7 Flattering Swimsuits You’ll Fall For

Giving your body the love it deserves means many things. You may show your body how much you care through delicious food, daily dance parties, or spontaneous spa trips. 

For those days when you’re feeding your body a healthy dose of sun and surf, slimming swimsuits can make you feel that much more confident. 

By understanding what makes a swimsuit “slimming” and determining how to utilize fashion to accentuate your natural curves, you can find a whole new plane of radiance. 

So go ahead. Flatter yourself. You deserve it. 

What Makes a Swimsuit Slimming?

Every bikini body looks different, so how do we determine the characteristics of a flattering swimsuit? There’s no simple solution to this equation, but by following a few tricks, you can discover your dream suit. 

Keep your eyes peeled for the following components when shopping for your perfect suit. 


Swimsuit style refers to the construction of the suit itself. Your preferred style will likely depend on your body type. Luckily, there’s a lot to pick from, so consider your natural curves and discover which design suits your body shape the best.1

  • Apple-shapedIf your curves look fairly uniform throughout your body, you can use a swimsuit to add definition. Try a one-piece with a sweetheart neckline to emphasize your chest or a flowy tankini for beautiful, lightweight coverage.
  • Pear-shaped – If most of your curves land on the lower half of your body, you’ll want a suit that emphasizes the top. You can achieve this with an off-the-shoulder one-piece or a ruffle bikini top. Pair your top with a simple high-waisted bottom to hug your curves.
  • HourglassHourglass figures need suits that emphasize their natural waist. You can accomplish this by opting for a one-piece with a belt or a well-balanced bikini set.
  • RectangleIf you have an athletic frame, you’ll want a suit that gives the illusion of curves. A halter top that goes inward at the neck can make your chest look fuller. Opt for high-waisted bottoms or side ties to add volume to your bottom half. 

While flattering fashion guidelines provide helpful insight, there’s more to it than that. Give your swimsuit some extra punch by aiming to highlight your favorite feature (or, more likely, features.)

Whether you’ve got legs for days, a full chest, or an eye-catching booty, you can use this as a compass to lead you to the swimsuit that shows off your best.

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Using color to your advantage can make a massive difference if you want to flatter your figure. Fashion experts agree that darker colors look the most flattering universally.2 Color blocking can also help break up a silhouette and emphasize your most coveted areas. 


The style of a swimsuit speaks to the design construction. Accents, however, provide an extra opportunity to flatter the figure by adding emphasis (and touch of drama, of course). 

Some examples of slimming accents could include:

  • Ruching
  • Diagonal lines
  • Belts
  • Ruffles
  • Ties
  • Cutouts

Using these accents to your advantage can transform your beach day into a runway. 


Sometimes you want to break free of the solid-color box. Luckily, patterns prove quite flattering for some, as they can draw the eye to add emphasis. For example, if you want to add volume to your bottom half to balance out your figure, a bold pair of cheeky bottoms or Brazilian bikini bottoms with a bright pattern can create a stunning silhouette. 

Petite frames generally look better in small print, whereas larger frames pull off bigger bold patterns.3

With so many options available, you can find your perfect print in a pinch:

Patterns not only work to flatter your figure, but you can also use them to make a statement. Let your personality shine through, whether bright and bold or soft and feminine. 

Firenze Bia Tube One Piece

The Best Slimming Swimsuits of the Season

Now that you know what kind of swimsuits will flatter your figure, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for. (Cue the drumroll.) 

We’ve compiled our top picks for the most flattering swimsuits out there. Whether you’re someone who follows swimsuit trends, or a  bikini babe or a one-piece wonder, you can feel ready to soak up the sun and get your shine on. 

#1 Mag One Piece

Looking for sexy swimsuits? We’re starting strong with our top contender. The Mag One Piece can satisfy your most indulgent cravings for sexy luxury designer swimwear. Not only does this suit look good with everything, but it also offers many of the key elements vital to slimming swimwear, including: 

  • Long, vertical lines
  • Dark colors
  • A plunging neckline
  • Ruching detail

If you’re after a staple one-piece to turn to repeatedly, look no further than this show stopping swimsuit. 

