How to Find the Best Bikini Quality

There are several factors to consider when searching for the right bikini, style, color, and fit, to name a few, but the right bikini quality makes a difference. A poorly-made bathing suit that’s made with less-quality fabrics can be flimsy and fall apart in a single season. Whereas, high-quality fabric bathing suits can fit comfortably into your swimwear collection for years to come. Finding out what bathing suits are made of can help you determine the quality. The materials used and how a swimsuit is crafted is the foundation of any sexy designer swimwear bikini selection and should play an integral role in choosing your next perfect bikini.

Choose Swimsuits Made with High-Quality Materials

When it comes to sourcing high-quality bathing suits, you’ll want swimwear that’s made of durable, soft materials that have good elasticity and feel comfortable against the skin. You’ll also want to consider fully-lined designs to feel secure with coverage, whether you’re lounging by the pool or enjoying beach or water activities throughout the day. 


Fabrics that are thin or transparent don’t provide enough support to keep up with active lifestyles or create the sophisticated allure swimwear should have. We use only the best high quality fabric from quality sources to design cuts that fit just right. The unique LYCRA® blend material used for our designer swimwear is smooth, supple, and feels good against the skin. Additionally, the rich color of our swimsuits remains intact rather than fading in the sun or after a few washes due to the quality of fabrics that they're crafted with.

When considering eye-catching hues or intricate designs and details, keep in mind the right great quality fabric serves as the foundation of how a swimsuit is constructed. While it’s tough to narrow down favorites, we’ve gathered a few of the most-loved styles that exemplify the best in bikini quality. 

Klein Bia Tube Bikini

The bikini quality of the vibrant blue Klein Bia Tube Bikini is supported by the modern technology of the LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ blend material that moves easily with the body for the perfect fit. The smooth, low-maintenance fabric doesn’t bunch up or feel itchy against the skin, as a swimsuit made of less quality material may. Additionally, the fully-lined great quality fabric provides seamless coverage for a blue bikini designed to make a statement. 

Red Pepper Milano Shaye Bikini

A red bikini is always a bold and sexy choice. The fiery red hue of the Red Pepper Milano Shaye Bikini is made with a soft LYCRA® blend with adjustable ties at the hips on the flattering bikini bottoms. These are some of the best bikini bottoms that allow for a customized, seamless fit with the fabric laying flat against the skin. Sourcing durable materials that can maintain their color are part of what separates high-quality bikinis for women from fast fashion bikinis that easily fade in the sun and start to unravel by the end of a season. 

Look for Distinctive Details That Elevate Swimsuit Style

Details are an important part of what separates high-quality bathing suits from others. A swimsuit’s cut, tie-side strings, a fabric’s ribbed texture, and intricate beading are all distinctive ways that greatly change the look of a swimsuit and increase its overall appeal. Hand-crafted elements like beading and 24k fixtures are a distinguishing factor found across all of our swimwear brand’s collections.

Non-adjustable ties that easily fray and cheap adornments that fall off after a few wears are two signifiers of a less-quality bathing suit. Rather than replacing your swimsuit every year, invest in a thoughtfully-crafted swimsuit with the best bikini quality for a style that will remain fashionable and fully intact throughout the years.

Sprite Bardot Ring Bikini

The gorgeous green color of the Sprite Bardot Ring Bikini is enough to be eye-catching on its own, but the extra special touch of the ring accents at the hips and top add to the craftsmanship of this beautifully-designed bikini. The seamless finish offers a sleek silhouette, and the 24k gold details ensure they don’t feel hot against the skin after spending hours in the sun. When it comes to bikini quality, functionality is as important as the fashionable appeal.

Black Georgia Bikini

Everyone needs a classic black perfect bikini as part of their swimwear collection, and the Black Georgia Bikini is a modern twist on a timeless choice. Several fits and interchangeable straps to switch from one-shoulder to a halter look makes this timeless swimsuit versatile. Made with the same soft LYCRA® blend as the other bikinis, it’s comfortable to wear as a classic should be, while leaving room for reinvention depending on the way you choose to wear it.

