What Are Bathing Suits Made Of?

 Have you ever wondered: what are bathing suits made of? The body-hugging swimwear fabric of your favorite sexy designer bikini is important to the construction and ability to keep its shape over time. Though swimsuit material like cotton is comfortable, they aren't known for their quick-drying or fade-resistant qualities. 

ViX’s high-quality bathing suits are made of LYCRA® blend swimsuit material that can easily stretch without losing their shape to create a seamless fit and a sleek silhouette for all. Compared to less-quality materials that may bunch or begin to fray over time, a LYCRA® blend bathing suit is long-lasting and able to move with the body. 

Some swimsuits are crafted specifically with LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ fiber blend technology, which is resistant against chlorine, heat, and sunscreen lotions up to 10 times longer than unprotected swimwear fabric. It offers stretchability and durability for beautiful designs that will last from season to season. These designer swimwear materials also prevent fading and discoloration. 

In addition to knowing what material are bathing suits made of, taking a closer look at the design bikini trends and details is equally important to ensure a flattering fit. To get an idea of how starting with the right fabrics changes the whole appeal of a swimsuit, we’re sharing a few of our most popular choices. As you plan your next exotic vacation, gear up for a much-needed getaway to the coast, or simply enjoy the benefits of extra pool time, you’ll want to have these in your regular rotation.

Soft, Signature LYCRA® Blend Swimsuits

Ever thought about what material are bathing suits made of that make them feel so soft? It’s likely they’re made with a LYCRA® blend. The swimsuit fabric is designed to feel snug against the skin without being too tight to create a smoothing silhouette. Many ViX collection swimsuits are made with this soft, breathable fabric that feels good against the skin. Here are a few signature women’s swimsuit styles that use a LYCRA® blend as its base.

Klein Milano Liz One Piece

The brilliant blue of this flirty, feminine one piece bathing suit is well-suited for any occasion. One of the benefits of working with LYCRA® is that it maintains its rich color. The signature hue of the Klein Milano Liz One Piece makes it stand out from other shades of blue bikini colors. The ruffled detailing and deep v neckline offers a tastefully sexy appeal, while the fabric is cut perfectly for Brazilian bottom coverage. 

Black Firenze Ibiza Bardot Bikini

What materials are bikinis for women made of, and why does it matter? A bikini made with less-quality fabrics is often flimsy, transparent when wet, and doesn't provide adequate support. However, a go-to piece like the Black Firenze Ibiza Bardot Bikini ensures you have a top-quality bathing suit that’s stylish and won’t lose its structure after a few wears. 

It offers a modern twist on the classic black bikini with fixed, Bardot chain detailing on the straps to add to its luxe appeal. The adjustable ties and no-crinkle fabric is stretchy for low-maintenance care, whether you’re relaxing by the water or being active throughout the day.

Alyssa Rope Knot Bikini

Great bikini quality material prevents color fading on bathing suits, which helps sustain the look of the pattern or design. It also prevents a lighter-colored swimsuit like the sunset hues of the Alyssa Rope Knot Bikini from appearing dingy or dull. The stretch rope string elastic and sailor knot details complement the stretchiness and breathable nature of the LYCRA® blend fabric, which keeps the bathing suit comfortable to wear while looking fashionable at the same time.

Unique and Stylish LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ Swimsuits

The exceptional LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ technology is a must-have material in high-quality swimsuits due to the long-lasting results it provides. It’s designed for swimwear that can stand up against all tropical weather and elements. From ocean saltwater to all-day sunshine, there’s no fading or fiber breakdown with this type of fabric. It keeps the integrity of the swimsuit's design intact and looks fresh year after year. 

Black Lace One Piece

When it comes to choosing the ultimate timeless swimsuit that suits all body types and occasions, the Black Lace One Piece tops the list. Made with the exceptional LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ material, it’s a bathing suit staple that should make its way into any women’s swimwear collection. The striking deep v on both the front and back, plus the thick shoulder-tie straps create a classy and alluring appeal. It looks beautiful on its own and pairs well with a designer sarong wrapor loose-fitting linen pants for a perfect beach day clothing combo.

