9 Flattering Swimsuit Styles

Finding bathing suits that make you look and feel your best is easier than you might think. There are certain colors, cuts, and designs that help to streamline your silhouette and highlight areas you want to emphasize while minimizing areas you don’t. With well-placed ruching or swimsuit designs that draw the eyes up or down to lengthen the torso, you can find a sexy designer bikini that works favorably for you.

Securing the right fit for your body is one of the best ways to immediately instill some confidence. Measure your bust, waist, and hips to find the perfect swimsuit that’s true to your size. A swimsuit that’s too tight or bunches adds the illusion of extra weight or bulkiness. On the other hand, a swimsuit that’s too big will gap. It’s less about focusing on the actual label of small, medium, or large and choosing which matches your measurements and body type the best.

When looking for a flattering swimsuit for a pear or apple body shape, opt for one that draws the eyes away from the midsection and highlights areas like the collarbone or legs, such as a one-piece swimsuit with a plunging neckline or one of our high waisted bathing suits. Here are 9 of our favorite swimsuit styles that go well with any resort wear to get you prepared for your next beach getaway or trip to the pool.

Flattering Designs and Cuts

The design and cut of a swimsuit are important because certain ones can create the illusion of a sleeker body shape, while still working with your natural curves. Look for swimwear that has features such as cutouts, ruching, and adjustable straps to help emphasize and minimize as needed. Also, invest in swimwear made with high-quality materials that feels comfortable and conforms easily to your frame.

Once you’ve confirmed your size with the help of a swimsuit size guide, adding to your swimwear collection is limited only to your own fashion choices. Both bikinis and one-piece swimsuit styles can fill the need for tummy control or a more streamlined look. For one-piece swimsuits, the Black Liz One Piece, Margot Rachel One Piece, and Berries Bandana One Piece have interesting details and flattering cutouts. As for bikini favorites, you can’t beat a classic triangle bikini cut, such as the Bia Tube Bikini, Triangle Bikini and Lucy Triangle Bikini, just to name a few. There are so many designs and swimsuit styles available, but don't get overwhelmed. The perfect suit is out there for you! Take some time to go through all options and see which ones are the most appealing for your style taste.

Black Liz One Piece

One of the best bikinis for vacation that’ll help you instantly feel more confident is the Black Liz One Piece. It offers a feminine, flirty look that looks good on everyone. It’s the attention to detail that makes the difference with this classic swimwear staple. The ruffled structure, deep-v, and high-waist bottom draw the eyes to the narrowest part of the frame. The Black Liz also assures extra comfort. Throw on a swim dress before heading out to dinner on your vacay and don't worry about being bothered that your swimsuit will ride up!

The elegance of the Black Liz swimsuit is perfect for a coastal getaway or to double as a bodysuit worn beneath lightweight linen pants or a breezy sarong. The style elevates the standard of your basic black bathing suit to one that feels modern and timeless at the same time.

Margot Rachel One Piece

Another gorgeous one-piece option is the Margot Rachel One Piece design. The cutouts and high waist are excellent for tummy control and provide an in-between option between the one-piece and bikini style. Additionally, the subtle scoop in the front and adjustable straps are tastefully sexy and draw the eyes upward to the shoulders. Plus, the full coverage bottoms add to the appeal of this flattering swimsuit for a fit that feels good.

For those who seek a more neutral print, the black and ivory, polka-dotted, floral design combined with the copper-colored details is classy and sophisticated.

Berries Bandana One Piece

The eye-catching, bright color of royal blue with ivory berries and tiny gold details of the Berries Bandana One Piece fits right in with any exotic setting or poolside soiree. As with the Margot Rachel One Piece, the high-waisted bottom and midsection cutout are both flattering and stylish.

The added tie-front bikini top and adjustable straps provide extra support in a fashionable way. This stunning selection hits the mark as the perfect swimsuit for a chic, colorful look.

Sprite Bia Tube Bikini

If you’ve been in search of swimsuits for a short torso, this is the bikini for you. The Sprite Bia Tube Bikini checks all the boxes for the ultimate swimsuit style: a gorgeous, green color, adjustable straps, and a banded seamless bottom that sits low on the hips. It provides greater coverage than other bikini cuts while still elongating the torso and legs. Typically, a high-waist bottom is better suited for tummy control, but a full cut is an appealing alternative. If you’re still wondering how a swimsuit bottom should fit, remember that you should feel comfortable. You’ll know if your bottoms don’t feel right, just listen to your body!

