Social Media and Content Questionnaire

V i X Swimwear

Position Focus: Social Media and Content
Title is DOE: Coordinator, Sr. Coordinator, Manager
Job Description: (scroll down)
Location: San Diego, CA


Thank you for applying! You’ve been selected to participate in the first round of the interview process. Please do the following:

  1. Paste the following Interview Questions into a new document and write in your responses.
  2. Email your completed document to with the subject line ”R1 [your name]” (example: R1 Jane Smith). Please either include a link in your email if using a Google doc or attach a Word doc.
  3. Attach your resume.

Note: We will follow-up with you via email to schedule interviews for selected candidates. Have fun and good luck! :)


Your Name: ______

Round 1 Interview Questions

  1. Name an example of a fashion or lifestyle brand that you believe does social media well and explain why. (1-4 sentences)
  2. How do you stay on top of or learn about social media trends and marketing tactics?
  3. When creating content for a brand, what do you need to know and think about to create engaging content?
  4. Describe an example of when you came up with a creative concept or campaign for a company or a project. (1-4 sentences)
  5. Why do you think you’d be a good fit to create content for a lifestyle fashion brand with an audience of women generally between the ages of 22-40? (1-2 sentences)
  6. Have you ever managed a social media account for a brand? If so, in what industry(s)?
  7. Which social media channels do you have experience creating content for? (Please explain in 1-3 sentences)
  8. Would you say you are better at creating visual content or writing copy?
  9. Do you have experience creating Instagram stories, videos or GIFs? (If so, please explain briefly)
  10. Do you have any experience with community management, customer service or responding to customers on a digital channel? (Either way, please explain why you would be good at responding to customers on social media.)