Read Online Reviews Regarding Fit and Overall Feel

Once you’ve determined a bikini’s material quality and take into account the special details that bring the style to life, turn to online reviews to see what others like about the fit and feel of the swimwear. 


It can help solidify your choice when deciding between different options and also reaffirm the decision about the value of wearing only high-quality bathing suits. Luxurious designs simply fit, look, and feel better and allow you to feel like your most confident self. 

Off White Milano Liz Bikini

The chic elegance of the Off White Milano Liz Bikini is designed with the durable, soft LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ blend material, seamless finishing , and unique ruffled bikini top. White can be a tricky color to wear if the swimsuit quality isn’t there. However, as one reviewer confirms, “I was afraid it would be see through, but the fabric is great and thick!” The gorgeous style of the swimsuit doesn’t compromise the integrity of how it’s made, which instills confidence in whoever wears it. 

Aqua Bondi Triangle Bikini

Another favorite is the Aqua Bondi Triangle Bikini, chosen for the color, material, and signature details the suit has to offer. The flattering cut has led many to buy the same swimsuit in various bikini colors. Deemed a “perfect fit” by many, the ultra-luxe fabric, the pretty and intricate back detailing, and the airy, tropical-inspired aquamarine color all comes together in one of the best high-quality bathing suits that’s quickly becoming a swimwear staple. 

High-Quality Bathing Suits to Fit Every Style

Universal wearability is a factor in finding the best bikini quality. It’s wonderful when a bikini is made with high-grade materials and has unique adornments and details, but it makes a difference when there’s a variety of choices that are accessible and wearable by all. Whether you like a bandeau top or prefer fuller coverage bikini tops, you’ll receive the same upscale bikini quality across all our swimwear collections. 

Also, fashion choices and needs change throughout the year, which makes finding a brand that uses quality swimwear materials all the more important. It gives you confidence that the way they’re crafted remains intact, while the designs or colors rotate or evolve throughout the years. Bikini trends come and go, but signature styles remain timeless. 

Indigo Paula Bikini

The ultimate go-to bikini is the owner-designed Indigo Paula Bikini made with a one-of-a-kind hand-knotted strap detailing and 24k-gold-dipped hardware for a chic and stylish look. The soft fabric and rich color exude classiness, sophistication, and sexy allure that’s the perfect style for anyone looking for bikini quality that’ll withstand the test of time. It changes the everyday halter bikini into a unique staple that works as a new neutral that flatters every silhouette.

Vanilla Dune Nissi Bikini

The mix of color, material, and cut offers one of the best high-quality bathing suits that works for everyone. The blush color of the Vanilla Dune Nissi Bikini has a textured ribbed fabric that adds to its stylish appeal as another must-have option that creates a sleek silhouette and accentuates all skin tones. Whether it’s your chosen swimsuit to wear to the beach or a special selection to take on your next tropical vacation, this is one of the many bikinis that’s versatile enough to fit into any occasion.

Dos and Don’ts of Finding the Best Bikini Quality

After you’ve considered the main factors in determining the best bikini quality, such as high-end materials, distinctive details, and what online reviewers have to say, there are a few dos and don’ts to keep in mind with regards to the fit and style. 

  • Do choose a bikini with durable fabric with ample elasticity that’ll fit snugly against the skin without causing discomfort. 
  • Don’t overlook design details. Fabrics that work with the body, such as adjustable ties and accessories made of premium metals help determine how the swimsuit will hold up against the elements like water, sand, and sun. 
  • Do go bold in color. The best bikini quality delivers rich, vibrant color that lasts throughout the years rather than fade over time as with lower quality swimwear. 
  • Don’t pick a swimsuit with fabrics that are scratchy, flimsy, or easily tear or snag. Choose swimwear with a LYCRA® blend or similar materials that provide a smooth, soft, and secure finish. 
  • Do believe you can have a swimsuit that’s both stylish and supportive. A high-quality bikini provides both in a seamless way. When it comes to fashion, you shouldn’t have to compromise one over the other. 

Investing in the best bikini quality leads you to styles you’ll want to wear forever and makes it easier when you’re deciding on a new one to add to your collection.