Best Swimsuit Styles for Curvy Women

The best swimsuits for curves are the ones that play up your shape and emphasize your curves. Two of the most common curvy body shapes are the hourglass and pear shape body types. An hourglass figure is characterized as having a fuller chest and bottom and a smaller midsection. A pear figure is defined as having a smaller chest and fuller hips. Select designer swimwear can complement curves and minimize certain areas for an overall flattering fit for each.

Depending on the area you want to highlight, a one piece swimsuit, high waisted bikini, or halter top bikini may be the most optimal fit for you. Consider shoulder strap options, bottom styles, in addition to the array of colors and prints available. Start pool season or your next beach vacation on the right foot by finding the swimsuit that best suits your natural shape. 

High Waisted Bikinis Flatter Fuller Bottoms

When emphasizing a smaller top, a high waisted bikini will help draw the eyes upward, while creating a sleek silhouette. By minimizing the appearance of the tummy area with a high waist bottom and pairing it with a beautiful print, this look maintains the body’s natural shape without focusing on the middle. This is a popular option for pear-shaped body types. 

The addition of full bottom coverage provides an extra level of support to achieve a look that allows for plenty of movement. The Dragon Georgia BIkini is a stylish design that highlights the high waist bottom and pairs it with a unique bikini top cut. The strap can be changed to a single-shoulder look or adjusted to a halter style with a subtle peekaboo cutout in the middle. The black-and-white background for the modern dragon design adds a dramatic flourish to the beautiful details of this swimsuit.

Another ideal choice to emphasize a curvy figure is the Off White Scales Nissi Bikini. From the scale details to the crisp, white color, this high waist option is one of the most flattering bikinis for curves. The Brazilian cut bottom is tastefully sexy and enhances a woman’s natural shape. There are multiple combinations of bikini tops and bottoms that work well to accentuate curves and create a slimming appeal. 

Halter Top Bikinis Provide Support

The versatility of a halter top makes it one of the best swimsuits for curves because you can adjust the straps to meet your support and coverage needs. If you’re looking for the best bikinis for a big bust, remember that a wider strap will help you feel more secure. Opting for a swimsuit that has a built-in bra is also a smart option if you require a bigger cup size and want added lift from your swimsuit. Underwire bikinis are a perfect option if you need added support.

The design and color of your swimwear are what make it fashionable, but the cut and features make it functional to give you the best of both worlds. A halter top bikini maintains your curvy shape, especially when paired with a low rise bottom. It helps to elongate the torso and highlight a sexy silhouette. 

A playful halter top style is the Fiore Bia Tube Bikini. The unique red and pink flower design against a blue-grey background provides a bold look to this red bikini. With removable padding and adjustable tie straps around the neck and tie, you’ll feel secure and comfortable wherever you go. The banded bottom style sits right on the hips and offers a full-coverage modest look for hourglass and pear shape body types.

These are a few of the many examples of the best swimsuits for curves, but it comes down to your confidence level and what areas you’d like to highlight. By starting with a swimsuit made of quality fabric and accommodating details, you can create a look that feels like your own. 

Don’t be afraid to try something new, even if you haven’t ventured into the world of halter top bikinis or other swimsuit cuts aside from a standard tank suit. Curvy women have more options now than ever without having to feel frumpy or fully covered up. You’ll be impressed by how much the details matter when it comes down to finding your most flattering fit.

One Piece Swimwear for a Sleek, Full Coverage Look

One piece swimsuits have been making a comeback in recent years throughout the swimwear world. While there will always be the typical classic black halter silhouette, countless new stylish and sexy styles have also been introduced. There are a variety of one piece swimsuits for different body types, each with their own unique twist.

There are different cuts and prints that are designed to highlight your best features, leaving you feeling confident and comfortable. A beautiful, modern example is the Margot Rachel One Piece. The playful floral design features a neutral backdrop of black and ivory with pops of copper sprinkled in for a modern and sophisticated look. This swimsuit has a classic one piece backline and Brazilian coverage on the bottom, but it’s the front that plays up curves and gives the look a modern twist. A high waist bottom minimizes the midsection and helps to lengthen the legs. The midsection cutout draws the eyes up to the curved opening at the top. Adjustable string ties around the neck support a larger bust and create a chic silhouette that’s ideal for a pear body shape. So, if you’re looking for a sleek option that accentuates your curves while providing the right amount of coverage, this one piece swimsuit is perfect for you.

The Berries Bandana One Piece follows a similar structure to help elongate the body and stand out in a vibrant blue print. It’s one of the best one piece swimsuits for curves because of how it also amplifies an hourglass figure. Another optimal selection is the Burgundy Diane One Piece. The v-neck top and higher cut on the bottom flow with the natural curve of the body in a subtly sexy way. The full bottom coverage and open back make this a go-to option that’s perfect for spending the day in the water. The gorgeous deep burgundy hue is tastefully sexy and the style is a versatile option to wear on its own or as a base underneath a sarong or beach dress for a full day of activity.

Swimsuit Style Options: Which Do You Prefer?

As you begin to experiment with the swimsuit styles that best show off your curves, it’s normal to resort back to the tried-and-true of what works best for your individual taste. From standard bikini shapes to retro cuts and neutral colors to brighter hues, there is a multitude of ways to narrow down what kind of swimsuit resonates most with your unique style

Standard Bikini Shapes vs. Retro Cuts

Do most of the swimsuits in your wardrobe fall in line with the standard bikini shape - a tie string bottom with a triangle bikini top? If so, you’re not alone as this is one of the most classic styles of swimsuits that works every body shape. You can’t go wrong with this timeless cut. It’s chic, effortlessly cool, and can be updated by switching up prints, colors, and textures. 

On the other hand, you may be drawn to a high waisted bikini look with a retro feel. Are you drawn to polka dot prints and feminine tie-front middles? Do you like full coverage bottoms that sit high on the leg and minimize your middle? These are the defining characteristics of a retro swimsuit, which can make a fashionable statement among the norm of the traditional bikini. Who says you have to pick between the two though? Both are flattering swimsuits for curves and can be customized to your specific preference.

Neutral Colors vs. Brighter Hues

Some people never stray far from the staples of black, white, and other neutrals in their wardrobe, even when it comes to their swimsuit choices. These colors are go-to options because they coordinate with nearly all of your other resort wear attire. Plus, they can be switched up with different patterns and adornments and unique swimsuit cuts. Neutral, yes, but boring they are not. 

However, every once in a while, you may feel the urge to add a splash of color to the mix and opt for neon green, watermelon pink, flirty yellow, an electric blue for a special occasion or to simply break out of a style rut. What you wear in your day-to-day life may be the opposite of what you choose to pack for a vacation. Why not break out of your comfort zone with a color or print that goes beyond the neutral palette? 

At first glance, it may seem like a busy print or bold color may draw attention to areas you want to hide, but these details can actually camouflage them and focus on your curves instead. Regardless of which option you lean toward or what your go-to swimsuit look typically is, dressing for your body shape is always on-trend. 

Take advantage of all the beautiful options available for all body types and the emerging styles that are still to come when locating your perfect fit. Swimsuit trends change with every season, which leaves you with plenty of opportunity to find new favorites all the time.