5 Sophisticated Spring Break Outfits For Grown-ups

If you haven’t already heard, Spring Break isn’t just for college kids. The urge to jet off to sunnier locales when the groundhog announces six more weeks of winter is ubiquitous—and it lasts far longer than the urge to be on MTV.

And similar to how your current vacation plans bear no resemblance to your undergraduate plans, the styles you pack in your suitcase on “adult spring break” should bear no resemblance to those spring breaks of old. (Seriously, leave the day-glo at home.) So whether you’re searching for vacation outfits women are styling or staples for your spring outfits, it’s time to get inspired.

With elegance and sophistication in mind, here are five spring break outfits that are appropriate to wear around the beach this spring.

#1 Linens

Any adult spring breaker should pack linen in their suitcase. First, even the latest science has confirmed that it’s the coolest fabric for hot climates.1 And although the fabric may have a reputation as casual, put it in the right silhouette and pair it with glittery accessories, and you’ll have a look that will be welcome at any beachside Michelin-starred restaurant.

Where should you begin with your linens search?

A bottom like the Bela Shorts is the perfect starting point. Thanks to their high-waisted cut and thick, sharp pleats, the linen shorts bring the best of sharp tailoring to beachside apparel. Wear it with a silk cami or blouse for an elegant daytime look or throw it over your luxury designer swimwear while walking back from the water.

From there, turn your attention to black linen. Black linen is versatile, elegant, and it goes with pretty much anything depending on how you style it.

Typically, you’ll find linens in breezier, oversized cuts. For an of-the-moment cool girl silhouette, go oversized on both your top and your bottom, and complete the look with a barely-there sandal. Or you can contrast the flowing shape of your linen piece with something more fitted.

For example, if you’ve got breezy linen shorts, juxtapose the look with a tucked-in, fitted cami.

Word to the fashionista: With linens, packing technique may be more important than styling. It doesn’t matter how chic the fabric, you don’t want your look ruined by unintentional lines and creases from sitting in your suitcase. Be sure to roll your linens while you’re packing them—or be prepared to call the front desk at your hotel and ask for an iron.

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Where to Wear Linens

Linens are made for warm weather vacations when the temperature soars but you want to remain a bit more covered up. Float your way through the palaces of Morocco or hop between the islands of Greece in linen. You can remain covered up in the beating sun without breaking a sweat on your spring break trip.

#2 Cut-Out Maxi Dresses

There is one cardinal rule when packing for spring break: ventilation—and linens are just one tool in your wardrobe arsenal. So grab your favorite cut-out maxi dresses and add them to your spring break outfit packing list.

Assuming you’re headed somewhere warm, clothing that lets your skin breathe is essential, and a maxi dress with cut-outs is a chic way of staying covered up—but not too covered.

If your date night has turned into a date vacation, you’ll want something like the Nayara Detail Long Dress in your suitcase. The bright colors and subtle tropical print make the dress an ideal option for a romantic holiday away. The dress’s cut-outs are grounded by the ruching at the waist, which make it universally flattering.

Pair it with a sun hat and flat leather sandals for a day of sightseeing or walking the beach.

Dress it up with strappy heels and gold jewelry for a sophisticated yet fun nighttime look.

When you want to feel exceptionally confident, there’s no way to do it like showing an unexpected (yet subtle) flash of skin.

Where to Wear Maxi Dresses

If you’re going on a romantic spring break getaway, you’ll want to pack a maxi dress with cut-outs. It’s a subtly sexy look that manages to somehow be cheeky, elegant, confident, and refined—all at once.

Pair it with statement jewelry for a look that your paramour won’t soon forget.

#3 Matching Sets

One of the hottest trends of the last few years, a one of the continuing 2023 fashion trends, will more than justify the space it takes up in your suitcase.2 A two-piece matching set brings versatility, comfort, and of-the-moment style to your vacation wardrobe.

Just like your best beach wear, matching separates can be mixed with other pieces from your wardrobe or worn together for a cohesive head-to-toe ensemble.

Matching sets work in a variety of prints and fabrics. As a nod to the latest trends, opt for a combination that goes as well together as the Iris Top and Ully Pants. Paired together, the look is extremely flattering, as the top’s babydoll style bodice flows smoothly into the pants’ straight leg.

