter straps that range in thickness for versatile support. The Bia Tube style leans toward the thicker side with straps that tie at the neck and around the back. The design provides freedom of movement for paddleboarding, jet skiing, and other water activities. 

If you like a halter top with string-like straps, the Lola Twine Bikini is a chic and sophisticated option. The deep burgundy color is dotted with pink and the ties can be adjusted at the neck and back for maximum support and comfort. When paired with the full coverage or high-waisted bikini bottoms, it offers a classy appeal and makes it ideal to wear when hanging poolside or lounging on the sand.

Get a Boost from an Underwire Bikini

The invention of the underwire silhouette truly changed the game for large-busted women. Rather than feeling subject to dowdy swimsuits with coverage nearly up to the neck, women now have the option of flaunting a modern bikini cut with extra support. With a nod toward comfortability and a refusal to compromise on style, bikini tops with built-in underwire allow women to embrace their natural shape in a beautiful way. 

The best bikini for big bust shapes should lift and support throughout the day versus slowly sagging or losing shape over time. Bikini tops with built-in underwire help to maintain a sexy shape while providing the coverage needed to stay active and feel free. There is a range of prints and colors available to suit everyone’s individual preferences. From a lemony hue to a wild tiger print, there’s a bikini top to fit your unique sense of style.

The Vanilla Dune Nissi Bikini provides a feminine appeal with its pastel pink color. The horizontal ribbed detail gives it an interesting texture to elevate its overall appeal. Additionally, the spaghetti-straps and back-tie add extra elements of support to the underwiring. Another beautiful option is the Off White Scales Nissi Bikini. The fresh, white color is flattering on every skin tone and body shape and the high waist bikini bottoms deliver a retro appeal that's timeless.

A bathing suit design that has extra coverage available, adjustable straps, and/or supportive underwire built-in makes the swimsuit search much easier for busty women. However, these aren't the only features that fulfill the needs of women who require ample support. There are other structural details to look for when searching for your next favorite as well.

Breathable Fabrics Make It Easier to Move 

The bikini quality is important because it determines how easily you're able to move and how durable the swimsuit will be. And when looking for the best swimsuits for curves, comfortable fabric is a must. Opt for a breathable, slightly stretchable fabric that keeps everything in place, but doesn't cut into the skin. A bikini should fit snug, but not too tight to keep things comfortable and flattering.

Fabrics that already move with you and feel good against the skin when pulled taut will allow you to be more active and confident in what you're wearing. You want a large bust swimsuit that can keep up with your active lifestyle and flimsy coverage simply won't do.

Consider Strap Size (But Don’t Rule Out Strapless!)

A thicker strap size can help you feel more secure if you have a larger bust. A halter option or adjustable straps give enough lift to achieve a quality fit. On the other hand, a strapless option, such as a bandeau bikini, isn't completely out of the question if you find one that has the supportive features you need, like built-in supportive underwire or the availability of fuller cup sizes.

Our boutique swimwear is designed to prevent you from having to choose comfort over style or vice-versa. Both factors are equally important, which is why we offer selections of varying strap sizes and adaptability. Whether it’s an interesting texture, wide straps, or unique details to increase the allure of certain styles, each of our swimsuits is designed for women who are up for adventures of any kind and want something that makes them feel sexy and secure while they swim.

Added Coverage Keeps Swimwear Tasteful

More coverage or support doesn't mean large bust swimwear has to look outdated or drab. A personalized fit is far more flattering than one that's too tight. A larger cup size or wider straps doesn't take away from the allure of a bikini cut- it enhances it. By adapting to the body's natural curves, you can find the fit and structure that's meant for you. Once you have the right coverage, there are several ways to play up your style depending on your mood or the occasion.

Although practical in features, swimsuits aren’t meant to be restrictive. They’re an extension of your sense of fashion choices and personality. Maybe your day-to-day swimwear takes on a modern, simplistic look of classic colors like black and white and then prints take center stage when you’re headed on vacation.

In the world of swimsuits, there’s a design that fits every body type and fashion choice. It’s all about finding the most optimal fit, comfort, and support for you without taking away from how the swimsuit looks and makes you feel. 

Choose a Swimsuit Supportive & Stylish

When searching for the best bikini for bigger bust support, don't limit yourself to any one style. Experiment with different options and see what features work best for you. While some women may need a larger cup size, others may benefit solely from having adjustable straps. There are various features designed specifically for these types of needs.

As you embark on your next trip to the pool, beach, or exotic getaway, go with the large bust swimsuit that provides the most comfort and support. Swimsuit trends come and go, but you'll always want to have the perfect fit. Supportive swimwear should be adaptable to you, not the other way around.