14 Spring Brunch Date Outfit Ideas

Ahhh, spring. Just the name of the season carries with it a breath of fresh, warm air. The garden beds are filling, the winter jackets are retiring, and thank goodness, the sun is out! 

What better way to celebrate warmer weather and spring colors than a sunny brunch with your beau or best gals? 

Dine in mid-morning style in the most sophisticated, elegant brunch looks of the season. With spring outfits this invigorating, you might even skip the oat milk latte. So grab your SPF, because we’re about to heat up your closet with these brunch date outfit ideas for spring. 

Essential Spring Brunch Pieces

The same way that sweet and savory ingredients are essential to the perfect brunch plate, the ideal brunch outfits start with the right wardrobe pieces. 

This year’s brunch outfit idea mantra is versatility. Choose pieces that can be dressed up or down for a variety of settings—from upscale spritzes at a formal brunch at the Ritz to inventive vegan tapas in the up-and-coming neighborhoods.  From brunch dresses to trousers, we have every piece you need for your brunch’s dress code.

Here are our favorite chic, versatile pieces to create the perfect spring brunch outfits: 

We’ve compiled a list of five spring brunch settings where you can employ these expert spring pieces to create the most exquisite spring brunch outfits. Find your setting, take a seat, and we’ll bring the curated looks to you.


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The Sunny in NY Brunch

We see you making the city streets your runway and the world your oyster. If you’re dashing to brunch over a vibrant city backdrop, we’ve got just the piece for you. 

Say hello to the White Riley Detail Jumper. Its crisp, white color and clean lines spell fresh on their own or create a blank canvas for colorful accessories as vivid as spring tulips. This versatile piece can be worn three ways to design three distinctly elegant brunch looks. 

#1 Mod Greek Goddess

The seasons may change, but the pairing of white clothing with gold jewelry is a timeless fashion look. The simple lines and subtle embellishments make way for the delicate sparkle of gold hoops, bracelets, or rings. Throw on a strappy pair of sandals, and you’re ready for the Mediterranean skillet inside the foothills of Acropolis. 

#2 Color Pop

If you’re hoping to make a splash at brunch with your effervescent humor and a colorful look to match, the Riley Detail Jumper pairs perfectly with a colored blazer or jacket. Don a fitted blue blazer for a more sophisticated look, or spring for a front-open deep lapel in feminine pink for something more relaxed. Complete the look with a heeled sandal walk confidently into Kokomo or Le Gratin. 

#3 Light as Leather

If you love the juxtaposition of delicate and rugged in your ensembles, you’re going to love this look. Throw on your favorite faux leather jacket—either arms-through or over the shoulders—for an effortlessly cool vibe worthy of East Village or Brooklyn. Choose a classic black jacket for a timeless edge, brown for a softer look, or white for a monochrome moment. 


The Vacation Brunch

Jetting off to someplace even warmer during the spring months? You’re going to need a go-to cute brunch outfit or two for the mornings when you want to look polished even when you’re still feeling the wine from the night before. 

For that, we give you the Blue Jean Isadora Short Dress: the ultimate spring blue dress with peplum sleeves to keep you floating in the clouds. 

#4 Brimming with Sun

To tiptoe across the sands of Montego Bay or recline at a poolside table in Malibu, you needn’t more than an adorably chic sun hat to complete this brunch look. The dress’s linen blend fabric makes it comfortable enough to transition from brunch to a day at the beach. 

#5 Spiffy in Sneakers

We don’t know about you, but we’re taking every opportunity to pair white or light-colored sneakers with short dresses this season. To instantly dress down the Isadora Short Dress, throw on your favorite comfy sneaks and head to the best local brunch in town. This look is so easy-breezy, you might not want to take it off.

#6 Pretty & Posh 

The Isadora Short Dress can easily be dressed up for that upscale brunch you booked weeks in advance at the private villa upstate. While you’re noshing on succulent strawberries and sharing quiche with your honeymoon sweetheart, outfit your dreamy blue dress with strappy sandals, layered gold necklaces, and a fresh manicure. 

The Vibrant Vegan Brunch

As spring invites plenty of fresh greens—green herbs, green vegetables, and green pothos plants vining from every wall—you might be yearning to dine on brunch surrounded by lush foliage. 

