7 Reasons To Pack A Two Piece Outfit For Vacation

When our daily lives need a reset, flocking to fairer weather can give us the time we need to unplug and unwind. However, before we make it to our golden getaway, we must first, pack our suitcases. 

With paradise on your mind, it’s easy to get lost in the details of planning. Luckily, you can cross off multiple items on your checklist with a stunning two-piece outfit. A matching set brings versatility, style, comfort, (and so much more) to the table, so you can feel fashionable wherever the winds take you. 

Book your plane ticket and clear out some luggage space, travelers—you may need an extra carry-on bag just for your two pieces. 

#1 Mix and Match

Want endless outfit options without the hassle? Two-piece ensembles can bring tons of variety to your vacation thanks to their mix-and-match potential. Though two pieces can (and should) be worn as a matching set, who says you must abide by those rules alone? It’s vacation—there are no rules, right?

Swapping your summer top or bottom for a different piece can help prevent any outfit repeats and keeps your vacay wardrobe feeling fresh. Follow along below,  and we’ll show you how it’s done: 

  • TopsTrade your top for a complementary blouse to spice things up. Choose a cute crop top to show off some skin, or opt for a flowy button-up for an airy evening by the seaside. If you adore late-night adventuring, you can even throw a casual graphic tee on top of your bottoms, keeping you stylishly satisfied.  
  • BottomsSwitch out your women’s bottoms in a snap. Wear a simple skirt or pair of shorts to stroll around your vacation town. If you’ve chosen a chillier location, you can swap your bottoms for a pair of slacks or straight-leg jeans for an upscale outfit that’ll keep the cold at bay. 

Two-piece matching  sets can spark your creative spirit. When you bring diverse looks to every golden hour, you can outdo yourself again and again. 

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#2 Budget Wisely

Vacation is practically synonymous with indulgence—when you’re off the clock, you can feel free to sleep until noon, order that decadent dessert you’ve been eyeing at the bistro nearby, and trade your afternoon coffee for a cocktail instead. 

That said, we recommend spending your vacation indulging in the things that matter by budgeting wisely ahead of time. Two-piece sets work exceptionally well for those traveling on a budget. So, save yourself a trip to the gift shop because with a two-piece set, you can:

  • Spend lessPurchasing a two-piece set can sometimes cost less than purchasing a slew of separate tops and bottoms. That way, you can save money while staying stylish—now, that’s what we call a win-win. 
  • Create multiple outfitsWhen you buy a two-piece, you’re essentially purchasing at least four outfits, as you can wear the items together or separately. Pairing them with basic staples in your wardrobe can also help cut costs. This practice creates room for flexibility in your budget and your luggage. 
  • Extend your style beyond vacationInvesting in a two-piece set can offer you a fashionable ensemble that lasts long after your days spent off-grid. Why buy a dress that will only serve you on vacation when you could choose a stylish co ord set that fits in anywhere? Wear your two piece set to dinner with your parents or even to the office. How’s that for a souvenir?

With a two-piece set in your suitcase, you can rest easy knowing you can create a myriad of resort outfits at a fraction of the price. Who says budgeting has to feel boring?

#3 Cut Down On Morning Styling

When you’re on vacation, you probably won’t want to spend hours in front of the mirror getting ready for the day. Slash your morning routine in half with the help of a trusty two-piece outfit. 

When you pack a two-piece, you have a guaranteed gorgeous outfit already waiting for you. You can simply slip it on and step out the door without going through the process of matching colors, materials, and prints. 

Vacation days are too precious to spend holed up in a hotel. Luckily, with a two piece trick up your sleeve, you won’t have to.

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#4 Use It For Any Occasion

One of the main reasons two pieces have come back into style is because of their versatility. You may have seen paparazzi photos of models and influencers wearing two piece matching sets to extravagant clubs and on their daily errands.1  

Just as today’s hottest celebs can get away with wearing two pieces anywhere, you can do the same with your vacation days. Turn every sidewalk into your runway by wearing a two piece outfit for:

  • A night outElevate your two pieces for a night at the club or a romantic date night. Adding a pair of striking pumps and statement jewelry such as a chunky necklace or bold earrings can take your two piece to the next level. 
  • Brunch with friendsKeep it casual by adding a little flair to your two piece. Layering a chic, oversized blazer to your two piece can add some diversity to your look. Make an understated style statement with a pair of ballet flats or sneakers for a clean look that’s worthy of bottomless mimosas. 
  • A beachside get-togetherA two piece can act as a gorgeous swimsuit cover-up, too. Don a floppy sun hat and secure your favorite pair of sandals for a trip to the beachside—you’ll make waves in no time. 

Put your trust in a matching set that can keep up with you so you won’t have to slow down for any reason. It’s your vacation. You should celebrate it your way. 

#5 Choose From Different Styles 

Depending on your dreamy destination, you can opt for a distinct style to make your trip memorable. Two pieces come in a wide variety of patterns and materials. Choosing a two piece to match your ideal vacation can add a lot of forward momentum to your trip. 

Which of the following fashion statements speaks to your dream vacay vision?

  • Tropical trendsetterIf your dream vacation involves sandy beaches, tropical fruit, and lots of sun tan lotion, two piece outfits extend endless options. Opt for lightweight fabrics such as linen or rayon, or match the tropical flowers with bold colors and floral print. You can even keep your eyes peeled for two piece beach wear outfits to complete the package. 
  • City girlDo you often fantasize about fine art, rich history, and romantic cobblestone streets? If so, versatile two pieces can accompany you to the Lourve, the local coffee shop, and the club with a mere accessory swap. Explore everything the city has to offer with a classic two piece that can do it all.
  • Desert darlingDoes your ideal vacation involve you soaking up the sun in a deserted paradise? Journey to Joshua Tree, Palm Springs, or Reno with a chic boho-inspired two piece set. With lightweight fabric that flows in the desert breeze, you can become one with nature. 

With so many styles available to you, you have the freedom to enhance your vacation experience with the power of beautiful boho style clothing. Soak up the sun and the luxurious feeling of dressing for yourself, not anyone else. 


#6 Rock The Monochrome Look

Create a clean, pulled-together outfit in seconds without having to fret. The monochrome trend became exceedingly popular in the 1950s due to Christian Dior’s inclusion of monochrome pieces in his collection.2 Thanks to modern-day celebrities like Rihanna and Taylor Swift, this timeless look has again come to the forefront of fashion. 

Doubling down on your outfit can add some color (literally) to your vacation. Think about all of the vibrant possibilities:

  • White for tennis matches and boat rides
  • Blue for seaside picnics
  • Orange for sunset soirees
  • Black for nights out on the town
  • Pink for afternoon tea in the garden

You know what they say—dress for the vacation you want. Say it all—and so much more—with a monochromatic two piece set. 

#7 Ensure A Better Fit

Opting for a two-piece outfit could improve your chances of a perfect fit. Some vacation dresses or rompers can hit your waistline in unexpected—and downright uncomfortable—ways. 

However, since the top and bottom don’t connect in a two-piece set, you don’t need to worry about the torso’s cut or the skirt’s length looking too long or too short. The magic of two-piece sets means you can adjust your clothes to your exact preference. 

Start Your Vacay Today with ViX

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