Firenze Claire Flora One Piece

#2 Kayla Bela Hot Pant Bottoms

If you’re after a high-waisted bikini bottom to round out your figure, we’ve got good news. Introducing: the Kayla Bela Hot Pant Bottoms

This simple pair of bottoms remain effortlessly chic whether you’re stepping out of the resort or into a sailboat. Plus, it works with so many body types thanks to the following:

  • Form-fitting designHigh-waisted bottoms gently hug your curves and protect your tummy. By complementing your natural waist, it’s no wonder why these bottoms have become such a hot commodity. 
  • High-cut bottomSome believe high-waisted swim bottoms can make the bottom appear longer. Luckily, these swim bottoms have a high-cut base, meaning the side of your booty is more exposed. Give your booty and legs more definition with a suit that shows them off.
  • Use of patternsThe Kayla Bela Hot Pant Bottoms come in multiple prints and colors to make your day. Cover prominent curves with a slimming ribbed design, or opt for a bold striped pattern to catch the eye. 

Take it from us: This bikini bottom does you plenty of favors and asks for nothing in return. 

#3 Bia Tube One Piece

Calling all of our beautiful busty ladies! We’ve got the perfect one piece swimsuit for you. Accentuate your curves in all the best places with a Bia Tube One Piece

This bathing suit doesn’t just elongate your figure with a halter top. It also has a tasteful plunging neckline to show off your assets. Plus, with a sweetheart waistline, you can enjoy a defined shape with feminine flair when you wear this swimsuit. 

#4 Firenze Claire Flora One Piece

For a modern twist on a timeless silhouette, try out the Firenze Claire Flora One Piece. This one-piece bathing suit doesn’t rely on any showy accents. Its charm comes from its simplicity, elegance, and flattering fit. Plain, simple, and irresistible. 

With such a sound foundation, you can build upon this outfit with the best beach wear to create a lovely resort-ready ensemble or stunning vacation outfits. Pair your one piece with:

And, voilà! You’ve created a stunning beachwear combo to see you through any vacation. 

Firenze Gigi Hot Pant Bottom

#5 Firenze Liz Top

Do you need a voluminous bikini top to balance out your figure? Do you adore boho-chic? Step into the Firenze Liz Top before you step into the sunlight (or, in this case, the spotlight.) 

The Firenze Liz Top has a gorgeous, flowy design to draw attention to your shoulders. This swimsuit works well for those who hold most of their curves on the lower half of their body. 

Strong shoulders with a dash of feminine charm? Where do we sign up?

#6 Firenze Ellie Top

If you feel that you’re lacking in the bust department, never fear. There are many ways to give the impression of a curvier chest. Let your cares fade away with the help of the Firenze Ellie Top

The halter top hugs your neck with a rounded edge, thus making your chest appear fuller. Not only does this top look incredible on athletic body types, but its built-in comfort makes it an ideal swimsuit for physical activities. 

Sport this suit (literally) while:

  • Playing volleyball
  • Tossing a frisbee around
  • Playing watersports
  • Playing spike ball
  • Building sandcastles

Want to take your outfit the extra mile? Try pairing this top with the Firenze Gigi Hot Pant Bottoms for a well-balanced, flattering fit. 

#7 Firenze Julia Top

If you want to make an impression, the Firenze Julia Top can deliver. This suit (especially when paired with a Brazil-cut bottom) boasts an impressive vertical line. With a neckline that extends to the base of your neck and a continuous line on the back, the Firenze Julia top can help you look taller and leaner. 

Embrace Your Body with ViX

When it comes to swimsuit shopping, it's easy to feel overwhelmed. But by getting in touch with your body's natural beauty, finding a perfect suit can feel like an uplifting, empowering part of finding your personal style. After all, swimsuits are a celebration of our bodies. 

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