6 Best Bikinis for Short Torsos

From classic full bottoms to revealing Brazilian swimwear bikini bottoms, there is a flattering swimsuit perfectly suited for every body. When searching for the best swimsuits for individuals with shorter torsos can be a game changer with our sexy designer bikini that flatters shorter torso length, the key is to elongate the frame by opting for a low-rise bottom with a high cut on the legs or a bikini top that draws the eyes up like with a one-shoulder strap or v-neck plunging neckline. Swimsuits with the high-cut bottoms are a fabulous choice because it elongates the legs and creates the illusion of longer legs. In addition to the bathing suit cut, typically solid colors work better to create a sleek silhouette versus opting for a color-blocking pattern that can create the illusion of added weight.

What’s most important when choosing the perfect swimsuit is to find one that’s made with high-quality materials and makes you feel the most confident. Know what you want to emphasize and prioritize about your body type and shape. We’re sharing several stunning styles that help to lengthen a short torso as you browse our selection of bikinis for vacation.

#1 Bandeau Bikini Tops Draw Attention to the Neckline

Bandeau bikini top styles draw the eyes upward and across horizontally rather than having the focus on the vertical line of a short torso. It highlights a delicate neckline and bare shoulders, and when paired with a high-cut bottom, it creates the appearance of a longer midsection. Learning the best bikini bottoms to elongate your body and pairing it with a complementary top will help you find the perfect swimsuit for your short torso. 

With a bandeau bikini, there’s the option of going fully strapless or having the one-shoulder look, both of which are feminine and flirty. One-shoulder options create an illusion of length from the shoulder to the torso. When you want to add a little more flair than the bandeau, opt for the asymmetrical look that will give you the same elongating effect.



#2 High Neck to Draw the Eye Up

High necklines draw attention to the neck and up rather than towards the midriff. The added support is also a good option for the bustier ladies out there. Pair a high neck with a v-shaped or high-cut bikini bottom, and your torso will feel miles long.

#3 High-Cut Bikini Bottoms Elongate the Frame

Part of what makes for the perfect swimsuit for short torso body types is a small bikini bottom. A high-cut bottom elongates the legs and creates an illusion of longer legs and streamlines the rest of the frame, ideal for if you’re searching for bathing suits that make you look slimmer and balance your shorter torso. This emphasis on the bottom half draws the eyes down, giving the illusion of a longer torso. But, be careful not to go too high as that can lead to the opposite effect . Although high-waisted bikini bottoms are one of the biggest swimsuit trends, a petite cut is a better option for those with short torsos.

#4 V-Shaped Bikini Bottoms

Another style that gives you that long and lean look is v-shaped bikini bottoms. The dip in the front accentuates the torso with more of a spotlight on the midriff. This fun detail paired with a high-cut is the ticket to elongation.

#5 String Bikini for a Classic Look

Speaking of higher-cut bikini bottoms, string bikinis allow for adjustment to achieve a multitude of fits. Fiddle around with the rise of the bottoms and the coverage to get the long and lean look you are striving for. Opting in for a string bikini bottom adds adjustability because of the side ties that allow the bikini bottoms to sit higher or lower on your hips for the perfect fit. Additionally, the halter-style top of a string bikini draws the eye to the neck and away from the torso. With a plunging neckline and adjustable straps signature to a string bikini, you can customize the fit to perfection. String bikinis are a classic and timeless style that work for not only a short torso, but a wide range of body types.

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#6 Patterned Swimsuits to Give an Illusion

Another bathing suit option to give the look of a longer torso is one that has a pattern. Not all patterns will flatter a short torso, though, so stick to the vertical stripes that give an illusion of length. A patterned fabric adds a fun detail to elevate any swimsuit for a look that turns heads. Nothing screams summertime like a statement suit!

Securing the Perfect Bikini Fit

A major factor in finding the best bikini for short torso body types is to secure the perfect bikini set fit. If you’re asking, how should swimsuit bottoms fit, following the swimsuit size guide will help you to secure the size that’s ideal for you. Take accurate measurements of your bust, waist, and hip area every season.

Measure around the fullest part of the bust to get your bikini top size. Next, wrap the measuring tape around the narrowest part of your torso to capture your natural waist. Then, with your feet together, measure at the fullest part of your hips and rear to record your bottom measurement. Knowing your true size will ensure a snug, sexy swimsuit fit that will make all the difference.

A swimsuit that’s too loose sags and looks sloppy, while one that fits too tightly will emphasize areas you’d rather camouflage. Also, consider the amount of coverage you want for your bottom and top, too. A cheeky bikini bottom cut will look and feel much different than a full bottom. The same goes for a bandeau bikini versus a triangle style. Though similar, each looks differently on the body. Decide what works best for you and makes you feel beautiful.

Swimsuits for All Body Types

Everyone has their own body shape and style preferences. For every person who has a short torso, there’s one who has a longer torso and body shape. Some women like to highlight their legs, while others prefer to draw attention to their shoulders and neckline. Once you identify your body type and swimsuit size, you can factor in which areas of your body you’d like to highlight and those you may want to de-emphasize. From there, you can choose from a variety of colors, cuts, and designs for endless swimsuit inspiration.

Knowing how to dress for your body will give you more confidence as you search for your next vacation and beach bikini or your go-to summer swimsuit. It allows you to choose what’s best based on your assets versus trying to fit into the features of another body type. Once you have an idea of what bathing suit cut and style looks best on you, it’ll make it easier to narrow down your swimwear choices. Whether you want to elongate your torso or require more coverage on the bottom, our luxury designer swimwear collection has a color, print, and cut that is ideal for you.