For this kind of Sunday brunch outfit vibe, look no further than the Ortiz Green Scarf Dress. It’s equal parts flowy and flirty, making it ideal for a girlfriend's brunch or bantering over pancakes with a cute new fling. 

#7 From the Market

Whether you’re strolling from the Sunday farmers’ market straight to Sunday brunch, or you want to make it look like you were to cover up a snoozed alarm, throw a boho rattan or straw tote over your shoulder. Bonus: If you do happen to spot a weekend market at the park later, you’ll be ready to snag some colorful veg to cook for dinner. 

#8 Heightened Beauty

With the beautifully long, vertical lines of the Ortiz Green Scarf Dress, it’s only right to accentuate those features. Elongate your look from head to toe by throwing on a pair of platform sandals in whatever color you’d like. Then, complete the look with a powerful high pony or high bun. 

The Sexy & Sophisticated Brunch

Maybe the girls are back in town for an unforgettable weekend. Or, perhaps you’re dazzling potential clients on your day off because you’re committed like that. For the brunch look that turns up the heat (and maybe involves a mimosa or two), create the perfect outfit with the White Roberta Blazer

Endlessly versatile with the ultimate balance of sexy and sophisticated, the White Roberta Blazer can be dressed up for weekend brunch in a five-star hotel, or down for a laid-back style. 

#9 Airy Bralette

If it’s brunch with the girls and it’s warm enough for outdoor dining, don the classic, feminine look of a bralette and blazer. The front-open style and relaxed fit lets you hint at your most fashionable bralette while you bask in the sun and fresh, spring berries with your besties.

#10 Dressed-up Tee 

There is no brunch look quite like the timeless tee and blazer ensemble. The master marriage of casual and classy, this look starts with eggs at brunch and traverses effortlessly through an afternoon of shopping. Go for a basic, neutral tee in a light shade, or get playful with a retro vintage tee and stacked gold chains. 

#11 The Full Set 

For a full power fit that doesn’t quit at the most upscale brunch, don the whole blazer and pants set. The blazer’s relaxed fit combined with the linen Ully Pants keeps you comfortable while looking irresistibly chic. Add a simple tank under the blazer and dress up the final ensemble with gold jewelry and a pointed-toe shoe. 

Ully pants

The Laid-Back Local Brunch 

Kicking it old-school at a classic brunch diner and want to keep it stylish but comfortable? If you’re looking for casual brunch outfit ideas, the Duchese Ully Pants were made for this moment. 

Woven with an ultra-soft linen blend, these pants move with you anywhere—from the retro diner stool to your friend’s baby shower later on. The straight-leg fit is relaxed enough to be ultra-casual, while the tailored construction can be dressed up with a more form-fitting top. 

#12 Clink in Pink

The Duchese pink shade of the Ully Pants is perfectly feminine for a spring brunch. To make the color really pop between decadent waffles or coffee warm-ups, simply throw on a basic neutral top, like a tee or flowy blouse. 

#13 Euro Chill

For the chillest casual brunch date with the family or your long-term beau, rock a relaxed look inspired by the inventors of se détendre. With the Ully Pants, loosely tuck in a vintage tee. Throw on a pair of chunky sneakers, and finish the look with a spunky pair of hoop earrings.

#14 Babydoll Brunch

Capture eyes and the ultimate feminine fit in the full Ully Pants and Iris Top set. The Iris Top is subtly romantic, whimsical, and sweeter than diner pie. Treat your laid-back brunch date to company in flirty pink, proper black, or linen-fresh white. Wrap up the look with casual sandals, a simple chain necklace, and an intentionally messy bun. 

Stack a Sweet and Savory Spring Brunch Outfit from ViX 

On the menu at your next spring brunch? Sweet, feminine flair, savory sophistication, and absolutely nothing left to be desired. 

Dazzle your brunch date, inspire your girlfriends, and light up the dining room with spring brunch looks that have you donning spring 2023 color trends and more from ViX. With pieces designed to be worn anywhere and everywhere, each item is thoughtfully made to become a staple in your wardrobe, from spring date night outfits to the next morning’s brunch. 

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