Both items are made from lightweight and breathable linen, which means they’ll look elegant exploring ancient ruins in Mexico or dancing on the beach in Ibiza—and you won’t break a sweat. If, for any reason, you feel like switching things up, both items will play nicely with other items of clothing like blazers, t-shirts and even jean shorts.

You can switch it up with:

  • Tops – Swapping your designer vacation top is the quickest way to change the entire vibe of your matching set. Bring in a t-shirt for a casual look that is perfect for running errands or lounging around the hotel room. If your spring break involves a more refined meeting, pair your trousers with a silk blouse or cami.
  • Bottoms – Bottoms ground your outfit. To add a romantic flair to your spring outfits, swap out your matching bottoms for a maxi skirt, either in a print that matches the top or a complementary color for a color-blocked look. Jeans will bring your ensemble down to a more casual, everyday feel. Or, for a flirty take on a special night out, bring out your best mini skirt.
  • Nayara Detail Long Dress

    Where to Wear Matching Sets

    Matching separates are a great option if you’re traveling for a special event during your spring break. Whether you’re traveling for a friend’s beachside wedding or a work retreat, matching sets keep you looking put together without having to actually put anything together.

    The look can be considered more fun than a maxi dress, with just as much elegance.

    #4 Rompers

    When you just can’t be bothered to put together an outfit for a day but still want to look chic, nothing has your back like a romper or jumpsuit. The one-and-done item covers everything it needs while helping you look stylish and put together. Jumpers are a great option for a spring break when the day’s plan takes you from brunch to sightseeing to shopping to happy hour.

    If you’re traveling to warmer climates for spring break, you’ll need a romper in a lightweight fabric, like the Mindy Mini Jumper. Its halter top finish and tied waist keep the look casual enough for vacation, while the open back and tie detailing mean you can dress it up.

    And to anyone who goes without their purse on vacation attests: the best detail is the pockets.

    Although it may seem the pinnacle of laissez-faire styling, there are plenty of unexpected and creative ways you can style a romper:

  • Blazers – While any lightweight jacket will do, a blazer will add pop and style to your outfit. Blazers are not just for business casual looks—the unexpected layer adds a modern twist to your fit.
  • T-shirts – If you can’t layer over, layer under. Wearing a plain t-shirt beneath your romper is not just a trend for the Y2K-obsessed TikTokers. Just be sure that your shirt is fitted. You don’t need any unintentional bunching beneath your romper.
  • Belts – Help break up the color on your body. Cinching your romper with a belt of a different color adds fun flair and a sense of individuality to your look.
  • Where to Wear Rompers

    Anywhere—really. The jumper is an incredibly versatile item. Dress it up with a blazer or just throw on your favorite pair of sandals when you want to run to the corner store. That’s the beauty of rompers: simplicity.

    Bela Shorts

    #5 Elevated Cover-Ups

    One of the tried-and-true spring break trip essentials is beach access. Whether your hotel has direct private beach access or you’re driving from your Airbnb down to the closest shoreline, you’re going to need a look that can make the journey in style.

    Cover ups make the perfect addition to your warm weather style. Typically, you’ll want a billowing silhouette for your cover-up. Imagine something that flaps in the wind like you’re a timelessly elegant Old Hollywood starlet—only this silhouette does more than add drama to your look. When you’re walking back to your hotel room still covered in ocean water, a flowing cover-up won’t show it.

    Opt for something with kimono sleeves or a caftan that drapes down from the shoulders. Or, if you’re feeling particularly creative (read: desperate for extra room in your suitcase), an oversized linen button-up doubles as a cool, borrowed-from-the-boys cover-up.

    Where to Wear Cover-Ups

    Whether you're throwing a cover-up over a bathing suit or wearing it for a night out, it can be a versatile addition to any spring break outfit. To and from the beach is probably where you’ll get the most mileage out of your cover-up. But if you’ve got a light chiffon sarong, your designer cover-up can also double as a shawl for dinner al fresco.

    Spring Break Outfits For Every Occasion

    Spring break options are as diverse as the people who are taking them. Whether you’re exploring a vibrant new city, trekking through dense rainforest, or relaxing on white sand beaches, ViX has stylish spring break outfits like our best-selling bikinis and flowing maxi dresses to perfectly complete your travel capsule wardrobe.

    Plus, we have the inspiration on how to style it for maximum impact. That’s the ViX way.


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