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She has faith in the goddess of the sea; she places flowers in little boats and makes wishes to Yemanjá. "I think it's a very special energy, very specific and authentic to Brazil itself, so strong that it makes me cry. I have many memories, as I grew up visiting Rio almost every year. I recall New Year's Eves with everyone along the beachfront dressed in white... That's such a beautiful sight, symbolizing luck and hope. Witnessing how people always come together for such significant celebrations makes me emotional. I've visited all the tourist spots countless times, yet what fascinates me the most isn't these iconic locations seen in photos. It's the essence of life itself, the interactions with those around me, and the immersion in the local culture. In this city, I like to walk the streets... I like Carnival. There's a certain fondness, you know? I simply adore Brazil. It's love."

The Bianca Brandolini Collection for ViX Paula Hermanny showcases her effortlessly sophisticated style. Paying homage to her Brazilian heritage, it blends a timeless elegance with her joyful carefree spirit. Crafted with organic fibers and bespoke textiles, each piece showcases meticulous Rio de Janeiro craftsmanship. Bianca revisited ViX archives and infused iconic designs with a modern twist of flair, collaborating closely with Paula’s team to bring these fresh new styles to life.

Bianca lives by the motto, "wherever the sun shines." Reflecting her joyful, carefree spirit, this collection features mesmerizing macramé designs and lavish matelassé-detailed bikinis, perfect for sun-kissed beachside moments.