The halter top shows off the shoulders and the slight ruching adds texture without the bulk to the overall design. Our Bia Tube Bikini top is perfect for those who need a D or DD bikini top. This cut also comes in other complementary shades like a lovely, soft pink (Blush Bia) and a bright lilac (Tulip Bia) giving you the opportunity to get one in every color.

Black Shaye Parallel Bikini

For the ideal, little black bikini, the Black Shaye Parallel Bikini is universally flattering and a fashion must-have season after season. Part of what makes this a swimwear staple is the long adjustable ties at the hips to better fit the natural curves of the body. The same goes for the adjustable bikini top strap that provides as little or as much support as needed. Going on vacation or to the pool with your friends? The Black Shaye is the perfect suit for everyday use!

A full bottom coverage option completes the look of this go-to bikini that’s a valuable addition to any designer swimwear collection. It’s stylish, comfortable, and classic - three things all swimsuits should be.

Margot Dot Maia Bikini

A sweet, feminine twist on the standard bikini style is the Margot Dot Maia Bikini. The underwire bikini top with dainty front bow and black and white polka dot print take center stage. Features such as the adjustable parallel straps and low hipster bottom help hug curves for a seamless fit. In addition to being one of the best swimsuits for curves, the higher cut on the legs and sloping curve of fabric on the bottom also creates an elongating effect ideal for a pear shape.

Sourcing bathing suits that make you look your best doesn’t have to be limited to one-piece options or swimsuits with distracting embellishments. The best bikini bottoms and tops are often chic, modern, and will make you feel sexy and confident.

Flattering Colors and Patterns

After learning how to select the perfect bikini for your body type, play with different colors and patterns that will help to create a flattering look as well. While some may shy away from bright hues or bold patterns in an effort to minimize their shape, using these features to your advantage can favor it.

In addition to the colorful and classic choices listed above, the Taman Tess One Piece, Scarlet Knot One Piece, and Viola Triangle Bikini are all unique swimsuits that will draw attention for all the right reasons.

Taman Tess One Piece

Ready for your perfect summer vacay? The tropical sea green base of the Taman Tess One Piece is a go-to for any exotic getaway. Plus, the plunging v-neckline and high cut on the legs create the illusion of a long torso.

The vertical, bohemian print on the front automatically draws the eyes in rather than focusing on width. To finish the look, the low back and adjustable straps make this bathing suit playfully sexy.

Scarlet Knot One Piece

The cut of the Scarlet Knot One Piece is a favorite for those who want to make a statement. The eye-catching animal print camouflages the midsection, and the deep-v halter style draws the eyes up.

The criss-cross back and full bottom coverage complete this versatile swimwear look. Take it to the beach, resort, or wear as a bodysuit underneath a billowy pair of pants or summery maxi skirt.

Viola Triangle Bikini

The Viola Triangle Bikini offers a tropical blend of fuschia, blue, and yellow flowers in a classic cut. The adjustable halter style and removable padded cups allow for the right amount of support and coverage depending on your body type.

With adjustable ties also at the hips, the style allows curves to shine, making it ideal for a pear or apple body shape. A fully lined, full cut bottom grants comfortable coverage and allows this beautiful swimsuit to adjust to your fit needs not vice-versa.

Beautiful Swimsuits for Your Body Shape

When trying to find swimsuits that make you look your best, it may feel natural to want to hide your shape rather than flaunt it. Keep in mind, there are swimsuits designed for all body shapes. Different cuts are better suited for certain ones, which you can use as a guide as you narrow down your own options.

For example, a pear body shape benefits from a swimsuit that has a high cut on the bottom to lengthen the legs. Alternatively, a swimsuit with midsection cutouts gives curves to a rectangular body shape. It’s always nice to have plenty of options as you’re planning for your next exotic getaway or simply adding new swimsuits to the mix.

However, the most important factor as you’re choosing your favored style is finding one that makes you feel your best. It can be any color, cut, or style you like as long as it suits you. With any of these sexy and sophisticated options, you benefit from their flattering appeal without taking away from your natural curves. The perfect, flattering bathing suit is out there for you and ViX can help you find it!