Fiore Georgia One Piece

The soft, durable swimsuit fabric is only part of what makes the Fiore Georgia One Piece so unique. The cut, color, and design all work together to make up this distinctively stunning swimsuit from our swimsuit brand. The vibrant pink and red flowers add style and sophistication to a rich, blue grey background. The cutouts deliver a flirty interpretation of the standard one piece style for a design that requires a high-end material to maintain the bold impression its intended to have. 

Malta Amy Bandeau Bikini

The appearance of the Malta Amy Bandeau Bikini exudes elegance with its flawless color, design, and fit. The black, white, and pale mint stripes of this bandeau bikini lie flat at the back and have full side coverage on the hips for a seamless finish. The quality fabric feels soft against the skin and makes for easy comfort and movement for all situations. It also looks chic when paired with a sarong or maxi skirt when heading to and from the beach and stands out as a modern update to a classic style.

Tips for Preserving Swimsuit Materials

Investing in swimwear from a swimsuit brand that focuses on delivering fashions made with quality fabric is ideal. When you choose a swimsuit made with LYCRA® materials, it already protects it against the common elements that affect regular, less-quality materials over time, such as chlorinated water, sun, and oils and lotions. However, to preserve your swimsuits for even longer, there are a few tips to keep in mind to care for your swimwear and keep it looking good. 

Rinse Off Before and After Swimming in a Chlorinated Pool

Chlorinated water is harsh on any fabric. Many pools have an outdoor shower available where you can rinse off before and/or after swimming. This helps to minimize the amount of chlorine your swimsuit absorbs, which prevents color fading over time. Before hopping into the pool, take time for a quick rinse to help protect the fabric. 

Allow Sunscreen to Absorb Before Putting on Your Swimsuit

In order to be effective, it’s best to apply sunscreen 15-30 minutes prior to heading out into the sun. This gives it time to fully absorb into the skin. It also supports the quality of your swimsuit by limiting interaction with its material. Some sun protection lotions and oils can break down fibers and cause discoloration. Although LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ offers longer lasting results of protection against these kinds of elements, active preservation helps keep the swimsuit color and construction intact.

Gently Wash Your Bathing Suit After Wear

After a full day of fun in the sun, gently wash your bathing suit in cool water and a mild detergent. This rinses away any sand, sunscreen, and other pollutants that may cause fading or damage to your swimsuit. Avoid wringing out excess water or throwing in the washing machine, since either action can be harmful on a swimsuit’s delicate fabric and could stretch fabric.

Properly Hang Your Swimsuit to Dry

After washing or wearing, hang swimsuits out to dry in a shaded area where the sun won’t cause fading. Lay it out fully so it’s not bunched up. This helps speed up the drying process without subjecting it directly to the heat. Lay out on a clean towel rather than hanging your bathing suit on a balcony rail or other area that can leave behind rust stains or cause other discoloration.

High-Quality Materials Make for the Best Bathing Suit Fit

The benefit of wearing a swimsuit made of high-quality materials is that it’s designed to fit snugly against the skin in a way that’s flattering. The best fabrics have elasticity to move with the body to feel like a customized fit.


Cheaper materials tend to snag, dig into the skin, stretch fabric without resuming its original shape, and fray at the edges, all of which affect the look of your swimwear. Choosing lower quality fabrics, like a polyester swimsuit, may seem like the less expensive way to go, but it adds up when you constantly have to replace your swimsuit because of damage or discoloration. 

It’s best to find a swimsuit style that’s built from strong materials that feel good against the skin. They should maintain your swimsuits’ bold colors, bright patterns, and ensure the details and cut of the bathing suit remain intact wear after wear. The swimsuits you wear are an extension of your personal style and should accurately reflect your taste. 

Once you see and feel the difference of investing in deluxe materials from a reliable designer swimwear brand, you’ll always consider what are bathing suits made of before making your selection.